Where are the Sons of Liberty when we Need Them ?

Where’s the conservative/libertarian organized opposition to anything?  The cultural marxists, as Rahm Emanuel would say, “never let a crisis go to waste,” while the opposition sits idly by with their thumbs up their asses.  The Left responds almost immediately to any catalytic event, especially tragedy.  The Left is proactive, always stirring up trouble, several steps ahead of the opposition.  They exploit every issue, every weakness.  They leave no stones unturned.  The conservative opposition is reactive at best, but invisible and limp most of the time.
The conservative/libertarian opposition is meek, timid, disorganized and uncoordinated; they are always left holding the bag.  They’re all hat and no cattle; they talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. They are winning the battle of words, but all but absent from the battle of the streets.
Within minutes of the Parkland tragedy, the Left was fully mobilized to attack President Trump, the GOP, and the 2nd Amendment. They recruited politically ignorant, naive, and brainwashed student-survivors and crisis actors like David Hogg as political props and stooges, ready to do their bidding.  Where was the conservative counterpart to David Hogg ?   How much airtime would David Hogg be getting if he were a zealous supporter of the Second Amendment ?
The Left is milking the sorrow of the victims’ families to advance their sick statist agenda.  Where is the conservative opposition pointing this out?  Likely in their gamerooms.  They are too polite, too gentlemanly, too nice, to defend liberty or win the day.  The Left plays to win, by any means.
No matter the issue, the conservative/libertarian opposition moves like a sloth, or not a all.  And if there is no issue, the Left makes one up.  Conservatives are never proactive.  A week ago or so the Left launched a short-lived phony campaign to impeach Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  I cannot recall any opposition campaign to oust the marxist Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Let’s take conservative/libertarian speakers on college campuses who are systematically silenced by Campus Snowflakes and their well-heeled financial backers.  I guarantee you, Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty would have responded to these people in an ugly way.  Fearlessly and efficiently.  They didn’t concern themselves with PC or being rounded up by their British occupiers.
 So, where are today’s Sons of Liberty?  Where’s our Million-Man March for a Balanced Budget ?  Where’s our Million-Man March for a return to the Gold Standard ?  Where’s our Million-Man March to end the Welfare State ?  Where’s our Million-Man March to end the Federal Reserve System ?  Where’s our Million-Man March to end public education ?  Hmmm ?
Unfortunately, nowhere to be found.  At every turn, they allow these statists to run roughshod over them while they sit in front of their warm fireplaces posting pithy commentaries to FreeRepublic.  I admit, I’m a fully-credentialed member of the Pajamas Media.  But I’m far too old to organize a counter-revolution.
 The pen is mightier than the sword, so they say, but the Founders, especially Samuel Adams, deftly combined both to win the day.  And they all had real day jobs.  The Sons of Liberty tarred and feathered their opponents and marched them to the town square in their birthday suits.  Imagine today’s Pajama Boy libertarians having the stones to do that.
 The Sons of Liberty were among our earliest community organizers.  To be fair, many of today’s conservative/libertarians just don’t have the time to be community organizers.  A community organizer is just a nice sounding term for someone who isn’t gainfully employed.  In addition to being employed, conservatives are far more likely to be married, have children, own a home, be responsible and functional. The cultural marxists and their unwitting dupes are on an eight-year tour of duty at a college or university on the taxpayers’ dime, living at home with mom and dad, playing video games, and/or bussing tables.
 Nevertheless, the conservative/libertarians are virtually invisible and silent when it comes to speedy organized action.  Oh sure, a few turn up to heckle to Nancy Pelosi or some congressman at the townhall gathering.  But by and large, unlike their ideological opponents, they refrain from organized action, preferring to stay at home and deferring mobilized action their opponents.
 It takes far more than election victories to win and maintain power.  You cannot win playing defense.  You must control the ball and win by whatever means necessary.  As Thomas Jefferson said,  “The Tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots.”

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