Natural Rights…America’s Lost Concept

The concept of “natural rights” was core to America’s original Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. “Natural rights” means you HAVE rights whether they are recognized, or not. Rights have OBJECTIVE power. Tyrants despise this concept. They view rights as things for themselves to give out or take away, based upon whatever whims or standards they deem acceptable. That’s why the tyrants in charge of America’s statehouses are so perversely gleeful as they issue new edicts by the day. You have to understand: America’s governors and mayors are morally and mentally sick people. They GET OFF on what they’re doing, i.e., the giving and taking away, and giving back, and then taking away of rights again. Rights don’t work that way. Not in reality. Sadly, tyrants have ruled throughout human history. But the interesting thing is that, in the end, they are always defeated, when their victims have had enough. Americans don’t have to wait 100 or 500 years to rise up. We can do so any time. We have a legacy of freedom and liberty to end this now. Our rights are natural, a given at birth and by our very natures; THIS is the recognition that the Cuomos, Newsoms, Kamalas and Bidens of the world hope you never recognize. It’s their Kryptonite.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

1 thought on “Natural Rights…America’s Lost Concept

  1. I find many people think of civil rights as “human rights”, but not natural rights. So they feel they have the “right” to not be offended, which requires the natural right of free speech be denied. They say a woman has “reproductive rights” to abortion, which requires the natural right to life be denied. Etc.


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