Fauci: Wrong Again…and Again…and Again

Based on the questionable way COVID cases are counted, we now have a surge in cases (again, assuming you consider a “case” everything they consider to be a case). This is the same surge Fauci predicted a month ago would NOT happen again, given the large number of people vaccinated. [Source: Fox News radio, 1/8/22.]

So…an HONEST assessment would include reconsidering the effectiveness of the vaccine, or at least consulting one’s underlying premises for accuracy. THIS IS HOW REAL SCIENCE WORKS.

Instead, we will simply get a triple-down on masks, lockdowns and vax mandates — more of a totalitarian dictatorship in defiance of the Bill of Rights, in defiance of intellectual honesty and with the full approval of an unquestioning media and perhaps 30-40 percent of an ignorant, petrified population. We will also get more blame, shame and threats leveled against those who are not “fully” vaccinated (meaning: boostered indefinitely, again and again, into the future).

THIS is not science. THIS is not freedom. THIS is NOT America.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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