The Indictment of President Trump; a Test of GOP Resolve

For several years now, people on the political right have been warning those on the left not to keep poking the bear or they would find out the hard way what happens. Well, so far all that has happened is that, after repeated poking, the bear has learned how to put on a pink tutu and ride a unicycle. Democrats have weighed and measured the Republicans and found them wanting. They now know it is a hollow party of frightened men and women who invoke “principles” to cover for their cowardice and inaction and know they can do whatever they want without fear of retribution.

Republicans weren’t always pusilanimous

The indictment of President Trump by the Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg will determine once and for all whether the Republican party is willing to fight to preserve our country, or will tell their friends to “hold them back” as they pretend to throw punches at a much bigger foe.

Republican reaction to this indictment should be swift and it should be substantial. The most immediate step they could take would be to have the House impeach one or more federal judges. Ideally it would be a judge from the Southern District of New York, one friendly with Chuck Schumer, or one of the judges presiding over the January 6th trials. No need to worry about the charges, for as Democrats explained during the first Trump impeachment, “high crimes and misdemeanors” can be whatever Congress decides it is.

In the case of a judge like Emmet Sullivan, for example, he could be impeached for “obstruction of justice” for failing to drop a case that the DoJ indicated they were not willing to prosecute.  But something like failure to file paperwork on time, not clearing a docket in a scheduled period, or not being able to meet staffing levels necessary to process cases would work equally as well. Once impeached they can then be pressured to step down from the bench because of the black mark on their resume whether they end up acquitted in the Senate or not. These federal judges want to believe they can play politics with the laws of our country. It’s time to show them there are consequences for doing so.

A second option would be to immediately impeach Christopher Wray as FBI Director. No one has worked harder than Wray to cover up the crimes of the FBI, so he would make a fitting high profile target. He could be impeached for lying to Congress for saying that releasing the Nunes memo would be harmful to national security when in fact what it did was expose FBI wrongdoing. Again the charges aren’t really important. We’re not trying to disguise the fact that this is political payback; we want to make it very clear that it is.

The Republican Congress should also subpoena all of Hunter Biden’s email records from his e-mail provider to determine whether they pinged off any servers based in red states or cities before reaching their final destination, which would mean any possible crimes could be potentially prosecuted locally under “conspiracy” laws.

They can also let President Biden know that debt ceiling increase talks are over. Period. End of story.

Next, let’s keep in mind that the Attorney General of Virginia is a Republican. This means that thousands of federal employees and retirees live under his jurisdiction. Under Bragg’s theory that federal crimes can be prosecuted at the state level, that provides a cornucopia of opportunities to investigate crimes that take place on Virginia soil by Virginia residents that affect Virginia taxpayers. The Pentagon, located in Arlington, VA can’t account for billions of dollars in any of the audits? That’s now an open invitation for the state to investigate individuals who live in its borders for any possible wrongdoings.

Let’s also consider that cities like Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Miami are loaded with Democrat politicians and big money donors. The Attorneys General of those states might want to look into whether they’ve committed any crimes. All it takes to initiate a criminal investigation, as we saw in the case of the Milwaukee, WI DA’s John Doe probe into then Governor Scott Walker, was an “anonymous tip”, no evidence needed. Do I have reason to believe that any one of them has committed a crime? No, but what I do know is that there are thousands of laws on the books in these states and Democrats aren’t exactly known for their fealty to them. And by launching investigations into them and seizing their communications as part of those investigations, who knows what actual crimes we might find?

Republicans in West Virginia can also make Joe Manchin’s life a living hell by ringing his office phones off the lines and protesting around the clock at his local offices in West Virginia where Donald Trump won about 70% of the vote in 2020.

Now many of you may read this and say things like “But the law says…” or the “The court’s jurisdiction is limited…” to which I say, “So what?” Do you want to fight back or do you want to find reasons to do nothing? If the latter is your chosen path, fair enough, just stop complaining about how liberals are never held accountable for their actions, put on your tutu and get on the unicycle.

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