Vaccine Passports

I read today that Occupation ruler Biden will be mandating “vaccination passports.” His press secretary claims it’s not a mandate, because it will go through “the private sector”. So will private companies retain the right NOT to require the vaccination passport of customers? What if most of the major airlines require it, but a couple do not, as a way to appeal to the nonvaccinated market share? Will the Biden regime tolerate such dissension? We know the answer.

The Biden regime emphasizes there will be no federal database. Well, sure there won’t be. They have Google, Amazon and Facebook under their thumb. How could any dictatorship come up with a better database? Will these huge corporations depart from private sector activities to enable the federal government? We know the answer.

Big companies are, on the whole, SO left-wing, so statist, so WOKE and so totalitarian now that my only question is: How far will the vaccination proof requirement extend? Clearly it will include airlines, trains and sports arenas. How about movie theaters? Those are mostly owned by big corporations, so my guess is YES. How about restaurants? Big chains–YES, is my prediction. Smaller restaurants or small, local chains? Maybe, and probably; certainly in blue states. Grocery stores–YES. Employers? Absolutely. Disney, and other amusement parks? No question.

The bigger question is whether the “private sector” enforcement of vaccination proof will go beyond the obvious. Will credit card companies require it? Will banks? Will hair salons? Churches? How about parties of more than 5 or 10 people? Pool parties, family reunions? Office parties? Dog parks? Sidewalks in your neighborhood? Public restrooms? Playgrounds? Health clubs? Will you be unable to leave your home without a vaccination passport–not because the police will arrest you, but because the federal regulators will make the people you do business with enforce it for them? If our continuing loss of liberty during lockdowns and mask mandates is any guide, we already know the answer.

Vaccination passports are the new mask mandates.

Lastly, what if the vaccinations are a bust? I’m already reading that even government-sanctioned doctors are conceding that more vaccinations will be needed as new versions of COVID, as well as other viruses yet to come, manifest themselves. People may be getting vaccinated for years to come. If the vaccinations prove ineffective or even dangerous, the companies who manufactured the vaccine are NOT LIABLE. Will grocery store chains, restaurant chains, sports stadium owners, airlines, social media companies and a whole host of other “private sector” enterprises need access to our medical records — to protect themselves from civil or criminal liability? All so we can get 100 percent compliance with a vaccine that might not work, and could even end up harming people?

I thought it best to raise these questions while I still can. But I think we know the answers. America is no longer a remotely free country. And the majority seem not to care.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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