America in 2021: The French Revolution — In Reverse

In reading about the French Revolution, it’s not the parallels with America of 2021 that are striking as much as the differences. The French, in 1789, had no middle class. The middle class only emerged after the dawn of capitalism, a century later. In France at the time of the Revolution, there was an elite class who lived off privileges conferred by the monarchy and state-supported clerics; and millions of impoverished peasants. There was nothing in between. The French Revolution ultimately failed, in part because you can’t establish individual rights without property rights, including the right to keep what you earn. America respected all liberty, including economic liberty, for a time, which is why America flourished for so long, longer than any civilization in human history.

The French Revolution bemoaned the lack of a middle class and the depressing reality of a government-funded elite and mass numbers of peasants who never could achieve or improve from one generation to the next. There was no meritocracy; only aristocracy. In America, just the reverse is happening. The government-favored elite class, more than ever beholden to government in the context of trillions in COVID “stimulus” subsidies, now seeks to obliterate the middle class and turn most Americans into stagnant, poor wards of the government. $15 an hour? That’s all most will get in the post-capitalist world. The Biden regime counterrevolution has done it without any explicit Marxist ideology, or calls for a Revolution, although Bernie Sanders and AOC will surely savor their triumphs. They did it all with COVID. Americans, without government having to fire a shot, have made impoverished dependence on government programs the new normal. The tech, superstore and entertainment elites represent the 21st century equivalent of the French aristocrats, only with the thirst for blood and power of Stalin and Hitler (They are that bad; maybe worse). That’s why I keep saying they are capable of ANYTHING as they consolidate more and more power by the day, executive order by executive order. The latest: Biden seeks to restrict travel to politically insubordinate states, such as Florida, in the name of COVID–and in actuality, to punish dissenters who voted for Trump. It’s a warning: “Comply–or else.” If we are not yet in a civil war, we are certainly under a robust and growing dictatorship.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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