Will COVID Phobics EVER Feel “Safe” Again? If So, When?

People back themselves into a corner when it comes to COVID.

It started out as: “I’ll feel safe when there’s a vaccine.”

Then it went to: “Well, it can’t be a Trump vaccine. But a REAL vaccine will make me safe.”

We now have a vaccine. It’s technically a “Trump” vaccine, because it was engineered under Trump’s watch. But that’s forgotten. To the extent that it’s a “good” vaccine, it’s now a “Biden” vaccine. But … the vaccine still isn’t enough.

“Well, I can’t get the vaccine quickly. That’s Trump’s fault. But I can’t be sure it will help even once I get it. We will need time to make sure that it works.”

How much time, you might ask.

“Well…I don’t know.”

It’s looking like it’s going to be YEARS before people who are afraid to leave their houses because of an occasionally complicated flu will ever be comfortable leaving their homes, eating in a restaurant, going anywhere without a mask, or seeing their grandchildren again.

We can only blame so much on the tyrants. Tyrants feed off the anxiety and helplessness of others. We can only blame the media so much, because there are (at least at the moment) alternative forms of media, or you can simply turn the media off.

At some point, we have to blame it on a lack of critical thinking, a huge reliance on group-think (“What’s everyone else doing?”), and sheer weakness.

The America we know today would NEVER, EVER have fought and won the American Revolution; fought and won the war to end slavery; or fought and won World War II. The Great Depression would have ended us too. We’re on the brink of a civil war and ousted a successful President (illegally, no doubt) because of the FLU.

This is not good. We have to remember that irrational thinking breeds bad politicians and other bad cultural trends. Real people, as individuals, must develop better minds. Until or unless that happens, you can forget better government.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Will COVID Numbers Now Shift for Biden’s Benefit ?

How much of the past year was about the actual coronavirus rather than a political weapon to damage President Trump and remove him from office? The answer is obvious. We have had viral pandemics before, including a seasonal influenza, without mask mandates, social distancing, business closures, travel restrictions, and hysterical media coverage.

Much of the hair-on-fire reporting is over cases and deaths. As I have previously written, a positive test is not the same as a case, and a death with COVID is different than death from COVID.

What if these definitions suddenly change in the upcoming weeks, once Joe Biden is in the White House, creating the impression that getting rid of the Orange Man caused the case and fatality numbers to suddenly plummet, not because of anything Biden did, but simply because he isn’t Trump?

Rewriting history is a popular pastime for the left. Just ask George Orwell or observe current events including the social media purge and cancel culture. How might this play out with COVID?

Start with testing — the PCR test which is overly sensitive. From that bastion of right-wing conspiracy, the New York Times,

The PCR test amplifies genetic matter from the virus in cycles; the fewer cycles required, the greater the amount of virus, or viral load, in the sample. The greater the viral load, the more likely the patient is to be contagious.

This number of amplification cycles needed to find the virus, called the cycle threshold, is never included in the results sent to doctors and coronavirus patients, although it could tell them how infectious the patients are.

In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds, compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The Times found.

In addition, a positive PCR test is not necessarily a case of COVID. There is a “case definition,” something the corporate media is willfully ignoring. According to the CDC, a case requires, “presumptive laboratory evidence AND either clinical criteria OR epidemiologic evidence.” Notice the AND, meaning not simply a positive test.

The result is that case counts are wildly inflated and are being used to drive lockdowns, business and school closures, mask mandates, and other measures that may not be necessary or even helpful.

What if the definitions conveniently change in the upcoming weeks?

As reported by Zero Hedge last week, “The FDA today joined The WHO and Dr. [Anthony] Fauci in admitting there is a notable risk of false results from the standard PCR test used to define whether an individual is a COVID case or not.”

Did Dr. Fauci just realize this? After decades working in public health and infectious diseases, test sensitivity is something he understands only too well. If he knew, did he say or do anything?

In an interview last July, Dr Fauci acknowledged that the PCR test is overly sensitive,

“What is now sort of evolving into a bit of a standard,” Fauci said, is that “if you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more … the chances of it being replication-confident are minuscule.”

If true, a sizable proportion of patients may have been unwittingly receiving positive test results that have little bearing on either their individual health or their risk of spreading the virus to others — suffering, in the process, much avoidable anxiety and disruption to everyday life.

Why didn’t Dr. Fauci make this case early during the pandemic, when he was active in the coronavirus task force and appearing almost daily with President Trump briefing the media and the nation?

Any bets that once Biden is ensconced in the Oval Office these test criteria are suddenly deemed overly sensitive and revised, miraculously reducing the case counts which are breathlessly reported daily on cable news? All of a sudden, COVID will be going away, only because the Orange Man is out of the White House and Brilliant Biden is now in charge, with no mention of the rule change.

Will COVID death criteria change in a similar manner? I predict they will. Early in the pandemic, Dr. Deborah Birx acknowledged that there was no distinction made between death with COVID versus death from COVID.

So, I think in this country we’ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality. There are other countries that if you had a preexisting condition and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem some countries are recording as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death. Right now…if someone dies with COVID-19 we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.

How soon until the CDC suddenly realizes the distinction and starts reporting deaths more realistically, as other countries do? Again this will support the narrative that all the 2020 COVID deaths were due to President Trump and it took a change of presidential leadership to miraculously reverse the death toll.

The dropping case and death numbers will also be attributed to Biden’s vaccine rollout, which he had nothing to do with, ignoring Trump’s organization and facilitation via Operation Warp Speed. Changing the rules mid-game creates new winners and losers, just as we saw in the 2020 presidential election.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is providing a preview of the great COVID shift. After locking down his state for most of the past year, destroying the economy, he now sounds like President Trump.

He recently tweeted a reversal, just in time for the new Biden administration:

We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. The cost is too high. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely.

What changed? A Democrat replacing a Republican in the White House, meaning new rules and gaslighting.

Although this is the likely media narrative, perhaps the numbers won’t shift quite yet. Many on the left are using the inflated death and case numbers to their political advantage, imposing draconian lockdowns, business closures, and ultimately control over the people they supposedly represent, of course exempting themselves from the rules they impose on their subjects.

They travel, dine, and get their hair done as if we live in normal times, while forcefully preventing those they govern from enjoying the same freedoms. Perhaps this taste of absolute power will be difficult for American politicians to give up.

Let’s see what happens during a potential Biden administration. Once the pandemic has served its purpose, Democrats using COVID as an excuse to finish fundamentally transforming America, the rules of the game may change, providing “proof” that the new rules, ushered in under wise Joe Biden, have finally tamed the COVID beast.

As George Orwell said, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” Watch the past year’s COVID tragedy suddenly pivot to a new and more useful narrative.

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a physician and freelance writer. Follow him (while you can) on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Parler, and QuodVerum.

Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/01/will_covid_numbers_now_shift_for_bidens_benefit.html#ixzz6jRW3mo4Q
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Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/01/will_covid_numbers_now_shift_for_bidens_benefit.html#ixzz6jRVjtgJH
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The Sickness Represented by Leftist Mask Obedience

Leftists LOVE wearing masks. They insist they’re doing it for others–not for themselves. But that’s absurd. If masks really help, they’re available to all who wish to protect themselves. All leftists become hostile (even violent) when they see someone not wearing a mask. “I’m protecting you. So you should protect me back.” But the very idea of a mask is SELF-preservation. The leftist is not smart enough to grasp this obvious fact. And the leftist isn’t honest enough to admit that his real motive for mask-wearing is SHOWING OFF. “Look at me. I have virtue.” Leftists wish to be seen as self-sacrificers, because they think self-sacrifice is the epitome of virtue. It’s all so SICK.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Covid Is an Orchestration for Serving an Agenda—the Destruction of Freedom

The accumulated evidence is overwhelming that Covid is an orchestration the purpose of which is to eliminate human autonomy and make the concept of freedom a dirty word that will bring you Covid illness and death.

As physical currency is one necessity for human autonomy, globalists are working on its replacement with digital money. Paper currency, coins, money orders, and checks pass hand to hand and allegedly carry possible infection with Covid. In contrast, digital money is virtual. No one touches it. More importantly for the globalists, It cannot be drawn out of an account in physical form and horded or hidden. You cannot make anonymous payments with digital money. Privacy leaves your life. You become totally transparent.

Some hope that people will have their own private digital money in the form of cryptocurrencies. However, transfers can be prevented between an official digital monetary system and private cryptocurrencies. Moreover, private cryptocurrency payment of rents, mortgages, car loans, grocery store bills, and so forth can be banned and enforced. A private cryptocurrency economy would have to operate outside of the official digital money economy. As the purpose of digital money is to eliminate human autonomy, such a parallel economy would be suppressed.

The same goes for payments with gold and silver coins. You could pay for a private service or for privately grown food from gardens if gardens are permitted in a world of artificial food made in factories, which is what the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” encompasses. But you couldn’t purchase a house or car or airline ticket with gold or silver.

People welcomed the digital revolution without recognizing its totalitarian consequences. They love their smart phones, the Internet, video games, social media, online payments, the ability to work from home. Perhaps many are agreeable to giving up independence and autonomy for these conveniences. Even if they are not, they are likely to find themselves trapped inside such a system before they become aware of its consequences.

Not that warnings are not all over the place. MIT’s Gideon Lichfield tells us that there is no going back to normal from Covid. Controls over our behavior are the new normal. Freedom, liberty, civil rights are not compatible with a Covid world and the Great Reset that the Covid world is being used to put in place. The World Economic Forum isn’t bashful about describing what is being put in place for us: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/11/19/the-insane-tyrant-who-head-up-the-world-economic-forums-great-reset-says-it-means-the-end-of-human-autonomy/

The change that elites are bringing to us is so radical that people dismiss it. But their smart devices have already ensnared them into the change.

The future that is unfolding is a restoration of ancient times when people were regimented under the control of priests or Druids. Any person showing any sign of independence was a prime candidate for sacrifice to appease the gods. Throughout the Western World this is already happening to truth-tellers. Manning, Assange, Snowden.

If people want to be free, they are going to have to eliminate the globalists and dispossess the billionaires. Every last one. It is pointless to peacefully protest, because as the stolen US presidential election makes completely clear, the elites have no regard whatsoever for democracy and the people’s voice. They hate the concept of government accountable to the people.

The preferred government is one accountable to the elites, just as ancient governments were accountable to priests, Druids, and pharaohs. It seems clear enough that this is the direction in which the Western World is headed. World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab explained on May 13, 2019, to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs that the era of freedom was over and done with.

Notice that the new era of freedom’s absence “is upon us.”

Why is is upon us? How is it that it is independent of “us.” Did God unleash the new era? No. It is upon us because it is what the elites are doing to us. The global elites are making us think that it is ordained and cannot be resisted. If we fall for this and permit it, we will be responsible for destroying our own freedom. Why not instead destroy those who seek to destroy us?

They can be resisted. All that has to be done is to round up a handful of totalitarian globalists. Nothing like the casualties of the Bolshevik Revolution, the American Revolution, the French Revolution are required. Freedom is not up against an established multitude that needs to be eliminated. Only a few globalists who are seizing power while people sit cowering sucking their thumbs.

If the globalists are not eliminated, they will eliminate us in the sense of our autonomy, our independence, our ability to express a point of view contrary to the elite’s, our humanity.

These last few lines will produce demands to know if I am advocating violence. I am advocating nothing. I am describing a situation and asking a question. We are losing our freedom. Are we going to do anything about it?

Perhaps I am mistaken. But based on available information it is apparent that governments in the Western World are committing violence against the peoples whom they allegedly represent. Violence against people goes far beyond arrests for not wearing a mask and fines for not maintaining social distance. Lockdowns are dispossessing people of their businesses, prohibiting family gatherings and freedom of association. These are massive interferences with rights that took centuries of struggle to achieve. And it is all for nothing as the death rate from Covid is minuscule.

The Western World frozen in fear by lies and propaganda has abandoned freedom.

Are the people of the Western World going to accept the violence enacted upon them and the cancellation of their rights?

If the people of the Western World will not defend their freeom, they will not have it.

Ron Paul

Despairing America: The Astonishing Psychological Cost of Lockdown

Recently, a series of special health alerts and reports have come out warning of growing numbers of people and a country at the breaking point. Sadly, little of that information has reached the public.

American people are crying out for help and dying − not from a virus with an “infection fatality rate” of 0.15-0.2% across all age groups, and 0.03 to 0.04% in those under 70 years old. (This means, 99.96% of nearly everyone who gets the virus lives.) No, the desperation and distress are in response to the government’s unprecedented mandates and lockdowns.

Masking, isolation, business closures, shuttered churches, ended normal school classes, seniors confined secluded in nursing homes, people left to die alone in hospitals, sporting events ended, music silenced, jobs and livelihoods destroyed. American life has been cancelled – from Easter to Memorial Day, 4th of July to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now New Year’s..

Many people have lost everything and now face losing their country. The level of despair is palpable. Growing numbers have lost the ability to cope.

What would happen as a result of these unprecedented government mandates was well known. They cannot say they didn’t know or that it wasn’t anticipated.

Aftermath of Covid-19 “Pandemic” Declaration

Local and state governments acted in lockstep, issuing sweeping mandates in March with predicted devastating impacts on the economy. The 95 million Americans not in the labor force at the start of the year jumped by more than 10 million the first month after the emergency mandates. With the continued lockdowns and emergency orders, joblessness has accelerated, with the greatest impact on women and lower income workers. Over 40% are not expected to regain their jobs. This November, more than 100.6 million Americans were not working, 9.2 million more compared to this time last year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Texas has had the second greatest number of business closures in the nation, after California, since March, according to the latest Yelp Local Economic Impact Report. More than 8,900 Texas businesses have closed permanently and another 5,300 are closed temporarily and barely hanging on. Even in Lubbock, for example, which had enjoyed stable low unemployment levels for years, unemployment rates shot up over 350% in April after Mayor Dan Pope’s emergency orders. Still today, the percentage of Lubbock residents without jobs is more than double what it had been the entire year before.

Every month of the economic shutdown has cost the U.S. economy $1.1 trillion, according to leading economists. Not only is this the worst unemployment crisis since the Great Depression, according to Goldman Sachs, but high unemployment and job uncertainty, which peaked at 25% across the country, are expected to continue. Unemployment levels were predicted to persist at around 8% through 2021.

The public is finally coming to realize that even this forecast is optimistic − there is no end in sight in the government’s plans to never allow the country to return to normal. Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned it would last two years, some academics have advocated for mandates to continue years until the virus is completely eradicated, and World Economic Forum stakeholders are saying that normal life (without masking, social distancing and other restrictions) won’t be permitted until after 2022, even after lockdowns are lifted.

“A thriving economy, of the kind that we are now throwing away, is the source of our security and the foundation of our children’s future. We would do well not to sneer at it. Poverty kills too. And when it does not kill, it maims, mentally, physically and socially.” − Lord Sumption

Being without work and job insecurity have long been recognized as risk factors for depression, anxiety, suicide, substance abuse and premature death. Unemployment is associated with an average 60% increase in mortality. There’s also a large body of research showing isolation and loneliness lead to worsening mental and physical health and premature death. Isolation and loss of close social contact raises risks of heart attacks and strokes, and increases death from all causes by 50%. Social isolation itself is increasingly contributing to cruel growing deaths among locked down elderly, by an estimated 20%, who simply don’t want to go on and have lost the will to live. It’s a form of punishment for felons, after all.

As mental health experts wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association, government mandates have created the perfect storm for increased suicides: economic stress from loss of jobs, loss of savings from stock market declines, closed businesses and schools, social isolation and loneliness, loss of community and religious services and activities, unknowns with loss of control over political mandates, and health worries, including people unable to access medical care as mandates restricted care for non-Covid patients.

According to the Robert Graham Center for Policy Studies in Family Medicine and Primary Care with Well Being Trust, the collective impact of the government’s emergency mandates will be even more devastating. “Massive unemployment, mandated social isolation for months and possible residual isolation for years,” along with the uncertainty and fear being created about a virus, is exacerbating the deaths of despair. Looking at the projected levels of unemployment from 2020 to 2029, they estimated 27,644 additional suicides if the shutdowns ended right away, to 154,037 suicides if the economic recovery is slower.

Public Health Crisis – Suicides

In a study published in Lancet Psychiatry, University of Zurich psychiatrists examined more than a decade of data from 63 countries and found a 9-fold higher number of suicides associated with unemployment.

In August, Kaiser Family Foundation researchers reported stress symptoms had nearly doubled since March, including difficulty sleeping, eating disorders, increased drinking and substance abuse, and worsening of chronic health conditions. Also in August, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s MMWR reported that since the pandemic, representative surveys across the country revealed that over 30% of Americans admitted suffering from anxiety or depression, 13.3% had started or increased use of substances trying to cope with the stress; and more than one in ten had seriously considered suicide in the previous 30 days.

Suicides and drug overdoses have soared across the country. Even children have become collateral damage of the government mandates. Suicides and drug overdoses have far exceeded deaths from Covid-19 among young people, CDC Director Robert Redfield reported this summer.

Cook Children’s hospital in Fort Worth, for example, reported a disturbing spike in suicide attempts among children, with 29 patients in August alone – one child suicide patient a day, more than double typically. By October, 192 kids had been admitted for attempting suicide – this compares to 88 patients in 2015. As children struggle from the isolation, missed social connections and fears, “kids are getting to the point where they’re becoming more hopeless,” said Kia Carter, MD, the hospital’s medical director of psychiatry.

A study by specialists at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston just published in the journal Pediatrics reported the results of more than 9,000 risk screenings done at their pediatric Emergency Department. They found significantly higher rates of suicide ideation and suicide attempts during this pandemic among ages 11-21, as compared to the same period last year.

Significant increases were specifically seen during the months when Covid-related stress and community responses were heightened, they reported. Suicides had already grown to become the second leading cause of death among young people 10-17 years old, with ER visits for suicide attempts among children increasing 92% between 2007-2015.

New Mexico, as an example, has endured some of the most stringent and unrelenting lockdown measures in the country by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. It’s a state that can ill afford the crippling measures. It has long ranked at the bottom of nearly every index from economy, jobs, schools performance, and illicit drugs problems; and highest for crime (more than twice the national average) and violence. It has also long had the highest rates of suicide deaths in the country, twice the national average, according to CDC data.

Yet New Mexico officials have been pretty silent about the consequences of Grisham’s policies on rising drug overdoses and suicides, even among kids. One tragic story was recently leaked to the news of an eleven year old in Hobbs who took his life, leaving a journal describing how he was going mad from stay-at-home orders and wanted to be able to go to school and play with his friends.

Nor have the public schools been outspoken about what’s happening among students. At the October 8 Board of Directors meeting of New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority, Julie Garcia, with Poms & Associates, a risk prevention insurance company that’s had NMPSIA’s contract since 1986, said in her loss prevention update that there had been several suicides in the past several months concerning school children. She was asked specifically if anyone had reached out to the Farmington schools about the athlete suicides, lamely replying with an offer of two mental health first aid trainers.

But the growing suicides among New Mexico’s youth were exposed in a December 8, special suicide report from the state’s Legislative Finance Committee. It revealed that suicides are a larger cause of death among 15-24 year olds than any other age group in the state. Suicide rates among these young people more than doubled from 13/100,000 in 2014 to 29.5/100,000 in 2017.

The pandemic lockdowns have exacerbated suicide risks, the analysis said. Already this year, there have been seven suicides in children under 15 years old, compared to five in 2019, along with increased numbers among ages 15-24. The report disclosed that there had been seven suicides among New Mexico’s student athletes this year, as well as two youths from Hobbs and another two in San Miguel County. Worse, it reported that according to the Public Education Department’s budget reporting, the state’s public schools had been allotted an additional $12 million this school year for guidance counselors, counselors and psychologists – money that has been left unspent.

Public Health Alert – Overdoses

This past week, the CDC took the unusual action of issuing an emergency Health Alert Advisory. Its most recent data revealed 81,230 drug overdose deaths in the U.S. during the 12 months ending in May.

“This is the largest number of drug overdoses for a 12-month period ever recorded.”

Since emergency mandates were enacted in March, the CDC stated, drug overdoses have skyrocketed – the largest increase occurring from March to May, “coinciding with the implementation of widespread mitigation measures for the Covid-19 pandemic.” The drug overdose crisis is accelerating with the pandemic declarations, it said. This is after overdoses had declined 4.1% between 2017 and 2018.

The primary driver is synthetic opioids – illicit fentanyl – a deadly street drug. Western states have had large increases in availability of illicit fentanyl in the streets, and had the largest increases in overdose deaths, confirmed in clinical toxicology drug tests, the CDC stated. Ten Western states have had a 98% increase in illicit drug overdoses, but all 38 jurisdictions with data have recorded significant surges in deaths since the government Covid-19 pandemic mandates.

The Overdose Mapping and Application Program, High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area initiative that collects data from ambulance teams, hospitals and law enforcement, sounded the alarm in May. It reported that overdoses had increased 20% between January and April compared to last year, with the greatest spike occurring in March.

The Washington Post reported that compared to last year, overdoses had jumped 18% in March and were continuing to increase: 29% in April and 42% in May. Calling it “Cries for Help,” they wrote that “as the pandemic has pushed massive doses of fear, uncertainty, anxiety and depression into people’s lives, it has cut off the human connections that help ease those burdens” of isolation, hopelessness, and distress.

A December 9 Issue Brief from the American Medical Association chronicled disturbing reports of drug overdoses across the country – with more than 40 states reporting increased drug deaths. By September, Cortland County in Texas, for example, had recorded a 200% increase in overdose deaths in less than two years. Drug trafficking gangs are increasing profit margins by cutting expensive heroin with cheaper synthetic substances like fentanyl or brorphine, said law enforcement officers, who are seeing growing evidence of illicit drugs.

Overdose deaths far exceed deaths to Covid-19 in cities across the country. A reported 173 deaths associated with Covid-19 have been reported in the San Francisco area this year. In contrast, a record 621 have died of drug overdoses, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. In November alone, 58 died in their streets, sidewalks, alleyways and parks – two a day. Officials at the city’s Drug Overdose Prevention and Education Project believe that these numbers are still a major undercount since they are self-reported.

In nearly every report of skyrocketing suicides and drug overdoses seen with the government’s pandemic measures, proposals by stakeholders call for more money and more mental health programs…while ignoring the most obvious root of the problem. If leaders really cared about people, the clearly rational and ethical thing to do would be to fully end the unsupportable government mandates. Continuing pandemic mandates is not just destroying people’s lives and livelihoods. It is killing people.

Sandy Szwarc, BSN, RN is a graduate of U.T. Austin and a researcher and writer on health and science issues for more than 30 years.

We Don’t Need to Accept the “New Normal”

Listening to the media today, one sometimes hears the phrase “new normal.” The dictionary defines normal as “conforming to a norm or standard.” That means it is society that determines what is normal and what is not, depending on what is happening in the country.

As we begin 2021, with the usual hope and optimism, we must reflect on the year which has just passed, for 2020 also began on an extremely positive note. The economy was roaring, factories and jobs were coming back to America, the stock market was doing well, and unemployment among minorities and women was at the lowest rate ever recorded. Then “the plague” struck at the end of January, and subsequently, our world came crashing down around us; a situation which was only aggravated by George Floyd’s death.

All of us have seen and heard things during this past year that would have been unimaginable in 2019, but which today are almost a daily occurrence. We call these transformative events “the new normal.”

Examples of the new normal are all around us and affect all aspects of our lives. Defunding the police while crime skyrockets is the new normal. Prisoners being released back on the streets, while hairdressers and restaurant owners are fined and sometimes jailed, is the new normal. Big tech and mainstream media shutting down all voices opposing their agenda, while extolling the virtues of democracy and free speech, is the new normal. A CNN reporter describing demonstrators as “peaceful protesters,” while behind him the skyline burns, is the new normal. Closing down all restaurants, houses of worship, and small businesses while allowing protesters to burn, riot, and loot in the name of “social justice” is the new normal. Prisoners in certain states receiving the COVID vaccine while vulnerable seniors must wait is the new normal. The latest COVID Relief bill, which included only a paltry sum in relief for tens of millions of desperate Americans, while granting billions in foreign aid, is the new normal.

Apparently, our elected representatives in the House and the Senate believe the Sudanese national debt and the education of women in Pakistan are more important than their constituents. The late publisher William Randolph Hearst addressed this very issue nearly a century ago, on May 7, 1924, when he wrote: “The day when this nation ceases to shape its foreign policy primarily for the safety and welfare of the American people will be the day on which its national doom is sealed – and its international doom too.” These are only a few of the many examples of the new normal that assault and numb our senses daily.

If there is one issue that stands out in terms of importance, it would be defunding or re-imagining the police, for no civilized society can function without order, safety, and security. It is no accident that the “peaceful protesters” have made the police the number one target for vilification. This is especially true in blue states and cities where state and local governments, along with radical district attorneys, have acquiesced to all the protesters’ demands, refusing to prosecute them for their crimes and allowing them free rein to do exactly as they wish. This has resulted in their states and cities sliding even further into chaos and anarchy, as their tax base continues to move away in ever-increasing numbers.

Any normal person would stop and re-think their failed strategy but not these people. If anything, they double down on their ideology. Some might conclude they are irrational, but there is a method to their madness. It is a method that has been used before.

During the heyday of the Cultural Revolution in China, mobs of Red Guards rampaged through the streets of Beijing and other Chinese cities unencumbered by any police restraint. They assaulted anyone they deemed counter-revolutionary. Bloodied and beaten, with placards hung around their necks denouncing them for their crimes, these hapless individuals were hauled before a forum called a “struggle session” where various individuals, sometimes even their own children, would take turns denouncing them for every imaginable offense, up to, and including, “thought crimes.” The actual number of people killed during the Cultural Revolution is unknown, but it is believed to be in the millions. The purpose of all this was twofold. The first was to solidify Mao’s position as absolute ruler of China. The second was to cow an entire population into submission and obedience through fear, terror, and intimidation. It is a very effective tactic. Every single totalitarian state throughout history has used similar methods to ensure its continued rule.

The U.S. is on the verge of becoming a country in decline, ceding to China the position of dominant world superpower. One could say that this is part of the ebb and flow of history. Every single great civilization from the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans in ancient times to the Aztec, Inca, and Mayan civilizations in our own hemisphere has gone through this process. Even the once-mighty British Empire, which at one time controlled a third of the world, and of whom it was said, “The Sun Never Sets On,” has withered away into near obscurity.

If you were to “time warp” back to Moscow in 1990 and tell the first Russian you met that within a year his country would implode, he would look at you as if you were crazy. The collapse of a great civilization can occur slowly over time as it did with Rome and Britain, or it can happen suddenly, as with the Soviet Union. Great civilizations go through an aging process and right now, ours is looking very old.

However, aging doesn’t mean dead. We can buck the historic trend. It’s true that we have forgotten the ideals that once made us great, and replaced the “old normals” of liberty, individual responsibility, equality, and unity with the “new normals” of identity politics, wokeness, cancel culture, and critical race theory.

In a speech on May 14, 1920, over a century ago, President Warren G. Harding warned the nation that: “America’s present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration.” It’s time again for Americans to assert normalcy and restoration. And then, yes, America can and will be great again.

Caren Besner is a retired teacher who has written articles published by American Thinker, Sun-Sentinel, Dr Swier, News With Views, The Front Page, The Published Reporter, Washington Examiner, The Algemeiner, Jewish Journal, Independent Sentinel, Jerusalem Post, Arutz Sheva, San Diego Jewish World, The Times of Israel, The Moderate Voice, IsraPost, The Jewish Voice, Joo Tube, The Florida Veteran, and others.

The Dangers of Government Debt

It is that time again when liberals, sensing the possibility of being in control, are revving up the debt engines. So many things need to be done in a post-COVID world, and there is so little revenue to pay for it. Debt is the way out, they claim.

Now is the time to borrow a way out of the crisis. Congress has not even waited for the New Year.   Bipartisan efforts are currently underway to negotiate a quick fix for the bargain price of just under a trillion dollars.

Debt Addiction Affects Everyone

Unfortunately, debt addiction affects both political parties. Every administration this century has run budgets at a deficit. The average deficit over the last two administrations has been around one trillion dollars annually. The COVID crisis has been an occasion to throw caution to the wind and borrow like there is no tomorrow.

Some Republican legislators maintain the role of a fiscal conscience. They loudly complain about deficits, especially when the opposition is in power. However, the uproar has diminished as officials scramble to find the means to throw money at the problems they want to go away.

Embrace and Love Debt

The latest buzzword in economic circles is that Americans should not deplore but embrace debt. They should even learn to love it as a saving tool in a chaotic world.

Of course, most Americans need no tutorials on how to embrace debt. Consumers are buried in some $14.3 trillion of it. They manage to spend it on houses, cars, education, home improvement, and credit-card charges. Everywhere they go, they spend beyond their means. In the frenetic intemperance of the marketplace, embracing debt comes all too readily.

Loving debt is more difficult, especially when the bank notices come due. People learn quickly that unsecured commercial acts have abrupt and tragic consequences.

A Fiscal Paradigm Shift

However, the rules that apply to consumer debt that can end so badly do not apply to government spending. Such fiscal acts apparently have no negative consequences.

Thus, liberals are asking that the floodgates of federal debt be opened. Now is the time to help those suffering from the coronavirus crisis, build up its sagging infrastructure and finance their wish list of underfunded causes.

Liberal economists say there is no cause to worry about federal debt. The New York Times’ Paul Krugman, for example, explains that the nature of government debt has changed. He claims there has been “a fiscal paradigm shift” that makes borrowing different and desirable. “The bottom line is that government debt just isn’t a major problem these days.” 

Reasons to Borrow

They wrongly claim debt is not a major problem for many reasons. One of them is that America borrows in its own currency and thus can always issue more money to finance its debt. The circular logic of the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is popular among liberal legislators anxious to receive a blank check to expand federal spending.

However, the main reason why columnists like Krugman encourage debt is because of the low-interest rates that make money cheaper to use. He argues that there are no red lines in the sand dictating the limits of how much can be borrowed. Conservative legislators conjure up these red flags to scare people into not spending money.  

Thus, he says cheap money costs the taxpayer little in the long and short term in interest payments. If there is a time to spend, now is that time. The U.S. government should take full advantage of this opportunity to invest heavily in the future. That means making big government bigger. That means public investment in climate control, education and children (as long as they are not unborn). The panic of the coronavirus gives the spending spree a sense of urgency.

What is there not to love in this new fiscal wonderland where every liberal desire can be fulfilled as if by magic? There are so many reasons to embrace and love debt.

Very Dangerous Assumptions

The Krugman solution is based on very dangerous assumptions. What he proposes is the equivalent of borrowing money from oneself, over and over again with an ever-increasing principal. It might also be compared to paying an extra-low minimal monthly payment on an ever-increasing credit card bill. As long as people make timely payments, everything will work out fine.

It presupposes order and stability over the long term. Krugman affirms that in today’s upside-down world, there will always be very low-interest rates. He notes that “all indications are that they’ll stay low for years to come.”

Issuing government debt also assumes that people worldwide will want to buy American debt — and a lot of it.  As the world’s reserve currency, most people see treasury bonds as a safe harbor despite their low yield. However, should something unexpectedly disastrous happen to America, all this could change — just as life changed with the coronavirus crisis.  

Such wildly optimistic assumptions are dangerous. One great financial calamity could bring down the whole system as it almost did in 2008. It would introduce a new “fiscal paradigm shift” of a different nature.

Changing the Nature of Things

There is something metaphysical in all this debt magic. It reflects the socialist mentality that holds human nature can be changed, and the most bizarre schemes can thus be implemented.

In this case, the “love-debt” scheme contains the idea that people will act responsibly once they realize they possess a money machine that produces as much cash as they want. Such wishful thinking ignores the fact that fallen human nature always seeks the easy way out. People will turn to the cash machine whenever difficulty strikes. In addition, corrupt people will find ways of gaming the system to favor their self-interest. Once the floodgates of unbridled debt are opened, they will follow the unbridled passions to ruin. Human nature has not changed in the face of easy money.

However, liberal moneymakers also want to change the nature of money and debt. Money is an obstacle for those who want a world without restraint. It creates inequalities that liberals wish to overthrow. Money forces people to make an effort to exchange the value of their actions for goods and services. People with jobs delay gratification by working so that they might later enjoy the fruits of their labor. Those who work harder will earn and prosper.

Debt is a ticket to instant gratification. It delays working so that people might enjoy now the goods and services they desire. The need to pay back loans curbs people’s desire to borrow and introduces an element of responsibility.  

Living in the Krugman Fantasyland

In the Krugman fantasyland, the nature of money changes. It is no longer the same means of exchange, measure of value and storehouse of wealth. Money becomes the great equalizer that allows everyone to share wealth regardless of the disparity in their efforts. It becomes a mechanism created out of nothing to serve the political ends of government. Debt is no longer a burden that needs to be paid off. It is a revolving door of obligations that can be put off indefinitely. The nature of debt changes when there is no intention of repayment.

When debt has no immediate consequences, gratification rules. A society thus organized is beholden to the only real power left — a strong central government ever ready to issue more money to “borrow its way out of every crisis” until the day of reckoning comes. If they choose to do this in their personal lives, the consequences are theirs alone to bear. However, it is criminally negligent for political leaders to clamp the debt millstone around America’s neck and still expect the country to swim its way to safety.

Those who embrace and love debt do so at their own risk.

John Horvat II, American Thinker

An Uncertain Happy New Year

We are not in a “pandemic”. We are in a media-generated hysteria combined with an unprecedented grab for world tyranny. All of this took place in a cultural-psychological climate of unearned guilt, overreliance on emotions as tools of cognition, and unleashed savagery and anarchy designed to break the spirit of decent people. Our crisis is so much greater and deeper than a real pandemic would ever be. It’s a spiritual pandemic of low confidence, where the good guys hide and evil triumphs. It may well destroy not only America, but EVERYTHING that civilization worthy of the name has generated for the last several thousand years.

Happy New Year. But this is no time to lie to ourselves about the gravity of what we face. As you sit at home under house arrest, carefully weigh your options.

Some thoughts from Winston Churchill:

“…if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

The Freedom to Pursue Happiness

The governors of all 50 states, and the mayors of many large cities, have assumed unto themselves the powers to restrict private personal choices and lawful public behavior in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

They have done so not by enforcing previously existing legislation but by crafting their own executive orders, styling those orders as if they were laws, using state and local police to enforce those so-called laws and — presumably when life returns to normal and the courts reopen — prosecuting the alleged offenders in court.

It is hard to believe that any judge in America would permit a criminal trial of any person for violating a standard of behavior that has not been enacted into law by a legislature. We know this because under our system of representative government, separated powers and guaranteed liberties, only the legislative branch can craft laws and assign punishments for noncompliance. This is Constitutional Law 101. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has written that the executive branch cannot enforce a law that it has written. If it does, we will have approached tyranny.

Have we approached tyranny already?

During the past eight weeks, governors and mayors have closed most businesses, public venues and houses of worship, prohibited public assembly and restricted travel — all of which they have unilaterally decreed to be nonessential.

In his terrifying novel “1984” — which posits a future of total control of all persons by the government and total control of the government by one political party — George Orwell argued that he who controls the meaning of words controls the laws as well.

That Orwellian truism has been manifested like never before here in America, where executive branch officeholders have used state and local police to restrain people from engaging in private and public behavior which they concede was lawful two months ago because today it is not deemed “essential.”

Frankly, I am surprised at the ferocity of police enforcement and the lameness of police compliance. The police have taken the same oaths to uphold the same Bill of Rights — it’s not the Bill of Safety; it’s the Bill of Rights — as have all other officeholders. The police also know that it is unlawful for them to obey an unlawful order, particularly when they use force.

The lockdown orders are all unlawful because none of them — none — has been enacted by a legislature, and all of them — all — interfere with fundamental liberties, each of which is guaranteed — guaranteed — by the Constitution.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I recognize the scientific value of personal efforts to control contagion. But under the Constitution, these social-distancing, wear-your-mask, shut-your-business, stay-at-home edicts constitute mere recommendations that should induce rational voluntary compliance, because the government in America is without lawful power to compel compliance.

The governors complain about resistance. They need to know that Americans will resist efforts to interfere in behavior that remains as moral, natural, lawful and constitutional as it was 60 days ago.

Last week, President Donald Trump, sounding fed up with gubernatorial lockdown orders, declared that religious worship is essential — meaning, in his opinion, all houses of worship should be opened — and he offered that he was prepared to “override” any governors who disagreed with him.

When he realized that he lacked any authority to override even unlawful gubernatorial decrees, he dispatched the Department of Justice to begin filing challenges to governors in federal courts and to argue that constitutional freedoms are being impaired by the states.

I applaud this, but it is too little, too late. Where was the DOJ when Catholic priests were threatened with arrest for saying Mass or distributing palms and when Jewish rabbis were put in COVID-19-infested jails for holding funerals? At all these religious events, folks freely chose to exercise their freedom to worship; and to take their chances.

These DOJ interventions provoked the question: Who should decide what goods, services or venues are essential — the states or the federal government? The question is Orwellian, as the answer is: neither of them. The government in America — state or federal — has no power and no right to determine what goods, services and venues are essential.

Those determinations have been for individuals to make since 1776, and those individual choices have been constitutionally protected from the feds since the Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791 and from the states since the 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868.

What is essential to the laborer or student or housewife may not be essential to the former Goldman Sachs partner who was elected governor of New Jersey, and who decreed last week, “It shall be the duty of every person or entity in this State… to cooperate fully” with his orders, or essential to the ideologue who is mayor of the Big Apple and who, for all his professed liberality, threatened to close permanently — permanently — businesses and houses of worship that flaunt his guidelines

A duty is undertaken voluntarily or by nature, not by executive command, Governor Murphy. And the government cannot take property away from its owners except for a legitimate public use and only for just compensation, Mayor de Blasio.

Governors and mayors can make all the dictatorial pronouncements and threats that they wish. But they cannot use public assets to enforce them. And when they seek to use force, those from whom they seek it should decline the offer.

In America, we decide for ourselves what produces happiness. We have never delegated to the government — ever — the power to make personal choices for us.

And some of us are willing to take chances and even do “nonessential” things. The essence of the freedoms for which we have fought since 1776 is the liberty to be ourselves.

Andrew Napolitano

Tales of the “Pandemic”

We don’t need more humility. We need more accuracy. More intellectual honesty. More objectivity. The world is perishing from an insane orgy of arbitrary conclusions, unchecked emotions, self-conscious virtue-signaling and rampant, even willful irrationality. Humility will not stop it. Only the confident, decisive strength of SANITY and reason will.


“Anonymous Patriot” writes on Twitter: “In a REAL pandemic, there are no haircuts. There are no dinners in Napa. There is no protesting. In a real pandemic there is ONLY death. If you’re still able to go to places like Target and live relatively uninterrupted due to the actual virus itself, you are not in a pandemic.”


From my Facebook post: When an individual loses his reason, we call him mentally ill. When a whole society loses its reason, we call it “progressive.”


Nikki Haley says, “The free world must stand strong against China.” WHAT free country? I don’t live in a free country. Free countries don’t have permanent curfews, mandatory vaccinations, permanent lockdowns, fraudulent elections, threatened gun confiscation and virtual censorship. Yes, we should stand up to China. But we must stand up to our own authoritarian government FIRST.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason