Tales of the “Pandemic”

We don’t need more humility. We need more accuracy. More intellectual honesty. More objectivity. The world is perishing from an insane orgy of arbitrary conclusions, unchecked emotions, self-conscious virtue-signaling and rampant, even willful irrationality. Humility will not stop it. Only the confident, decisive strength of SANITY and reason will.


“Anonymous Patriot” writes on Twitter: “In a REAL pandemic, there are no haircuts. There are no dinners in Napa. There is no protesting. In a real pandemic there is ONLY death. If you’re still able to go to places like Target and live relatively uninterrupted due to the actual virus itself, you are not in a pandemic.”


From my Facebook post: When an individual loses his reason, we call him mentally ill. When a whole society loses its reason, we call it “progressive.”


Nikki Haley says, “The free world must stand strong against China.” WHAT free country? I don’t live in a free country. Free countries don’t have permanent curfews, mandatory vaccinations, permanent lockdowns, fraudulent elections, threatened gun confiscation and virtual censorship. Yes, we should stand up to China. But we must stand up to our own authoritarian government FIRST.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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