The Party of Trump

ya’ll remember the Country Club Republicans? They held sway over the GOP for many years. East Coasters like Nelson Rockefeller and the Bushes. None of them liked Ronald Reagan, but we did. They did everything they could to side-line our dear Ronnie.

True patriotic Republicans have had to put up with being dismissed by the Country-Clubbers, we were not hoity-toity enough for them. Or pro-choice enough for them.

Then comes the TEA Party which embarrassed the crap out of them. The George Will’s of the world denigrated us. The Karl Rove’s of the world worked to displace us. But then Donald Trump came along and without a stitch of blue-bloodness in his system he got our motors running.

The Country-Clubbers have morphed into Never-Trumpers.

Well, guess what? The GOP is now the Party of Trump.

Oliver Wendall Holmes once said that a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

The Party of Trump will never go back to being second place because we are this country’s truest citizens.


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