Truth Permitted on Twitter

Here are just a few samples:

Defund the FBI.

Arrest and prosecute any member of the FBI who violated the Constitution.


If the GOP won’t support this, as a pitifully bare minimum, then it’s worthless.


Why, according to the European Union and Adam Schiff, is it ILLEGAL for Twitter to kick out left-wingers, while Facebook gets to kick off right wingers because it’s a private company? @elonmusk ?


Kerry_Berry on Twitter: Have you ever heard “USA, USA, USA” at a Biden rally?

Dr. Hurd: Have you ever even heard of a Biden rally?


@Laura Loomer on Twitter:

When politicians fear the people, you get real representation. Right now, they don’t fear losing their jobs or fear the will of the ppl because there is zero accountability.

Literally nothing will change if McCarthy becomes Speaker. It will be 2 years of no progress & 0 wins.

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