The radical left is bent on silencing us patriots – or worse!

With the fraudulent election of the Chicom bought-and-paid-for criminal and Manchurian candidate Joe Biden, and his evil sidekick, Kamala Harris, as the alleged 46th president and vice president of the United States, I predicted that there would be a stepped up inquisition, if not purge, by the left of any opposition to its mission to totally enslave We the People in a socialist and increasingly communist godless state.

Sure enough, following the events of two weeks ago last Wednesday at the Capitol, following a peaceful speech by then-President Donald Trump, the FBI, an integral part and weapon of the now Biden-Harris-controlled Department of Justice, has been summoned to round up and prosecute ordinary citizens who were there that day, most of whom were obviously allowed by Capitol police to enter the building, which incidentally belongs to the citizenry in any event.

Indeed, these Americans, who had had of enough the rank and cancerous criminality in all three branches of our so-called government, had risen up and delivered a warning shot across the bow of the clowns, court jesters and criminals who pass themselves off as our elected representatives. Not coincidentally, these representatives in Congress were in the process of just rubber-stamping the fraud that resulted in the “election” of Biden and Harris, thus turning over control of all three branches of government to socialists, communists and atheists.

While any lucid American has by now come to understand that our system of justice is irreparably compromised and corrupt, this was the crowning blow to anyone in his or her right mind who had at one time believed that the government represents the We the People. That is the story of the so-called Capitol riot, which was a reaction to years of deceit and tyranny by the elite in our national and state capitals.

Coupled with the Gestapo tactics of the now Biden-Harris-controlled FBI and Justice Department, who have been roaming the countryside threatening ordinary Americans who attended the Trump rally with arrest if they did not turn over their cellphones in an attempt to “Trump-up” crimes for which they could be prosecuted, has been a full-court press generally to kill all freedoms of not just free speech, but any form of dissent, protest and opposition.

As occurred in the years leading up to World War II in soon to be Nazi Germany and thereafter until VE Day, industrialists, professors at universities, scientists, lawyers and bar associations, doctors and medical associations, sports leagues, the mainstream and cable news media, and other so-called intelligentsia, seeing that the demise of Donald Trump was inevitable, decided to throw in their lot with those they perceived would turn out to be the winners. And, many of these forces did not need to be coerced or convinced to join those on the left who are bent on destroying the vision and conception of our Founding Fathers, embodied in our Declaration of Independence and later Bill of Rights, as they were the ideological soul mates of the these “Bolsheviks” in the first place. As just one example, I am talking about not just the Big Tech social media tycoons, but from my own personal experience others such as the District of Columbia and New York Bars.

If our nation’s sinking ship of state is to be righted, the logical vehicle would be those lawyers, such as myself – however few – who are willing to try to use whatever is left of our compromised and corrupt legal system to challenge the radical left, which now has a total hold on our government institutions. To eliminate this avenue of dissent and opposition, the disciplinary apparati of the District of Columbia and New York Bars – the two most leftist bastions of tyranny professing to regulate the legal profession – have been systematically trying to eliminate conservative activist lawyers from their rolls.

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