Life Under the Legalized Mafia We Still Call a Government

If the FBI spied on non-leftists under @realDonaldTrump just imagine what these Gestapo equivalents are doing now.


How could a SHUTDOWN government possibly be any worse than a fully funded government? Shut it down!


“Woke” is an ironic title. The woke are the least awake, and most willfully blind and moronic idiots in all of human history. They are squandering the United States of America while proclaiming themselves morally and intellectually superior.


The U.S. regime is irredeemably bad. It’s a legalized mafia on the path to being the greatest destroyer and mass murderer since Hitler and Stalin. It faces no moral hazard and zero legal accountability. COVID fascism was just a taste of what these swine have in store for us.


We always assume self-interest is bad. Except when it’s government. Either the government has no self-interest, or their interests are always good. Yet look at the CDC, FBI, CIA, DHS, etc. Why on earth would we assume government lacks self-interest and its motives always good??

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