An Open Letter to Businesses Interested in an Innovative and Dynamic New Market

75 million. Seventy-five million, if not more. That is the potential market for existing companies and start-ups that reject cancel culture and freely open their products and services to Trump supporters.

And it’s more than just a wide-open market that awaits. We are dedicated and loyal customers who will aggressively fight any efforts to shut you down and reward you for standing tall against the cancel mob.

Ask Chick-fil-A and Goya about their sales growth after liberal boycott attempts. Just being pro-Trump (or even neutral in the face of political correctness) will all-but-guarantee liberal boycott efforts and the resultant sales boost that comes with such.

Heck, there is a BBQ chain down here in Texas that had Rep. Castro calling for a boycott after revealing the owner donated to Trump. The drive-through lanes were subsequently jammed for months. I drove 30 miles to patronize their nearest location.

Conversely, look at Kohls and Bed, Bath and Beyond. They cancelled My Pillow products in their stores and on their websites. In response, I just bought two pillows from the My Pillow website even though I didn’t really need new pillows. And I am certain that there are many more like me.

And beyond that, I will never spend a dime at those two chains as well. And I am looking for other places, friendly or at least neutral to Trump supporters, where I can spend my money that used to go to those shortsighted businesses.

75 million wallets await.

Become. That. Business.

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