How Moral Cowardice and Conformity Destroy Civilization

The weak are afraid. They obey respectfully, and grudgingly, because they fear rocking the boat. They fear condemnation by others, even if the condemnation only comes from a shrill, loudmouthed and mentally imbalanced minority.

Worse than the weak are those who RELISH the opportunity to obey. They rush to put on masks, condemn Dr. Seuss, and follow the pack of similarly mindless humanoids in the pursuit of deliberate ignorance. These are the kind of people who provide the social- psychological fodder for the destructive regimes of Nazism, Communism and the possibly worse tyranny now forming in the former USA.

How long do we plan to wimp out and keep letting these losers determine the course of human history? The thing they fear most is to be called out for exactly what they are. If millions of us stood up and shamed them into the embarrassment and submission they have earned, we might restore our freedom faster than anyone thinks. Fear is what’s destroying us. And our adversaries–embodied by the brain-dead, stumbling freak show currently occupying the White House–are so unworthy.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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