Stop Pussyfooting Around, America. We are in a War.

New “Twitter files” released by Elon Musk show proof of how federal and state governments — even during the end of the Trump administration — monitor social media posts for political content.

Stop pussyfooting around, America. #DefundtheFBI. And arrest all in charge who are responsible. Freedom will not survive if we continue to let tyrants get away with murder. This is war.

Also in the news: “Senate Passes Defense Bill that Repeals Military Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate”.

Sadly, too little, too late. The most freedom-loving soldiers are now gone. Only solution: impeach and arrest Biden and his regime, so this will NEVER happen again.

In a democratic republic, you can’t have elected officials act and speak like tyrants and then not only go unpunished — but remain in power. The moment that happens, you are no longer a democratic republic.

The purpose of a proper government is to PROTECT the rights of individuals to property, life, and the pursuit of happiness. Instead, we are manipulated by those who rule to prop up their narratives and give them whatever sick, evil pleasure it gives them to have power over other people. Or to make money illicitly.

It has to stop. But it shows no sign whatsoever of stopping, because — as of yet — there has been virtually no sign of resistance. We’re sending tyrants a message: It’s OK to do whatever you wish to do to us. We have no limits.

And, so long as you keep sending this message to tyrants, you will get exactly what you deserve.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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