The Election Conspiracy is Much More Than the Democrats and Their Cronies

I knew there would be massive election fraud. The Trump team knew as well. Most patriots knew it was coming. But nobody that I’ve talked to or heard from had any idea it was going to be THIS massive. In fact, what I defined as “massive” when describing what was coming ahead of the election was put to complete shame by the real thing. We were blindsided, not by the fact that there was massive fraud but by the degree of collusion that went into pulling it off.

This was a conspiracy. And no, I’m not referring to what many now consider the pejorative “conspiracy theory” that is used to tag anyone who espouses thoughts that fall outside of the mainstream. This was a true conspiracy, arguably the most widespread we’ve seen in our nation’s history, and the list of people, groups, and organizations that have or had their hands in it boggles the mind.

Knowing there would be massive voter fraud, I put the President’s chances of election at 90%. I knew he would legitimately win; only a fool would think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris earned more than the die-hard Establishment Democrat vote, plus a handful of NeverTrump votes. My 10% worth of caution was based on the possibility that something bigger than we’ve ever seen could happen. And it did. But here’s the thing. The fact that they had to scramble in the dark hours after election night to squeeze out even more massive voter fraud gave me hope. It was as if they’d committed such overt fraud at the end to make up the distance from President Trump’s landslide that there was no way it wouldn’t be exposed.

We knew mainstream media would play their role as voter fraud debunkers, but the evidence is overwhelming. We knew Big Tech would put their thumbs, fingers, palms, arms, and the rest of their bodies on the scale to suppress information about it all. We knew the Deep State was going to be involved. We even suspected that foreign entities from the Chinese Communist Party to George Soros would play a role.

What we didn’t expect is that they would commit everything they had to the cause. All of it. They were like the fallen angels discussed in the non-canonical Book of Enoch who gave up everything for a taste of flesh and to pollute the creation. The difference between their tale and what we’re seeing unfold before our eyes is that God in omniscient. We are not. We prepared as best we could for the voter fraud that was coming and after the fact we’ve continued to do everything we can to expose it, but the forces aligned against us are much more powerful than most of us expected.

Many were also surprised to learn that some of our “allies” were working against us the whole time. From Fox News to the Daily Caller to Attorney General William Barr to the “unbiased” judiciary to Senate Republicans, we’ve been stabbed in the back from more angles than I thought was possible.

On a couple of occasions ahead of the election I referred to the only thing capable of stealing this election, namely the works of the “powers and principalities” discussed in Ephesians 6:12. I said if we were fighting against flesh and blood among Democrats, then we would either win with the landslide or if they extended themselves enough to fully steal it, then we would easily expose them. More and more, I’m convinced that my irrational fear of powerful dark forces working against us was and is actually in play.

With all that said, I’m still 90% sure President Trump will win. But it won’t be because of anything he does. It won’t be his attorneys or Sidney Powell or Lin Wood. It won’t be because of a group of legislators coming together to do the right thing. All of those things may play a part, but it will only be through the protection and divine action of God that all of it can come together in time. He may use us. He may use Rudy Giuliani or someone else. He may do something we aren’t expecting at all. Or, He may allow this to happen, and if that’s the case we must accept His will with the knowledge that His plan is righteous even if we think we know best.

As I noted in an article yesterday, the story of Gideon from the Book of Judges may be what we’re seeing today. In the story, it was not through the military prowess or personal power of men that brought victory to the Israelites against the superior Midianites. It was the will of God, and to prove this He made certain there was no doubt by having Gideon cut his army down from 32,000 men to a mere 300. By doing this, the glory of God was demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt. And if President Trump wins despite everything conspiring against him, it will be because God willed it to be.

These are exciting times. I know anxiety is high for the vast majority of Americans for multiple reasons, but hope should be high and faith should continue unbroken. The forces against us are strong, but we have the ultimate winner on our side.

J. D. Rucker

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