Leftists, Who Laugh Now, Are Sitting Ducks

America is an inverted country. Under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the government was supposed to be afraid of the people. Now, it’s the exact reverse. The people are afraid of the government. We are now 180 degrees from how America started, when Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and Americans rebelled against the British. The British government was not as bad as the Biden regime. And the Biden regime — along with its successors (Biden’s just a puppet, obviously) — is just getting started.

Today, the American people are afraid of the FBI — now an entirely politicized agency. The people are afraid of the IRS — now an entirely politicized (and armed) agency. Non-criminals are afraid of the police, who are no longer permitted to protect them from murder and theft; while criminals openly shoplift and kill, confident they will walk free after a Soros-picked prosecuter lets them go.

The only people NOT afraid of the government are the idiots (on the left) who support the government. They don’t, in fact, support “the government.” When Trump was in office, they were open insurrectionists. The minute Trump stepped down, they became blind apologists for all things Government.

They merely support their guys in charge. They support their guys in charge of a dictatorship.

Leftists and “Democrats” do not worry about dictatorship, so long as the guys THEY support are the dictators. Presumably, and sadistically, it’s a way for them to hold power over others. “I vote for Joe Biden. He imposes a dictatorship on YOU — not on me. So there.”

But sooner or later the dictator will do something these leftist fools don’t like. It’s only a matter of time. When Castro seized one party control in Cuba, as leftists have now done in America, he had the support of the entire media. He ended up jailing or killing all of them, eventually — except for the few who reported and said exactly what he wanted.

This is how dictators operate. Hitler and every other dictatorship throughout human history have done the same. Criminals and sociopaths are never to be trusted — even when they’re your guy.

Leftists are the ultimate sitting ducks, the ultimate example of, “It can’t happen to me.” They sneer and laugh at what’s happening to Donald Trump and — by logical extension — will happen to anyone who supports him OR opposes the one party oligarchy now in charge of everything.

But their time is coming. It’s only a matter of time. Karma will be a bitch.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

The Left Has No Values Other Than the Struggle for Power

Shakespeare’s King Lear shows the subversion of the most fundamental of all relationships, that of parent and child, by the corrupt and unbounded lust for power. It is a painful and horrifying play to read. We follow first how the old king preferred his older daughters’ insincere flattery to his youngest daughter’s selfless honesty. Valuing obedience over truth, he failed a parent’s most important duty: modeling for one’s children the moral courage necessary to have a decent life and a decent world.

As the play proceeds, Lear’s moral failing, common enough and seemingly limited in effect, turns out to have opened the gates of hell. The flattering daughters conspire against their aged father and their honest sister, turning Lear from his throne and executing the true daughter.

As darkness triumphs, Lear verges into insanity as all hope is quashed. The Earl of Gloucester, angered at the King’s daughters’ horrific betrayal of their father, seeks justice, but he is in turn betrayed by his own illegitimate son and is punished by having his eyes put out.

Yielding in despair to the darkness that is now physical, the blind Gloucester seeks to kill himself. He asks a peasant to direct him to the edge of a high cliff, where he intends to end his life.

But here at this darkest of moments, when death is about to cement its triumph over light, Shakespeare allows a redemptive ray to shine into the gloom. The peasant is really Gloucester’s true heir and loyal son, Edgar. Edgar tricks his father into thinking that he had indeed jumped off the cliff, but that his life had been miraculously spared. Edgar persuades the confused Gloucester, telling him, “Thy life’s a miracle!”

This is a redemptive moment in a play filled with unremitting pain. Everywhere else in the play, destruction has been let loose and its demons howl triumphantly. Yet here is the still, small voice, invoking a miracle in the face of it all. We cling to it, for all else is lost.

Life is a miracle. Its sacredness is the first of the self-evident, unalienable rights that a newborn America declared to the world. It is the basis on which all other rights depend, for without life, any and all political rights are meaningless.

Many in this benighted age want to affirm all kinds of rights of children against their parents — just survey the rights given by school boards, legislatures, and courts to children to free them from parental supervision even before they come of age. Yet they will not affirm the most basic of rights. They do not hold life itself miraculous and sacred, but subject it entirely to the power of someone else.

It is consistent with other aspects of the modern anti-human agenda. Behind the concerted attack of critical race theory, for instance, is the idea that all of life is merely a power struggle and that our ideals are merely clever propaganda to deceive the non-white races from grabbing power themselves.

This in turn is consonant with the Marxist-Leninist approach, which derides conscience and transcendent truth, and reads all reality as being nothing more than the struggle of one class to take power away from the other.

It is consonant with Nazism because Nazism not only reads everything as a power struggle and rejects transcendent moral truth, but it also sees all things in racial terms.

In all these systems, there must be no other loyalty than to the struggle for power. Life itself is meaningless without power. Therefore, children must be removed from their parents’ control and placed in indoctrinating schools and youth organizations. Ultimately, they are used to police their parents, sometimes happily turning them in to be executed. And children who do not serve the ends of those in power are expendable and worth no less than their parents. The only meaning left is the pursuit of power, and life is a war of all against all and nothing more.

And in the triumphs of these terrible systems, there remained only the little rays of light of those who still see the miracle – Natan Sharansky and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in the Gulags, Anne Frank and Viktor Frank in the hell of Nazi Europe, and the others like them whom we may never know. And though Russian communism and German Nazism may have been defeated in the end, their toxic beliefs morph slightly and find new faithful again and again. Always, they subordinate life and meaning to the pursuit of power.

The issue before the Supreme Court now is not the large moral question. The Constitution specifies that those questions are settled politically by the people following the ways and methods that they have agreed upon by ratifying that basic law. The Court will be deciding only whether the Constitution in fact establishes the right of a woman to abort a fetus and grants the fetus no rights at all, not even that of life.

But one cannot dismiss the rights of either mother or fetus without joining ranks with Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and the older daughters of King Lear in embracing the will for power over even the most fundamental and primordial bonds, without rejecting the miracle of life.

The moral issue was stated with stunning clarity by someone most unlikely — the author and psychedelic pioneer, Ken Kesey. In a 1971 interview with the late left-wing political satirist Paul Krassner, Kesey put the issue this way:

You are you from conception, and that never changes no matter what physical changes your body takes. And the virile sport in the Mustang driving to work with his muscular forearm tanned and ready for a day’s labor has not one microgram more right to his inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness than has the three months fetus riding in a sack of water…How can abortion be anything but fascism again, back as a fad in a new intellectual garb with a new, and more helpless, victim?

For Kesey to say this was not really so unlikely if we look beyond the stereotypes. His core insight was the ability to heal the mind from the abuses of power, a theme that stretches from his great One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest through his fostering of deeper consciousness through psychedelics and performance art. For Kesey, life was a miracle, and he believed his life’s work was to raise the consciousness of life’s miraculous reality hidden so often behind the power games that people take for an end in themselves.

They aren’t.

Subordinating the helpless to the powerful can lead to monstrous consequences. The granting of a right to dispose of life, especially life at the stage in which it is utterly powerless, has consequences. It is time to act in the light of that truth.

Samuel Klatzkin

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Why Is the Left Suddenly Worried About the End of Democracy?

What is behind recent pessimistic appraisals of democracy’s future, from Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Brian Williams and other elite intellectuals, media personalities, and politicians on the Left? Some are warning about its possible erosion in 2024. Others predict democracy’s downturn as early as 2022, with scary scenarios of “autocracy” and Trump “coups.”

To answer that question, understand first what is not behind these shrill forecasts.

They are not worried about 2 million foreign nationals crashing the border in a single year, without vaccinations during a pandemic. Yet it seems insurrectionary for a government simply to nullify its own immigration laws.

They are not worried that some 800,000 foreign nationals, some residing illegally, will now vote in New York City elections.

They are not worried that there are formal efforts underway to dismantle the U.S. Constitution by junking the 233-year-old Electoral College or the preeminence of the states in establishing ballot laws in national elections.

They are not worried that we are witnessing an unprecedented left-wing effort to scrap the 180-year-old filibuster, the 150-year-old nine-person Supreme Court, and the 60-year tradition of 50 states, for naked political advantage.

They are not worried that the Senate this year put on trial an impeached ex-president and private citizen, without the chief justice in attendance, without a special prosecutor or witnesses, and without a formal commission report of presidential high crimes and misdemeanors.https://80fdac5353547fe625b2f75ee4769930.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.htmlCARTOONS | AF BRANCOVIEW CARTOON

They are not worried that the FBI, Justice Department, CIA, Hillary Clinton, and members of the Obama administration systematically sought to use U.S. government agencies to sabotage a presidential campaign, transition, and presidency, via the use of a foreign national and ex-spy Christopher Steele and his coterie of discredited Russian sources.

They are not worried that the Pentagon suddenly has lost the majority support of the American people. Top current and retired officers have flagrantly violated the chain-of-command, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and without data or evidence have announced a hunt in the ranks for anyone suspected of “white rage” or “white supremacy.”

They are not worried that in 2020, a record 64 percent of the electorate did not cast their ballots on Election Day.

Nor are they worried that the usual rejection rate in most states of non-Election Day ballots plunged – even as an unprecedented 101 million ballots were cast by mail or early voting.

And they are certainly not worried that partisan billionaires of Silicon Valley poured well over $400 million into selected precincts in swing states to “help” public agencies conduct the election.

What then is behind this new left-wing hysteria about the supposed looming end of democracy?

It is quite simple. The Left expects to lose power over the next two years – both because of the way it gained and used it, and because of its radical, top-down agendas that never had any public support.

gaining control of both houses of Congress and the presidency – with an obsequious media and the support of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, higher education, popular culture, entertainment and professional sports – the Left has managed in just 11 months to alienate a majority of voters.

The nation has been wracked by unprecedented crime and nonenforcement of the borders. Leftist district attorneys either won’t indict criminals; they let them out of jails or both.

Illegal immigration and inflation are soaring. Deliberate cuts in gas and oil production helped spike fuel prices.

All this bad news is on top of the Afghanistan disaster, worsening racial relations, and an enfeebled president.

RecommendedBiden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Election LegislationLeah Barkoukis

Democrats are running 10 points behind the Republicans in generic polls, with the midterms less than a year away.

Joe Biden’s negatives run between 50 and 57 percent – in Donald Trump’s own former underwater territory.

Less than a third of the country wants Biden to run for reelection. In many head-to-head polls, Trump now defeats Biden.

In other words, leftist elites are terrified that democracy will work too robustly.

After the Russian collusion hoax, two impeachments, the Hunter Biden laptop stories, the staged melodramas of the Kavanaugh hearings, the Jussie Smollett con, the Covington kids smear, and the Rittenhouse trial race frenzy, the people are not just worn out by leftist hysterias, but they also weary of how the Left gains power and administers it.null

If Joe Biden were polling at 70 percent approval, and his policies at 60 percent, the current doomsayers would be reassuring us of the “health of the system.”

They are fearful and angry not because democracy doesn’t work, but because it does despite their own media and political efforts to warp it.

When a party is hijacked by radicals and uses almost any means necessary to gain and use power for agendas that few Americans support, then average voters express their disapproval.

That reality apparently terrifies an elite. It then claims any system that allows the people to vote against the Left is not people power at all.

Victor Davis Hanson

Leftism Cannot Be Reasoned With — It’s Dictatorship

Leftism is mental illness merged with evil. No cure or reasoning will help. The only solution is total, decisive DEFEAT.

If you don’t think leftists are totalitarians on the scale of those we fought in past wars and the Cold War, then you must have been asleep in 2020 and now in 2021…and you are in for a big surprise when the regime in power eventually reaches your own front door.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

The Ugly American Left is Now Ruling America

Maxine Waters, a member of Congress, has openly called for violence against dissenters. Not for the first time. To leftists, she is bold, enlightened and progressive. She’s nothing more than an old-fashioned thug. Communism is thuggery. It advocates and practices the use of armed force to achieve all its ends — the redistribution of wealth, the suffocation of dissenting ideas and the disarming of the population. Communists were advocating this in the late 1800s. Today’s elites think they have hit on something new.

Nothing this woman says or does should surprise you. It is 100 percent consistent with the actions of every member of her party (as well as the RINOs) every day of the week. The FBI will not hold her accountable for her open advocacy of violence against unarmed people whose only offense is to disagree with her. The FBI is not on the side of individual rights; our government agencies only wish to protect the guilty, not the innocent. Any anti-Communist who stated or implied one-tenth of what Waters has stated would be under arrest, on the spot. Joe Biden, the nominal head of our federal government, is an open ally of the Chinese Communist Party and a member of a criminal family. Sadly, our government is now on the side of the bad guys — and Maxine Waters is an ugly reminder of this fact.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason