Throughout Most of History, Government Has Been the Enemy

“A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”

— Edward Abbey

Remember: The American republic and its Bill of Rights were created because of oppressive, tyrannical governments.

The whole point of our Constitution is to protect us from bad governments — including our own government, if it goes outside the boundaries of the Constitution itself.

Permanent emergency orders in many states; lawless FBI raids for the sole purpose of intimidating critics of the government and potential political threats; not-so-secret partnerships between huge social media companies and government agencies to outright censor inconvenient facts or other speech the government doesn’t want to be stated; ruination of the currency through insane government spending; unlimited taxation … these certainly qualify as going outside the boundaries of the Constitution itself! Today’s regime — Democrats and RINOs alike — are unflinchingly extra-Constitutional, and they don’t seem to care as they never show any concern about losing power.

To leave things as they are — to do absolutely nothing, beyond symbolic and token gestures taking place in the House of Representatives right now, gestures which will do absolutely nothing — means to allow our present form of government (already worse than the British monarchy that inspired the creation of the Constitution) to morph into one of the worst dictatorships in all of human history. My prediction: It will be the worst, and it will be global.

On our present course, that’s where we’re headed. And sooner than you think. Solutions exist, but they will not come in the form of elections and other charades completely orchestrated by the very tyranny we’re trying to overcome.

Put simply: Tyrants and dictators have never allowed themselves to be voted out of office. They’re not going to start now. Puppet Biden will be replaced by Puppet Buttigieg, Puppet Harris or some other puppet. Whether that happens in 2024 or 2028 matters little to our freedom, our prosperity and our sanity.

So get your heads out of denial, conservatives/libertarians/Republicans/conscientious Independents, and start facing facts. We need solutions: not charades.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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