Libertarians on the New Multipolar World: Why the U.S. Must Change

In my previous column, I discussed the views of what I dubbed as the “Hot-headed” faction of the “Anti-China Party” in the U.S., who believe that the conflict in Ukraine is hindering Washington from focusing on China. Meanwhile, as you may recall, the “Hot-headed” faction supports leaving the defense of Ukraine and Europe more broadly to European powers. I also mentioned that the “Hot-headed” faction is skeptical of European assistance in the event of a U.S.-China conflict.

The arguments put forth by the “Emergency” faction are also voiced by American Libertarians. However, unlike the “Hot-headed” faction, Libertarians do not want the U.S. to engage in foreign wars based on these arguments. According to Libertarians, who base their beliefs on the principles of the founding fathers of the U.S., the U.S. should not go out searching for monsters to destroy by venturing into foreign lands and seas.

Libertarians also believe that the U.S. should limit its defense spending and military aid to other countries. Senator Rand Paul is the strongest voice for Libertarianism in the U.S. Congress. Libertarians clash with strict Trump supporters on the issue of ending “endless wars.” They are also highly contentious with Neoconservatives and Globalists. According to Libertarians, neither “Ukraine” nor “Taiwan” are of any concern to U.S. national security. Libertarians, who emphasize that the U.S. is engaged in a “proxy war” with Russia in Ukraine, see the escalation of the conflict as too risky for the U.S. Libertarians, who argue that giving Ukraine the green light for NATO membership provokes Russia, believe that the U.S. must accept its role in starting the war, begin talks with Russia, and push Kyiv towards peace.

While strongly criticizing the occupation of Ukraine, Libertarians argue that American policymakers should approach this issue not as a global moral crusade, but as a European security issue. According to Libertarians, U.S. “Cold War/Atlanticist” policies have led Europeans to be lax about European security and defense. Washington should change its policy to force Europe to take the initiative.

According to Libertarians, warning that the Biden administration’s policy of weakening Russia will make Moscow more dependent on Beijing, the U.S. should not risk a nuclear war with Russia. The ultimate goal of the U.S. should be to integrate a peaceful Russia into the international system.

Libertarians also hold similar views on Taiwan and China. They emphasize that a conflict with China would drag East Asia into war, which would then continue to escalate, cause a global economic crisis, and even endanger Americans in their own country. Libertarians support Taiwan’s right to self-determination, but this support does not require the U.S. to risk a war with a nuclear power like China. According to libertarians, Taiwan is crucial enough for Beijing to take any risk. However, being more than 12,000 kilometers away from the US, Taiwan is not important for America’s security and direct defense. The libertarians point out that China’s acquisition of Taiwan will not make U.S. territories more vulnerable.

Yeni Safak

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