The Shot Heard Round the World

President Trump is very much at the top of his game.  He took The Swamp to the cleaners on immigration with swift and stunning aplomb.

Two days ago, the President announced that he would sign any immigration reform bill that The Swamp could put together.  His supporters were utterly despondent, convinced that once again they had been been betrayed.  Talk-show hosts and pro-Trump commentators went on a day-long rampage, heaping scorn on the President who ran and won on his hard-nosed stance against illegal immigration.
Instead, President Trump lured them into an humiliating, bipartisan trap.  Assuming the president at his word, The Swamp proceeded to quickly write an immigration bill that could have been written by Jorge Ramos and his fellow thugs at La Raza.  That following morning, The Swamp gleefully announced that a deal had been reached.  The lame-stream media joyfully followed suit, prematurely heralding the deal and giddy over President Trump’s apparent eye-popping cave.
Yesterday afternoon, President Trump sat down with The Swamp, refused to sign the bill in no uncertain terms, and uttered those now-infamous words that many of his supporters will consider his greatest moment.  Importantly, he also exposed the Swamp’s true intentions–complete amnesty and open borders.  There would be no compromising.
It was the shot heard round the world.  Never had a president stuffed such a generous helping of dung into the stunned faces of The Swamp who had spent a year thwarting his agenda while mercilessly sneering at him and his “glaring lack of political acumen.”  Well, the joke’s on them.  Immediately, the Swamp and the cheap-labor express media went into an apoplectic meltdown, ranting and raving on air while desperately scheduling back-to-back therapy appointments.  The air in Washington reeked of smelling salts.
I don’t know how this will all play out.  But I believe Mr. Trump would be well-advised to consider taking the issue all the way to the mid-terms, giving every GOP candidate an issue that resonates well with the American people.

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