The JFK Medical Cover-up

The national-security establishment’s assassination of President John F. Kennedy was one of the pivotal events in our lifetime, and it continues to have an adverse impact on American life today,” noted Jacob G Hornberger. Accordingly, the Future of Freedom Foundation has been conducting The National-Security State and the Kennedy Assassination, an on-going, multipart series of excellent online webinar presentations by authoritative experts concerning different related facets of this seminal existential event which forever changed subsequent world history. Four superb webinar presentations have been performed at this point which are readily available online.

I specifically want to call your attention to one presentation by Douglas Horne on the JFK Medical Coverup, which I have posted above. It is powerful and meticulously documented. Viewing it could prove to be one of those decisive ‘red pill’ moments I previously discussed here at LRC which will acutely alter or change your consciousness/world view and perceptions of how you see the world.

The speaker, Douglas Horne, will be participating in a live Q&A session relevant to this talk on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. Registration is FREE. You may register here:…

Horne is the former Chief Analyst for Military Records for the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB), established by the JFK Records Act of 1992, which was tasked with defining, locating, and ensuring the declassification (to the maximum extent possible under the JFK Act) of all Federal Records considered “reasonably related” to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Horne details the numerous anomalies and interrupted chain of custody and destruction of key evidence regarding the president’s body, in the autopsy report(s), the autopsy photo collection (particularly the JFK brain photographs), the deliberate alteration and forgery of the extant Zapruder film, and the supposed “magic bullet” found at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. He is the author of the five volume book, Inside the Assassination Records Review Board: The U.S. Government’s Final Attempt to Reconcile the Conflicting Medical Evidence in the Assassination of JFK. Horne has also written the concise authoritative summary volume, JFK’s War with the National Security Establishment: Why Kennedy Was Assassinated.

Watch Douglas P. Horne’s definitive five part video documentary series which summarizes his exceptional research, Altered History: Exposing Deceit and Deception in the JFK, Assassination Medical Evidence.

While serving as chief analyst of military records at the Assassination Records Review Board in 1997, Douglas P. Horne discovered that the Zapruder Film was examined by the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center two days after the assassination of President Kennedy. In this film, Horne interviews legendary NPIC photo interpreter Dino Brugioni, who speaks for the first time about another NPIC examination of the film the day after the assassination. Brugioni didn’t know about the second examination and believes the Zapruder Film in the archives today is not the film he saw the day after the assassination. Drawing on Volume 4 of his book Inside the ARRB, Horne introduces the subject and presents his

Charles Burris


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