RINOs & Leftists All Want to Be President. President of WHAT?

All these Democrats and RINOs want to be President. It’s all they care about. But President of WHAT? The only reason the presidency holds any honor: It was once an office that presided over protection of the rights of man. This fraudulent election, along with so much else before it, gravely reduced the value of the office. And now, on the verge of permanent one-party rule, these anti-freedom statists are licking their chops.

But liberty, individual rights and FREEDOM are what made the office of the President as meaningful and powerful as it was. Once we have lived a few years under one-party rule, under socialism; under fascist lockdowns; forced vaccinations; tiny stipends to replace the hollowed-out middle class and the decimated small businesses; the erosion and eventual elimination of our currency’s value due to hyperinflationary spending; all the Green New Deal horrors and giveaways to Iran and China they have in store for us; and God-knows-what-else…Once we are JUST ANOTHER DICTATORSHIP, the office that Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Truman, Reagan and, yes ,Trump, breathed life into–all that will be gone, and meaningless.

Put simply: If Joe Biden can become the President, even in a stolen election, then literally ANYONE can claim the office. And at that point, the office will be forever meaningless. So take note, Kamala and you other freaks: Your power game will mean nothing in a country with no value–and with only its shining past, its lost prosperity and lost liberty, to dignify it.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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