Capitalism Is Not a “System”. It’s Simply LIBERTY !

“Capitalism isn’t a system. It’s merely free people exchanging goods and services with other free people for voluntarily agreed upon prices.” [Peter Fithian]

Spot on.

Capitalism simply refers to economic freedom from government interference. It’s not a system, and it’s not obliged to be a system. The obligation is on government, busybodies and criminals to STAY THE HELL OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES.


Unless your explicit goal is to destroy America, nobody can deny: The Biden Regime is a catastrophe.

If the American republic somehow recovers from all this, and private property, rationality, capitalism, individualism, self-responsibility and the Bill of Rights unexpectedly roar back into relevance … WHAT will future historians make of this era?


“When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.”

— Isaac Asimov


“Americans are fleeing Democrat-run cities in blue states and relocating to more affordable metro areas, in part due to housing costs and inflation that are pricing them out of their origin cities, according to a report from the real estate brokerage site Redfin.”

The same idiots will, in many cases, vote for the same policies in their new homes that caused them to flee their old homes. Example: Austin, Texas. It’s a vicious, unending cycle of incurable stupidity.


Someone asked: Do we need a dictatorship to get us out of this mess?

It’s not so much that we “need” a dictatorship but that we are living in a dictatorship already. The U.S. Constitution is no longer operative. That millions of us on the right — good souls, all of us — still persist in thinking we are in a free country, and that all we need is one good election to fix it all — well, it’s heartbreaking and stupid. If we are to survive, and if freedom is ever to make any kind of comeback, we, the good guys, must stop being stupid. Forget the law. Their law is not the Bill of Rights. These tyrants are lawless. We are at war, because they declared it.

Too strong a position, you say? Check back with me in a few months.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Why so Few of Us Really Want Freedom

People are like script or screenplay writers. They’re writing their own life stories — according to the themes and values they uphold (even subconsciously).

Probably most people write their scripts with themselves as victims. They see others — other people, or perhaps social or metaphysical/supernatural forces — as against them. They write themselves as the victims of interpersonal or financial scenarios in which they had no say, or no part. We talk about how drug abuse is a form of self-medication. Creating a narrative throughout life with oneself as the victim is the biggest (and most common) form of self-medication there is.

It’s frankly one of the reasons why political freedom has been the overwhelming exception, and not the norm, throughout human history. The self-responsibility of freedom clashes with the individual victim self-narrative of most people. If you want the chief psychological reason for why freedom (after a fabulous run for a couple of centuries) is on the decline, this is it.

I am coming to understand, better and better, that the masses who embrace some form of socialism (without calling it socialism) are not just stupid and ignorant. Stupidity and ignorance are not, in fact, the biggest problems. The biggest problem is that people like to be victims; and victims WANT to be sheep, and to be taken care of. Free societies cannot survive where that’s the dominant psychological trend.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Liberty is not Inevitable, Even in America

Liberty does not flourish because America is great. America was great only as long as liberty flourished. We forget that at our peril.

As authoritarianism and totalitarianism begin to envelop America, many complacently say: “America is great. She will survive this.” It’s America, after all.

But why? How? When there’s no widespread or deeply cultural attachment to liberty, a society cannot remain free.

We saw what happened with the election of 2020. We saw what happened with 2 solid years of COVID fascism — which could return the next time someone sneezes. We can only imagine what’s coming next, especially with the possible development (so we’re told) of nuclear war with Russia. And then there’s China.

The opposition to what has been going on in the last two years in America has been shockingly minimal. It has been easy for those in power to suffocate any and all opposition. Witness what happened in Canada. Truckers silenced, gone, bank accounts frozen. Even their supporters silenced, bank accounts frozen. You had better believe the same can happen here, and will probably happen, at some point.

A free country is only as great as the people who inhabit the country, and who are willing to stand up for it. Lighting up your Facebook page with a flag of the Ukraine means nothing if you tolerate mask and vax mandates, censorship, rigged elections, hyperinflation, wealth redistribution, freezing of private bank accounts, and gun confiscation.

We will only be free as long as we deserve to be free — and as long as we want to be free. If most of us let it slip away … that’s on us.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

The Healthcare Road to Serfdom

by Scott McPherson

COVID-19 hysteria has done more to embolden the power-mad than a massive terrorist attack. Once content to whisper among themselves about the danger of “too much freedom” (any amount, in the final analysis, being too much for them), they slither out of the shadows now to champion every new idea or policy that treats people like bees in a hive. “Mask up,” “lock down,” and “do your part,” these self-proclaimed drill sergeants bark, like propagandists for the Politburo.A government with the power to tax one person to pay for another’s healthcare needs will eventually assume the authority to make people’s healthcare decisions, even the most personal ones.
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Nothing about this is surprising. Those who see in every crisis (real or imagined) an opportunity to expand the size and scope of government power are acting just as we might expect. Authoritarians finally have a very large number of people scared to death over a healthcare “crisis,” so it’s natural for them to push for more policies that control our personal healthcare choices. The left has finally come out for total control.

Half a century (at least) of government interfering in healthcare was all prologue. Individual choice has been steadily eroded by socialist and regulatory healthcare programs like Medicare, Medicaid, licensing laws, price controls, prescription drug coverage, and innumerable mandates imposed on health-insurance providers. Obamacare claimed the power to fine people just for choosing to not have any health insurance at all. One state, Vermont, created a universal healthcare system for its residents (that crashed and burned, naturally). All of this came about because government was going to “fix” healthcare. Now it’s going to fix you.

According to a recent Heartland Institute/Rasmussen poll, an alarmingly high percentage of the population and a majority of Democrats are prepared to jetison the final remnants of personal healthcare freedom in the name of “public health.” Fifty-eight percent of Americans said they oppose a federal vaccine mandate, but over half of those on the political left (55 percent) think it’s a great idea. Additionally, 59 percent of Democrats want the unvaccinated to be “confined to their homes at all times, except for emergencies, if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine.” The decision of individuals and families to get or refuse vaccines has long been held sacrosanct, even on the left. Today, they want you placed under house arrest.

This Stalinist mindset is oozing out to infect other freedoms as well. Almost half of Democrats (48 percent) “think federal and state government should be able to fine or imprison individuals who publicly question the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media, television, radio, or in online or digital publications,” 45 percent want the “unvaxxed” forced into “designated facilities,” and 47 percent want them subjected to a “government tracking program.” The poll didn’t ask if malcontents should be forced to wear a gold star or tattooed for easier identification, but 29 percent of Democrats do think parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids should have them taken away.

This is crazy on steroids. And don’t think it ends here. A large amount of COVID-related “stimulus” funding has gone to schools to support draconian masking policies, push vaccines, enforce “social distancing” requirements, and generally scare the younger generation right into shackles. Totalitarians have long known that the best way to create compliant citizens is to catch them young. A very disturbing video from Canada, which has slid completely into leftist tyranny, shows pupils, asked about the unvaccinated, reveling in the idea of calling the police and using the government to “cut everything from them little by little until they submit and get vaccinated,” while the adoring studio audience goes wild with applause. One commentor dubbed these students, appropriately, the Hitlerjugand. A poll released by Maru Public Opinion revealed that over a quarter (27 percent) of Canadians would like to see people jailed for refusing the jab.

When CNN interviewed Dr. Peter Hotez, director of the Center for Vaccine Development, on December 28, he accused two U.S. senators – Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) – of “anti-science aggression” (whatever that means) for merely questioning the efficacy of the COVID vaccine. He literally called them “killers.” Meanwhile, Democrats are cheerleaders for actual aggression through policies that will inevitably lead to clashes between citizens and government agents. Fines and imprisonment for people who “publicly question the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media, television, radio, or in online or digital publications” don’t just violate people’s right to speak freely; they will be imposed by a (fully funded) policing agency backed by the full force of government. An editorial in the Salt Lake Tribune (January 15) called for a “mass vaccination campaign” in Utah that would forbid the unvaccinated from going “well, anywhere” – to be enforced by the state’s National Guard. Armed soldiers on the streets of America, keeping people locked in their homes. What could possibly go wrong!

All this insanity has its roots in government command and control. A government with the power to tax one person to pay for another’s healthcare needs will eventually assume the authority to make people’s healthcare decisions, even the most personal ones. Repealing mask and vax mandates is important, but we should understand that such a “return to normal” is far from ideal. It still leaves government in control of our most basic healthcare choices, through myriad programs and no shortage of other mandates. Repeal all the laws that give bureaucrats power in the healthcare arena, and when the next “crisis” erupts, Americans will have a principled foundation on which to stand and demand that government keep its snout out of healthcare altogether.

Inalienable Rights Trump Viruses

Famed, and usually honest, attorney Alan Dershowitz says Congress, not the President, has the final authority on vaccine mandates.

I don’t agree. Congress does not have the right to force medical treatment on individuals any more than a federal bureaucracy. Our individual rights are INALIENABLE. End of story.


Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on GETTR:

Super jabbed and vaxxed AOC has #covid.

Was that from all the unvaccinated Republican men she said want to date her? 
Really it’s because covid vaccines don’t actually stop anyone from getting sick with Covid-19.

“But muh mandates!” Biden cries.

Anyway, hope she feels better and too bad she spread covid all around the beautiful Florida freedom zone.

Good thing Gov Ron DeSantis believes in saving lives with monoclonal antibodies and doesn’t dole it out based on racism.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Taking Back Our Liberty in 2022

For those of us who value liberty, these past two years have been a bad dream. It seems like we fell asleep in early 2020 and woke up in 1984! They said that if we just put on a mask and stayed home for two weeks, we’d be able to return to normal. The two weeks came and went and instead of going back to normal they added more restrictions. These past two years have been a story of moving goalposts and “experts” like Anthony Fauci constantly contradicting themselves.

Early on, in April 2020, I warned in an article titled “Next in Coronavirus Tyranny: Forced Vaccinations and ‘Digital Certificates,’” that the ultimate goal of the “two weeks” crowd was to force vaccines and a “vaccine passport” on Americans.

My concerns were at the time written off as just another conspiracy theory. But less than a year later that “conspiracy theory” became conspiracy fact. I am not happy about being right on this. The introduction of vaccine passports was from the beginning my worst nightmare. The idea that you must “show your papers” to participate in society is a concept that is totally opposed to a free society. It is inhuman.

The history of these past two years is that the worst ideas have been adopted by force and anyone questioning those ideas has been suppressed by force. We learned recently that Dr. Fauci and the director of the National Institutes of Health conspired to deliver a “quick and devastating take-down” of the esteemed scientists behind the Great Barrington Declaration. Were the Great Barrington scientists horribly wrong? Fauci and his boss could not have cared less. They were not interested in a debate. Their only goal was to shut down any opposing views. That’s not science. It’s ideology, politics, and probably self-interest.

As my son Rand said on a recent Liberty Report, thousands of people died because Fauci refused to consider the proven effectiveness of natural immunity against Covid. He and his colleagues were determined to deny any outpatient treatments and insisted on vaccines as the only way out. Now, as we see the vaccines performing so poorly versus natural immunity, their whole strategy lies in tatters. Will anyone apologize to the relatives of all those who died?

When we look back at these two years, hopefully one thing that will be remembered is how the institutions of state power have all lost their credibility. They have been exposed as frauds and worse.

In a recent massively popular Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Robert Malone – inventor of the mRNA technology that is the backbone of the “vaccines” – Malone discusses the disturbing concept of mass formation psychosis, where fear and manipulation are used to drive a society mad in the service of a group of elites with an agenda. We saw it in Germany in the 1930s.

As Charles Mackay wrote in the 19th century about the madness of crowds, humans go insane in groups but recover one at a time.

What is to be done to defeat tyranny in 2022? We must continue to tell the truth. The truth is winning and the liars are losing. One by one their lies are being exposed. But it is not an easy task. Each of us in 2022 can do a little something to promote truth. Do what you can. The rewards are great!

Ron Paul