COVID is Here to Stay

COVID is here to stay. We better get used to seeing it around because like the tides, it will come and go. If you’re vaccinated, the chances of you dying or suffering from severe illness is virtually erased. You can still get it. That’s the big lie that was peddled by the Biden administration. Remember in July, get the shot and take the mask off. Well, wrong—Omicron is raging like the Great Chicago Fire. Is it less lethal? Yes, but it’s more contagious. I’ll take that mutation. Everyone is going to get COVID. It’s only a matter of time. It’s nothing to be shameful about. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It was always that way, but liberal America decided to shame those who got COVID to satisfy their insufferable self-righteous complex. Now, liberals are coming down with the virus by the fist-full.

It’s endemic. Everyone needs to relax over a virus with a 99 percent survivability rate. Unfortunately, Anthony Fauci, the CDC, Democrats, and their liberal media allies have turned half the country into total psychopaths when it comes to the virus. I mean, they’re unhinged. Were at the point where some are risking the lives of their children to the point where it becomes a child endangerment situation. Take this Houston woman for example who locked her son in the trunk of her car at a testing center because he tested positive. She wanted him to quarantine, so she locked him in the trunk. And yes, the police are involved (via KHOU 11):

A warrant has been issued for a Houston-area mom accused of putting her son in the trunk of her car after he tested positive for COVID-19. The woman was in line to get a COVID test, authorities said.

Sarah Beam, a teacher at Cypress Falls High School in the Cy-Fair Independent School District, has been charged with endangering a child.

According to court documents, Beam took the 13-year-old boy to a drive-thru COVID testing site at Pridgeon Stadium on Monday, January 3, for additional testing.

A CFISD employee who was gathering information from people in line said Beam told her the boy was in the trunk because she didn’t want to be exposed to the virus.

The employee asked the woman to open the trunk, and she confirmed the boy was there, according to court documents.

She alerted Cy-Fair ISD police and provided the woman’s license plate number and other information used to identify her.

“I have never heard of somebody being put in a trunk because they tested positive for anything,” said Sgt. Richard Standifer with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

She was a teacher, so she was probably vaccinated. She was certainly one of the few groups who could have received a shot when the shots were being rolled out. Regardless, this is nuts. Ms. Beam has been placed on administrative leave and as local news reported, she’s been charged with child endangerment.

Also, couldn’t she have left her kid in isolation at home? He’s 13 years old. He could’ve stayed home while ‘mom’ got a test. And was she exhibiting symptoms? If not, then why the hell was she there?

We’ve all gone mental.

Matt Vespa

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