For God ‘s Sake, IT’S THE FLU

For God’s sake, IT’S THE FLU. The flu is serious business for the elderly and others with medical problems. I will not minimize the pain and heartbreak of loss. But we have never shut down civilization because of a virus with a 99.99 percent survival rate, and we should not have done so now. What we’re witnessing is an act of collective suicide, aided and abetted by a mindless, compliant media and a willfully brain-dead corporate, politicized establishment. Please, I implore all of you regular people out there: take some deep breaths and grow the hell up. Your fellow citizens need you. Think of the strong generations who went before you, the people who endured war and depression and REAL pandemics. Be inspired by them and find a shred of strength. PLEASE.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

1 thought on “For God ‘s Sake, IT’S THE FLU

  1. I am right now fighting some kind of flue or strep. I’m not dying, TG. I did what every normal person does. Got a strep test, got a covid test. Still waiting on the strep results. Covid was negative. Yes the first few days of what I have were tough. I was asleep for almost two days. My point being is being sick is natural. It’s how we build our immune system. This should have been no different. This is a power grab plain and simple.


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