A Red Wave Won’t do. We Need a Revolution

Chuck Todd began with the latest NBC poll — taken between March 18-22 of this year — in which 71% of respondents said that the United States was headed in the wrong direction. Todd said that number, along with the corresponding low number (22%) who believed America was on the right track, could spell a lot of trouble for Democrats going into November’s midterms.” [Fox News]

So what? DemComs control the media, and most Americans have shown through their response to COVID fascism that “gullible and weak” are rather kind words to describe them.

What’s to stop DemComs from creating a crisis to stop elections from happening in November if it continues to look like they will be slaughtered at the ballot box? They are not “Democrats.” They are a horrific hybrid of Marxist, fascist, green nutjobs who are capable of anything–and who know from recent experience they can get away with literally anything.

And even if Republicans win: Do you seriously think Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney are going to restore American freedom?

We don’t need a “red wave.” We need a revolution.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

The Revolution Has Begun and it’s not Being Recognized

Revolutions have a funny characteristic: they’re unpredictable.
The general assumption is that revolutions are political. The revolution some foresee in the U.S. is the classic armed insurrection, or a coup or the fragmentation of the nation as states or regions declare their independence from the federal government.
By focusing on the compelling drama of political upheaval we’re missing the real revolution, which is social and economic: the Great Resignation , a global movement which in the U.S. has largely unrecognized American characteristics .
The Great Resignation is the real revolution which few if any recognize. The status quo is going to great lengths to dismiss it, for example, The Great Resignation: Historical Data and a Deeper Analysis Show It’s Not as Great as Screaming Headlines Suggest , because this revolution is not controllable with force and is therefore unstoppable.
The sources of the revolution are in plain sight: you rig the economy to enrich the already-rich top 10% and super-size the already bloated wealth of the top 0.1%, and then you wonder why the bottom 90% are indebted, broke, burned out and disgruntled? The hubris of the ruling elites and their lackeys is off the scale, as this structural exploitation is presumed to be not just acceptable but delightful to the bottom 90%.
Alternatively, the more cynical view of those at the top looking down is: they have to work at the wages we pay in inhuman conditions because they have to: all the debt-serfs and tax donkeys must accept our pay and conditions or starve.
This is neoliberal neofeudalism with the kid gloves of PR removed.
Secondly, it’s rather obvious what happens to public protests against systemic exploitation and disempowerment of the bottom 90%: they go nowhere. Anyone remember Occupy Wall Street ? This is the fate of any quasi-political movement: co-option, suppression, etc., and then benign neglect as the full-court press eventually wears out the peasants.
So the real revolution takes place out of the spotlight, as one person at a time opts out . They opt out of the unwinnable rat-race, of burnout, of debt-serfdom, of powerlessness, of accepting exploitive work conditions and all the tiresome trappings of neofeudalism.
After 45 years of losing power, the workforce finally has a bit of leverage. Some of the leverage results from demographics–the Baby Boom generation is retiring en masse and so the workforce is shrinking–and from the revolution of opting out, as millions of individuals quit, creating a labor shortage unlike any in living memory.

As millions of workers opt out of conventional employment / exploitation, individuals have leverage due to the labor shortage to reverse the game employers have been winning for 45 years. Corporate America dropped the pretense of rewarding loyalty long ago, and nobody believes the corporate PR about “we’re a family”–unless Corporate America is referring to an abusive, dysfunctional “family.”
Here’s a depiction of the typical corporate workplace: a “torture room” where the overlords are obsessed with bogus feedback from employees and customers.

American workers are awakening to the reality that they only way to get ahead is to get out. Stop playing the rigged game and start playing the players.
Workers are now in a position to quit and demand better pay and conditions, and then quit again to gain more, and then quit again. The employers are gnashing their teeth at this loss of power, but that’s what happens in revolutions: the pendulum swings from one extreme to the opposite extreme.
Workers are realizing that they are powerless to change a rigged system at the ballot box or by conventional means. The only freedom that’s still available is to quit amd game the system to the hilt, or drop out into the informal economy, try one’s hand at the rigged casino of rampant speculation or give up the whole unattainable dream of the McMansion on the golf course and build yourself a micro-home on a cheap rural parcel and work your own micro-enterprise.
A great many workers are done dealing with the abusive American public who seem to feel they have a right to abuse employees. The government has the monopoly on force but it doesn’t have the power to force individuals to tolerate abuse from employers, co-workers or customers.
Those quitting give conventional reasons, obfuscating the revolution. The structural dynamics driving the Great Resignation are not entirely conscious; the awareness that the ground has shifted beneath our feet is not easily discernable or described, but we sense it and act on it nonetheless.
American ingenuity is increasingly turned to playing the players via individual initiative. While the financial elite focuses on stripmining the next rigged game, the workers are focusing on bailing out in one form or another.
Revolutions have a funny characteristic: they’re unpredictable. The global revolution is being written off as “transitory” because it’s terribly inconvenient for the rigged-against-the-bottom-90% status quo. But it isn’t transitory, it’s gathering momentum.

America in 2021: The French Revolution — In Reverse

In reading about the French Revolution, it’s not the parallels with America of 2021 that are striking as much as the differences. The French, in 1789, had no middle class. The middle class only emerged after the dawn of capitalism, a century later. In France at the time of the Revolution, there was an elite class who lived off privileges conferred by the monarchy and state-supported clerics; and millions of impoverished peasants. There was nothing in between. The French Revolution ultimately failed, in part because you can’t establish individual rights without property rights, including the right to keep what you earn. America respected all liberty, including economic liberty, for a time, which is why America flourished for so long, longer than any civilization in human history.

The French Revolution bemoaned the lack of a middle class and the depressing reality of a government-funded elite and mass numbers of peasants who never could achieve or improve from one generation to the next. There was no meritocracy; only aristocracy. In America, just the reverse is happening. The government-favored elite class, more than ever beholden to government in the context of trillions in COVID “stimulus” subsidies, now seeks to obliterate the middle class and turn most Americans into stagnant, poor wards of the government. $15 an hour? That’s all most will get in the post-capitalist world. The Biden regime counterrevolution has done it without any explicit Marxist ideology, or calls for a Revolution, although Bernie Sanders and AOC will surely savor their triumphs. They did it all with COVID. Americans, without government having to fire a shot, have made impoverished dependence on government programs the new normal. The tech, superstore and entertainment elites represent the 21st century equivalent of the French aristocrats, only with the thirst for blood and power of Stalin and Hitler (They are that bad; maybe worse). That’s why I keep saying they are capable of ANYTHING as they consolidate more and more power by the day, executive order by executive order. The latest: Biden seeks to restrict travel to politically insubordinate states, such as Florida, in the name of COVID–and in actuality, to punish dissenters who voted for Trump. It’s a warning: “Comply–or else.” If we are not yet in a civil war, we are certainly under a robust and growing dictatorship.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Rules for Revolutionaries in the 21st Century

Since George Floyd’s death, events seem to be spiraling out of control. For weeks, Americans were bombarded, almost on a daily basis, with reports of large protests in major cities, accompanied by rioting, looting, burning, assaults, and even murders.

Observing these events unfold, average U.S. citizens, watching TV from the purported safety of their home, might be bewildered by these transformative events, the purpose of which is nothing less than a “re-imagining” of America. To better understand exactly what is happening, let’s take a cue from my 21st Century Revolutionary Handbook. There are ten rules to explain what the radical left is planning.

#1: Inertia is fatal to a revolutionary movement.

The overtures of the late 60s movement are eerily similar to what is happening today. The problem for leftists was that, back then, the revolution centered around the anti-Vietnam War Movement. Once peace came, the revolution’s impetus died out. The 2008 Occupy Wall St Movement had the zeal, but cold winter months in New York were not conducive to this type of protest.

The lesson: choose your cause carefully. Today’s cause célèbre is “systemic racism” and its offshoots. Racism can be recycled perpetually. Recently, for example, the Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, declared racism to be a public health crisis.

#2: Do not identify your ideology by name, nor state exactly what you will do after you are in power. Speak only in vague generalities and use simple two- or three-word phrases the public can identify with.

Terms such as “Socialist,” “Communist” or “Marxist” generally have a negative connotation and, while millennials like them, the population at large does not. Do not look to antagonize ordinary Americans more than is necessary. The revolution will need its army of “useful idiots” for the future.

Instead, use terms such as “progressive” or “social justice warrior” to describe yourself. These are far less threatening to the average American. Fidel Castro initially identified himself as a “humanist.” Only after he felt secure in his new position did he announce to the world: “I am a Marxist Leninist.”

#3: The revolution must get control over mass media and the education system.

Truth is defined by whatever the revolution says it is, and anyone who dares speak out is immediately silenced. Only information advancing the revolutionary cause may be heard and taught. Once the revolution gains control over mass media, it controls all the information that is disseminated, and once the revolution gains control over the education system, it controls the future.

#4: All the apparatus of the state: the ministries, civil service, justice system, military, and law enforcement must be brought under control.

This rule is simple. Whatever the revolution cannot control could eventually be used against it. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all dealt with the problem of possible anti-revolutionary activists through purges aimed at crushing all potential opposition, which extended even to family members. Stalin allegedly remarked that it was fine if innocents were punished along with the guilty, because “that sends an even stronger message.”

#5: All vestiges of the old must be destroyed in order to build the new. This includes all history, traditions, culture, and iconography that cannot be made to conform to the new ideals.

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell, 1984

In the late 1950s, Mao unleashed the cultural revolution on China. It repudiated what Mao called the “four olds”: old ideas, customs, habits, and culture. Estimates vary as to the number of people killed but it was most certainly in the millions. Coming as it did after the disastrous policies of the “Great Leap Forward,” China was left an economic and cultural wasteland.

#6: Conventional ideas about religion and family are anathema to a revolutionary movement.

Absolute loyalty to the revolution must come first; this extends to one’s family. Children are encouraged to inform on their parents if they hear anything that can be interpreted as “counter-revolutionary. Organized religion must also go. The revolution cannot have loyalty to God supersede loyalty to the state.

#7: The revolution can only succeed in times of extreme economic, political, and social unrest.

This is an important point. A generally content, gainfully employed, and prosperous populace is not likely to support a revolutionary movement aimed at overthrowing the government, party, or individual that has provided these benefits. For the revolution to be successful, the population must be brought low and kept in a state of abject misery. Years ago, former White House Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Activist/actress Jane Fonda brought this up when she noted: “COVID is God’s gift to the left.”

#8: Ultimate victory in the revolution will go to that segment of the revolutionary body that is the best organized, best financed, and most ideologically dedicated.

A revolutionary movement can be composed of many divergent groups, each of which has a peeve with the central government. In our country we have, among others, minorities, LGBTQ, and feminists all rubbing shoulders with liberals, socialists, anarchists, globalists, Islamists, and hardcore Marxist revolutionaries. The last group is the best organized and funded. They are completely devoted to the “righteousness” of their ideology and even have their own para-military group – Antifa. Their goal is the complete destruction of the American political and economic system.

#9: You don’t need a majority to force your will on an entire population.

Most people assume that any revolution must have popular support to succeed. This may have been true in some cases, but not all. The Bolsheviks swept into power in Russia in Nov 1917 with a simple slogan: “Peace, Land, Bread.” Although one cannot be certain of the precise number of hardcore committed Communists among the masses of disaffected citizenry, it would have been comparatively small. The Nazis, for their part, never got more than 38% of the popular vote.

#10: After victory, the revolution will turn in directions not initially anticipated.

In addition to exacting revenge on their opponents, revolutions usually turn on many of the very people who were their most ardent supporters. One only must look at Hitler’s “Night of the Long Knives,” Stalin’s “Gulag Archipeligo, and Mao’s “Cultural Revolution, for examples.

Some of the above rules already apply to America; others will soon. There is no doubt that as a society we have made enormous strides in the last half-century, yet we are still struggling to come to grips with our past.

Sixty years ago, electing an African-American with the unlikely name of Barack Hussein Obama to the highest office of the land would have been impossible. The same is true about the minorities and women now seated in the House, Senate, and even Vice President-elect’s position.

Do we now throw all that away and adopt the failed economic and political system of our former Cold War adversaries? I hope not.

There is no perfect economic or political system, but there are systems that generally work better for more people than others. As imperfect as it is, capitalism works better than communism. Capitalist systems encourage innovation, individualism, personal responsibility, and independence.

Marxist systems mandate conformity of ideas, thought, belief, and speech. As always, they admit nothing, deny everything, make counter-charges, and in the final analysis, double down on their ideology. Whatever our many problems, allowing the left to implement the Rules for Revolutionaries, overthrowing our entire system, is not the answer.

As for the revolution itself, George Bernard Shaw stated it best when he wrote: ”Revolutions have never lightened the burden of tyranny; they have only shifted it to another shoulder.”

Caren Besner is a retired teacher who has written articles published by American Thinker, Sun-Sentinel, Dr Swier, News With Views, The Front Page, The Published Reporter, Washington Examiner, The Algemeiner, Jewish Journal, Independent Sentinel, Jerusalem Post, Arutz Sheva, San Diego Jewish World, The Times of Israel, The Moderate Voice, IsraPost, The Jewish Voice, Joo Tube, The Florida Veteran, and others.

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Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/01/twentyfirst_century_rules_for_revolutionaries.html#ixzz6jAJ9W4n6
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The Wisdom of Ayn Rand: Civil Disobedience

Civil disobedience may be justifiable, in some cases, when and if an individual disobeys a law in order to bring an issue to court, as a test case. Such an action involves respect for legality and a protest directed only at a particular law which the individual seeks an opportunity to prove to be unjust. The same is true of a group of individuals when and if the risks involved are their own.

But there is no justification, in a civilized society, for the kind of mass civil disobedience that involves the violation of the rights of others—regardless of whether the demonstrators’ goal is good or evil. The end does not justify the means. No one’s rights can be secured by the violation of the rights of others. Mass disobedience is an assault on the concept of rights: it is a mob’s defiance of legality as such.

The forcible occupation of another man’s property or the obstruction of a public thoroughfare is so blatant a violation of rights that an attempt to justify it becomes an abrogation of morality. An individual has no right to do a “sit-in” in the home or office of a person he disagrees with—and he does not acquire such a right by joining a gang. Rights are not a matter of numbers—and there can be no such thing, in law or in morality, as actions forbidden to an individual, but permitted to a mob.

The only power of a mob, as against an individual, is greater muscular strength—i.e., plain, brute physical force. The attempt to solve social problems by means of physical force is what a civilized society is established to prevent. The advocates of mass civil disobedience admit that their purpose is intimidation. A society that tolerates intimidation as a means of settling disputes—the physical intimidation of some men or groups by others—loses its moral right to exist as a social system, and its collapse does not take long to follow.

Politically, mass civil disobedience is appropriate only as a prelude to civil war—as the declaration of a total break with a country’s political institutions.

From “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”


Just a brief cruise through the conservative Blogisphere will reveal a hardening resistance forming to the violence being done to our Constitution by Marxist scum and the willingness of weak-kneed GOP leadership to accept the stealing of our election without a fight. Soon we who believe in freedom will not have that luxury.

I think most of us are again looking for a leader that shares our values and will lead us in this fight. Beyond doubt, President or not, Donald Trump is that person. If we had the time our movement would simply absorb the establishment Republican Party. 25% describes what’s left of the old Republican Party base; RINOS, Never Trumpers, and all. We are the remaining 75%. The Real Trumpers who also voted GOP down-ballot. This has been coming for a long time. Unfortunately we have run out of time.

Evan though we love Donald Trump and will continue to do so, it was a set of constitutionally based conservative principles that gave birth to a movement starting with the Tea Party which progressed over time into the Trump Presidency. It was this movement that found Trump, not the other way around.

It is because the President shares these values with us that well over 75 million of us RE-ELECTED him and will look to him for leadership even if he is no longer President. If the Marxist pig take-over is completed and/or the electoral system has been corrupted beyond repair we will look to him to lead us in Resistance.

Let us hope the GOP will come to its senses and realize what has happened to it before its too late to strike down the criminal electoral abomination that would crown a pawn of the Red scum, including the Communist Party of China, to be our President.

If they do not fight; no election can be trusted and we will soon be under the heel of a suppressive Marxist state. We have come to this place not because President Trump, he simply pulled the curtain away from the Swamp, the Deep State, the conspiracy of silence, and exposed its demonic face. We are here from generations of looking the other way and appeasing our mortal domestic enemies of the Constitution.

“The Donald” has taught us through his example how to fight. May he lead us in the Resistance that means the survival of our nation. No more nice guy. When they come against our Country they come against our families and from now on they must find that a very unpleasant experience.


It’ll Take More Than Words

Conservative pundits and bloggers are fond of asking themselves in times of crisis or despondency, “What would Ronald Reagan do?” I’m afraid I have bad news for you.  We are well past the point of “What would Ronald Reagan do?” We have reached the point of “What would Samuel Adams do?” Continue reading