Biden’s COVID Communism Will Have Everyone Appreciating President Trump

I’ve called lockdowns COVID fascism. We all know why. But we also might call the lockdowns, mask mandates, etc. COVID Communism. Let me explain. Communists implement policies of command and control. It doesn’t matter whether the reason for the commanding and controlling is COVID, or anything else. Communism means the government steps in and controls every last detail of everyone’s daily lives. You know, like we have seen throughout 2020. Tyrants gain control over business, free enterprise — everything. Inevitably, those policies fail and lead to stagnation, then decline, and ultimately despair and starvation. America’s economy partially rebounded ONLY to the extent controls were lifted, especially in “red” states like Florida. So what’s the Communist answer to failed control? “We need MORE of it. The policies need to be STRONGER. TOUGHER.”

This is precisely what COVID Communist “doctors” working for Joe Biden are threatening. And Biden has already promised to listen to them. A reasonable, critical thinking type of person might ask, “But we imposed the lockdowns last spring and summer. If they were so effective, why do we need them again? Plus we have all the testing now, more treatments than before, and possibly a vaccine before too long.” No matter. We need lockdowns. They were sold as temporary. But now we’re told lockdowns failed because they should never have been temporary; and, by the way, it’s all President Trump’s fault.

Don’t you get the feeling that something other than health is the motivation here?

Once you give tyrants power, it’s like a drug. They crave more. How do you know they’re tyrants? They claim their failed policies only failed because YOU DIDN’T GIVE THEM ENOUGH POWER. Just like a heroin or coke addict sees his only solution as MORE and MORE coke, or heroin.

I can’t believe it’s happening in America. I cannot believe we have willingly handed over power to these thugs in suits. I am certain election fraud is rampant. But it’s more than election fraud. There shouldn’t be ANY support for this insanity. But, especially if Joe Biden succeeds at seizing the presidency and his party subsequently gets a permanent grip on power nationally, then we are headed toward a dictatorship. COVID fascism and Communism will be the new normal. Historians (if allowed to write freely) will record it all started with COVID. The roots are deeper. But COVID gave them their excuse to impose Communism, fascism, and massive controls on individual liberty and free enterprise like America has never, ever seen before.

As it all plays out, you’re going to appreciate Donald Trump. Yes, you will.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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