Understanding Antifa


What do Antifi members hate, and why do they hate it?

They hate achievement. They hate prosperity. They hate economic and scientific progress. They hate INDIVIDUALS.Antifa losers only understand and care about the mob. The mob has no self. They have no selves — and it’s why they identify.

The mob is not a principle. The mob is a temper tantrum — demanding full power over others they despise, power for the sake of power so they may unleash their hatred on peaceful, life-loving victims.

They loathe freedom.

Why do they hate these things?

Because they loathe themselves. On an almost incomprehensible level. Their actions prove it.

THAT’S what you have to understand, in order to see what we’re letting tear our country apart.

They call non-racist, non initiators of violence “Nazis”. Yet they are the most Nazi thing America has seen to date.

Their official movement is the Democratic Party, who will never denounce Antifa. You have to understand that Democrats and the Antifa terrorists are on the exact same page. Today’s Democratic Party is not the movement of even five years ago. Things have changed. If you evade this knowledge, you’re going to pay with the equivalent of Antifa in charge of the government, after any election — including the next one.

It can happen and it will happen. Only if we let it.

They’re nothing more than pathetic snowflakes. It takes a very weak population not to crush this threat in its earliest stages. Yet in militantly leftist cities like Portland, Oregon, the police are not permitted to do it. Because the leftists who run those places are on Antifa’s side. Where the police, as a whole, really stand remains a mystery. We’ll probably find out in time.

Antifa’s very existence is a symptom of all the things they, the terrorists, claim is wrong with us — rational, decent, freedom-loving people. It’s the most grotesque illustration of psychological projection of our era, and maybe ever.

What they’re really shrieking about is what’s wrong with themselves. Their violence represents a pathetic, dangerous struggle not to know it.

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