Can We Survive the Coming Socialism

It’s looking pretty grim right now regarding President Trump’s chances of getting the four more years he deserves, and that he almost certainly would have received had the Democrats’ cheating game not gone to all time high levels.  It’s also looking like justice and honesty are going to play a diminishing role in the United States for the foreseeable future, as evidently about forty or so percent of the country is perfectly comfortable with massive voter fraud and willing to participate in it, all because they wanted to have their own way. 

With that, it also looks like we are on our way towards a pretty heavy dose of socialism as the Left is now emboldened by their brazen acts of fraud and encouraged by the fact that even SCOTUS does not seem willing to challenge their crimes.  The Ocasio-Cortezes and Bernie Sanderses and Kamala Harrises of the world already have grand plans to take this country in the direction of Cuba and Venezuela, and now there will be very little to stand in their way… politically, anyway.  We also know that the mainstream media will be eagerly willing participants, feeding us lie after lie, and Hollywood will pump out their own versions of the propaganda.  Even as the country burns, they will celebrate how great things are now that evil Orange Man is not in the White House any longer.

With all the recent talk about viruses and vaccines, I started thinking about the disease that is socialism and what it would take for a country to survive it and to develop an immunity to it going forward.  Socialism has left a path of destruction in its wake everywhere it has been attempted.  (I include communism in this discussion, since it is a close cousin of socialism, and has a similar murderous and miserable history).  However, it has so far left the United States relatively unscathed.  Sure, there are some things that are run in a socialist way here in the U.S., such as ObamaCare, the public school system and Medicare, to name just a few, and more than enough wealth redistribution schemes, principal among them being our U.S. Tax Code.  But by and large, we are still a capitalist and free country.

There is an entire generation, multiple generations really, that have been taught that capitalism is evil and that socialism and communism are the answer to all of society’s problems.  These mindless drones have issued forth like locusts from our colleges and universities to spread their madness around the country.  No longer do they mature out of this idiocy as they encounter the harsh realities of life like they once might have.  No, partly because of social media that censors any facts that threaten their myopic worldview and partly because their parents have raised them in a world where they are never challenged, these snowflakes are very unlikely to ever see the horrifying truth about socialism.

question is, like with a vaccine, Do we need to get a little bit of the disease in our system to be able to able to defeat it? What I mean is, do we need these dopes to actually experience the truth about socialism in order for them to ever believe how evil and worthless it truly is?  If there was ever a country with the ability to overcome such an infection, I believe it would be the United States. 

All throughout this great land, we have patriots who are willing to fight, to be the antibodiesneeded to ward off the disease.  We have people like James O’Keefe and other independent and honest journalists who are actually digging to find the truth.  We have a very few honest and patriotic politicians who are willing to fight for that silly old rag called the Constitution and we have the veritable armies of regular Americans whom we’ve seen showing up at Trump rallies and boat parades and fighting back against Antifa.  Would these forces of good be enough?  

Don’t get me wrong, I have no interest or desire to go down the rabbit hole of socialism any more than we already have, but I’m not sure that there is another way to change the hearts and minds of those committed to it… other than outright civil war, that is.  If there is a way, I’m all ears.  I would say that the first thing we need to do is restore integrity and honesty to our election system, but if President Trump fails to do this, I believe that it may be hopeless.  I don’t believe that the GOP has the spine (or other body parts) to fight to reestablish our faith in voting, and if I’m right that means the Democrats will continue with their shenanigans and will remain firmly in control of almost everything. 

Maybe the best we can do is to continue with the preventive measures we have and keep up the fight.  As with preventing other illnesses, we can keep taking our vitamins C and D (standing for capitalism and democracy, conveniently for my argument) and try to maintain our relative health.  But as with any truly nasty disease, these measures may only delay the inevitable spread; I hope it’s not like with chicken pox, where we have to let ourselves be exposed to it so that we can fight it off early.  

I believe we are at a very important point in our country’s history; a Battle of Midway type of moment, where the tides may turn one way or the other based on the outcome.  Even if the tide doesn’t turn in our favor, this is a battle that we must continue.  We may very well lose this current battle for the White House and thus be blasted in the face with socialism germs, as from an uncovered sneeze.  The time is coming when our mettle will be tested and we will see how well our immune system will respond.  

H.P. Smith, American Thinker

1 thought on “Can We Survive the Coming Socialism

  1. What a load of malarkey, as President-Elect Joe Biden would say. So your thesis is that Democrats cheated on the election on the top of the ballot but not the bottom ballot races; congress, senate, etc. They would try and win the presidency but not get control of the senate? Oh, yeah, and there’s not a scintilla of evidence for any of it that anyone has been able to produce. It’s been thrown out of every court – including the Supreme Court where the orangutan that occupies the Oval Office now placed three, count ‘em, three justices – as a “grievance, meaning they’re just mad they lost, no evidence of anything else. Gonzo.

    How anyone believes this nonsense is beyond me. Bu then, Trump has been taking people all his life, it’s what he does best; con people. Well done, Donald. But once was enough I think for this country.


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