How to Cope With a Dictatorship

It’s a very sad time. However, take some cheer in these words on how to handle dictators, offered by Dan Bornt:

“Ridicule, disdain, derision, sarcasm, contempt, and non-compliance – these are the tools that challenge unearned authority. Ignore them. Pretend they don’t exist. Don’t give them time of day. Laugh derisively in their faces, and walk away. When that’s not possible, smirk with undisguised contempt. Treat them like the pompous, fatuous, overweening little petty tyrants [they] are. Bullies want people to bow down to them and kiss their asses. When they find out they can’t intimidate, and people continue to stand tall and glare at them with a sneer and a shrug, they’ve lost.”


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