THEY are the racists

It’s not “racism” to hold people accountable for their words.

If you knew somebody who told you, over and over, “I hate you. I can’t stand the sight of you. I don’t want to be anywhere near you. You are evil, rotten and depraved,” it would not be racist to say, “Well, go then.”

These horrible women elected to Congress by profoundly ignorant people are not the victims of racism. Racism is when you single out someone for their race, and judge them as unfavorable (or favorable) because of their ancestry and genetics — and for no other reason.

That’s what THEY do. They say anyone who’s white cannot understand the plight of those who are not. What does anything cognitive — like understanding — have to do with one’s genetic make-up? To assert that is itself racism. They disparage Jews on a daily basis. They say 9/11 was not really a big deal. It was the biggest attack on American soil in history. It was the biggest attack on freedom in world history. They say all private property and wealth is theft, that it belongs to the government. They claim that to suggest otherwise is racist. What does race or racism have to do with your views on the morality and legality of private property? Why is President Trump put on the defensive for EVERYTHING — while progressive leftists are put on the defensive for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?

How sustainable is a situation like this? It’s more than a powder keg. It can’t and won’t go on like this. That’s a guarantee.

President Trump did not tell these women to leave America because of their race, their ethnicity or anything else. He told them to leave America because all they do on a daily basis — using a sympathetic and evil media as a platform — is say how they despise America.

We live in an era where stating or asking the obvious — the virtually self-evident — is now a moral crime. Before long, if these women get their way, it will be a legal crime, punishable (perhaps) by death. Socialists and Communists punish dissenters with death. So do advocates of Sharia law. These women advocate such things. The rest is just a matter of time.

If America ever becomes a dictatorship, rational souls will look back on President Trump’s “racism” as nothing of the kind. They will see it for what it is: The last gasp of a culture and government truly gone mad.—–Dr. Michael J. Hurd



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