Democrats Returning to Power? Be Afraid — Be Very Afraid

It’s said that if you attack a poisonous snake and fail to kill it, its venom, bite and aggression in retaliation will be even worse.

The Democrats come to mind. Nancy Pelosi recently said in an interview, “I will be the Speaker of the House.”

Yes, we have heard it all before. Hillary Clinton was picking her Cabinet before the 2016 election, and you know what happened.

But has anyone considered the snake analogy?

What happens when President Trump is gone? Whether through impeachment, as Nancy Pelosi hopes, or simply through finishing out a second term in 6 years. What then?

I’m not being negative. I’m being realistic, on the premise that it’s better to face harsh reality in order to alleviate some of its consequences.

The harsh reality: One of America’s two major political parties is totalitarian in nature. If you don’t believe me, then listen to what they’re saying. Repeal the Second Amendment. Jail opposition, merely because they’re opposition, including ICE officers. Actively encourage destruction of property and physical assaults on people who support or work for President Trump. Nationalize the means of production, under socialism — quite literally seize private property and make it property of the government, for purposes of redistribution.

And then watch what they actually DO when they experience any degree of return to power.

Part of the reason we have President Trump — and I cheer this fact — is because of President Obama and the Democrats, and how they behaved in the years leading up to President Trump. It was appalling — and truly deplorable. I documented all of it here in this column. Thankfully we still had — and still have — freedom of speech. Without that, we are done.

The Democrats — before President Trump — harassed Tea Party groups via the IRS, seized control over the Internet, gave billions of dollars to one of America’s gravest enemies to build a nuclear bomb, told citizens to email the White House when learning of opposition to Obamacare, and openly threatened to prosecute citizens who either (1) criticized Islam or (2) questioned the evidence for global warming theory.

And all this was BEFORE President Trump. Just imagine how they’ll be in the future.

The stakes are very, very high going forward. It’s not just the mid-terms in November, although that’s a crucial first step. It’s not only reelecting President Trump in 2020. It’s our whole culture. It’s our whole government.

It boils down to whether our government will remain in the hands of at least partial liberty-lovers, or whether the whole thing will get handed over to the twenty-first century equivalent of a Communist-Nazi hybrid, which is what today’s Democrats are.

Sometimes fear is rational. And if you’re rationally afraid, you’ll do everything in your power to thwart these thugs. It starts with the upcoming elections in November.

Because if you don’t thwart the resurgent poisonous snake known as the Democrats, you will be facing the prospect of a real, live dictatorship in our already Imperial City.

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