The Real Threat Posed by Grotesque Man We Call “President”

In a society less far gone than ours, this dimwitted second hander (even pre-dementia) would be incapable of doing much of lasting damage. Unfortunately, the widespread combination of lazy thinking, massive ignorance and also willful evasion have put us in a position where this perverted sycophant occupies the seat of men like Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Lincoln and, yes, Reagan and Trump too. Unthinkable, but it’s happening.

It’s not that he matters. It’s the fact that we, the rational and the good people who still exist, have to live among (and increasingly at the mercy of) people who willingly put him into high office. It’s like a sick, cosmic joke. But, as we continue to live with the consequences, we all must know it’s no joke.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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