VIDEO: Economics for Beginners

Please consider viewing this three-minute video from the Mises Institute. A/D

We are continuing to roll out new videos in our Economics for Beginners project. Please take a moment to check out the page and share with your friends and family. The latest is What is Capitalism? This short, animated video highlights the role free markets have played in empowering the public, undermining tyranny, and promoting peace and prosperity for all.

As Ludwig von Mises understood, the fate of civilization rests upon the ideas that motivate the masses. If we fail to win the battle of ideas, we will see the horrors of history repeated.
This is why, from the beginning, the Mises Institute has been dedicated to educating people outside of the ivory tower in the ideas of Mises, Rothbard, and the Austrian school. Now, to help us with our goal of pushing back against the socialist tides in this country, we turn to the very young student who is just starting to think and make those all-important early connections. If you start with the unfiltered basics, you don’t have to unlearn concepts later on.
If you haven’t yet checked out Economics for Beginners, you can do so now at These short animated videos cover core economic topics, highlighting how economic decisions are a part of our day-to-day life. Perfect for parents looking to supplement their child’s economics education at home or adults looking to broaden their understanding of economics, the series includes discussion questions and additional readings that will ensure no one is fooled by the road to serfdom.

Thank you to everyone who has watched and shared the series so far, the response we have received has been both inspiring and rewarding.

Special thanks to James Kluttz for making this project possible.View Now

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