Why I’m hostile toward public education

Ever since I became a parent and faced the options for educating our daughters, I’ve become increasingly antagonistic toward public schools. Since our daughters are currently 20 and 22 years old and out on their own, that’s a long time to be disillusioned by our nation’s educational system. To modify an old saying, we didn’t leave public education; public education left us. Unfortunately, over the past two decades, schools have only gotten worse and we’ve never, ever regretted the decision to homeschool our girls.

I feel sorry for young parents these days who face similar decisions. If anything, schools have become more hostile and intolerant toward any parent or child deviating one iota from the approved progressive curriculum. Religion is banned (except for Islam), conservative views are smashed, support for our current president is an expellable offense, and being a white heterosexual male is simply unforgivable.

Nowadays schools are obsessed with sex. We’re talking passionately, creepily, fanatically obsessed with sex in every size, shape and sickening variation (including some imaginary aspects, such as gender fluidity).

In Arizona, for example, the school board had considered implementing a comprehensive Planned Murderhood-linked K-12 sex ed program – that’s starting in kindergarten, folks – that was described as nothing less than “obscene.” (Last I heard, parental objections may have shot down this program; I hope that’s true.)

The program contained “graphic gynecological illustrations for kindergarten through second graders” and a wooden “condom demonstrator” for eighth graders. By the time high school comes around, the kids would be learning about dangerous practices like anal sex and being exposed to such concepts as – no kidding – necrophilia. (Where kids are supposed to find a “cooperative” partner for that practice remained unspecified.)

The program was so graphic that many of the topics it covered were illegal. In 12th grade, for example, the curriculum required “the teacher to present, show, and advertise and discuss pornographic magazines such as Playboy, Playgirl, and Penthouse.” According to Arizona law, “Displaying and advertising material that is obscene or harmful to minors is illegal” – making this a Class 6 felony.

Similarly disturbing were some explicit sex videos shown to 14-year-old girls in Albemarle County, Virginia (originating with the indefatigable creeps at Planned Murderhood) that were so shockingly graphic they were described as “mental rape” and causing “irreversible harm.”

These sex ed programs are not simply to teach children biological facts about body parts and their purposes. No, this is doing nothing less than perverting innocent children into unspeakable depravity, drumming up future business for Planned Murderhood and creating partners for pedophiles.

What little time isn’t devoted to sexual perversity is devoted to indoctrinating children into the straight socialist agenda, no exception. Beginning in the 1960s, educational emphasis transitioned from academic achievement to behavior modification. Voters who were less-educated could be more easily manipulated and controlled. That perspective continues today with more powerful influences behind the agenda than ever before.

Schools now push the full-blown unapologetic teaching of socialism (read: communism) as superior to capitalism. The blood-soaked history of socialism is not included, of course, so students never learn of the estimated 262 million people killed just in the 20th century by democide – death by government. Students never learn how these people were only murdered by their own governments after they had been disarmed. They never learn this is the reason why the Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Remember, those who won’t admit to the benefits of an armed society have the most to gain from disarming that society.

Radio host Michael Knowles said on “Fox & Friends” that Democratic socialists are urging socialists to become teachers because they can’t win a “fair fight” with intelligent adults.

He highlighted a pamphlet by the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA), in conjunction with the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission, which outlines a push for socialists to “take jobs as teachers” as a way to move teachers unions “in a more militant and democratic direction.”

Knowles said he believes Democratic socialists are utilizing the teaching industry to target students because they can’t win against adults: “They can’t win in the battle of ideas.” He said instead, Democratic socialists are trying to cut off any thought of freedom by students and replace it with socialist ideology. “They’ve got to indoctrinate an ideology rather than educate in history because if they teach history, they’re going to lose.” [Italics added.]

In other words, the only way for progressives to convince others of the merits of their ideas is to lie about them.

“There are two reasons the left labels most conservatives and all Trump supporters as ‘white supremacists,’ ‘neo-Nazis’ and ‘racists,’” notes columnist Dennis Prager. “One is to defeat conservatives without having to defeat conservative ideas. The other is to install fear: Speak out and you will suffer the consequences.”

That’s why liberals scream, lie, harass and intimidate rather than intellectually discuss (see my column on logic vs. emotion): They know they can’t win any other way. Their ideas just don’t hold up. As the saying goes, some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them. And this is what they’re teaching your kids in government school.

The funny thing is the reaction I get from liberal readers (hi Robert!) whenever I object to the agenda for public education. They are, of course, all for it – because it echoes their own personal agenda. They believe every child should be similarly indoctrinated. But when something interferes with that agenda – when a parent withdraws his child to homeschool, say, or the child himself expresses a non-progressive opinion in school – then their hostility knows no bounds. H.L. Mencken said, “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.”

In my opinion, public education in this country is beyond fixing. With study after study showing the vast majority of teachers self-identifying as leftist to far-leftist, there’s simply no way to put the SJW genie back in the bottle.

Reason No. 456774 to homeschool, folks.

Read more at http://static.wnd.com/2018/09/why-im-hostile-toward-public-education/#VrYAX83OYefpQ3Rs.99

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