Who is Controlling the Biden Presidency ?

  • To answer the question of who is controlling the Biden presidency, we should consider the Biden administration’s disastrous policy decisions. “Cui bono?” – Who benefits?
  • Why would Biden abandon Bagram Air Force Base? It is key to all of Southwest Asia – just 400 miles to China and 500 miles to Iran. It is a vitally important geopolitical, military and intelligence platform with consequences and “reach” that involve far more than just Afghan regional matters. Who, specifically, made the recommendation to just walk away from Bagram – and then who gave the order?
  • If we suggest that there is a combination or passing alliance of these various interests and groups, each seeking to advance their own agenda behind the official, hollow, front of “President Joe Biden” – then we run the risk of being branded conspiracy theorists. That is both dishonest and unfortunate, because asking questions of, and seeking accountability from, elected officials is not “crazy.” Interest groups do, in fact, lobby presidential advisors, White House staff, and even members of the president’s family.
  • We must press on – asking questions, examining records, seeking accountability and documenting facts. The truth will prevail.

The question has been asked dozens of different ways, depending on the questioner and the public policy issue. “Who is controlling the Biden presidency?”

One thing appears certain: It is not President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. He gives incoherentrambling speeches, and often declines to take questions.

A May 2021 powder-puff profile of President Biden in the Washington Post was written as both a hagiography and a politically therapeutic assurance that there’s been a “return to normalcy” in the White House. The article’s author, Ashley Parker, was clearly given extraordinary access to personal details by White House staff and Biden handlers in order to compose her report. The resulting article is an interesting mix of Ms. Parker taking careful dictation from the White House, and her own ambition to pledge allegiance to the larger Biden “family.” In fairness, here is how Ms. Parker describes the sourcing of her article:

“This account of Biden’s daily schedule is based on interviews with seven people familiar with the president’s daily life, most speaking on the condition of anonymity to disclose private details.”

There is genuine journalistic value in Ms. Parker’s work – and a mere four (+) months later – given the lightning fast and tumultuous downturn in the Biden presidency, 20/20 hindsight and review of her article may help answer our question: “Who is controlling the Biden presidency?”

Ms. Parker’s article offers clues:

On many days, Biden then summons his brain trust, including Klain and top advisers Mike Donilon, Anita Dunn, Bruce Reed, Steve Ricchetti and Cedric L. Richmond. These sessions rarely have a formal agenda; Biden simply declares, “Here’s what I want to talk about,” or the aides raise subjects they have discussed in advance for Biden’s consideration.

“There are very few issues that get to the level of the president,” Dunn said. “Those are the ones that only he can make a decision on.”

Donilon, who has been with Biden for decades, is seen by the others as his conscience, alter ego and shared brain. One longtime Biden adviser estimated that no fewer than 10,000 times in their working relationship has the president turned to Donilon and asked, “Mike, what do you think?”

The closest Ms. Parker comes to addressing other influencers of the Biden presidency is passing reference to President Biden’s son, Hunter. She writes: “He also calls his son Hunter, who has struggled with addiction, every night before bedtime, texting him if he doesn’t pick up right away.”

One thing Ms. Parker does not mention: Federal prosecutors are currently investigating Hunter Biden over details related to the extraordinary sums of money he purportedly earned from China-related business deals. Readers will recall that Hunter Biden profited from two separate deals, each worth billions of dollars, with Communist Chinese “business” entities during the time his father was vice president. Reports on Hunter Biden’s email communications indicate that (in just one instance) remuneration plans of 10% of the value of a Chinese energy company deals were earmarked for “The Big Guy” – possibly indicating then-VP Joe Biden.

We have the extraordinary (and outrageously scandalous) story of Hunter Biden and his deep Biden family financial ties. Air travel records, alone, document the deep connections between the president and Hunter. The air travel records also offer an investigative roadmap for any serious law enforcement officials seeking to examine questions of Biden corruption. More than 330,000 Americans have demanded just such an investigation from the Department of Justice. The information and emails contained in the Hunter Biden laptops reportedly detail President Biden’s knowledgeability of his son’s overseas business dealings.

We have documentation and details of key influencers around President Biden. Ms. Parker has identified Biden’s “brain trust” and their role in guiding the president.

To answer the question of who is controlling the Biden presidency, we should consider the Biden administration’s disastrous policy decisions. “Cui bono?” – Who benefits? White House spokesperson Jen Psaki has been placed in impossibly contradictory positions, attempting to defend administration policy reversals. One need look no further than the Biden position on border issues (security, health, humanitarian, drug smuggling, human trafficking, impact on US border communities, etc.) – and – the humiliating collapse of the Afghan government, and the American diplomatic and military response.

Just consider for one example concerning Afghanistan: Why would Biden abandon Bagram Air Force Base? It is key to all of Southwest Asia – just 400 miles to China and 500 miles to Iran. It is a vitally important geopolitical, military and intelligence platform with consequences and “reach” that involve far more than just Afghan regional matters. Who, specifically, made the recommendation to just walk away from Bagram – and then who gave the order?

Which brings us back to our fundamental question: Who is controlling the Biden presidency?

Here are some potential answers – individually, in combination with key influencers of President Biden (his “brain trust,” above), or via convenient, passing, alliance. Each of these have their own objectives for influencing those closest to President Biden:

  • Professional Washington political operatives of the Democrat Party and the corresponding leftist “deep state” federal government officials that have incrementally occupied the headquarters of every executive branch department and agency in Washington DC.
  • Lobbyists representing the military-industrial complex; big pharma; energy interests; and/or foreign powers and multinational corporations.
  • Big tech and the related Silicon Valley business interests.
  • Witting and unwitting agents of Communist China and its state “business enterprises” who pretend to operate independent of the government.
  • Militant leftists from organizations like Antifa, BLM and associated organizations who see an opportunity for unchecked and sometimes subsidized activities purportedly endorsed by the Democrat establishment.

If we suggest that there is a combination or passing alliance of these various interests and groups, each seeking to advance their own agenda behind the official, hollow, front of “President Joe Biden” – then we run the risk of being branded conspiracy theorists. That is both dishonest and unfortunate, because asking questions of, and seeking accountability from, elected officials is not “crazy.” Interest groups do, in fact, lobby presidential advisors, White House staff, and even members of the president’s family.

Without devolving into the stereotypes of the conspiracy theories described in Richard Hofstetter’s, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics,” the American public can and must seek accountability for the decisions and actions of the government. The left enjoys sensationalizing and marginalizing their political opponents by leveraging pejoratives, ad hominem and cartoonishly simplistic derision to undermine legitimate questions and concerns. We must not take their insidious tactics to heart. We must press on – asking questions, examining records, seeking accountability and documenting facts. The truth will prevail.

Chris Farrell is Director of Investigations at Judicial Watch and Distinguished Senior Fellow at Gatestone Institute.

Biden is in Way Over His Head

The number, variety, magnitude, and speed of recent national and global crises have all clearly and without any doubt demonstrated that Joe Biden and his administration are simply in way over their heads and way beyond their abilities to understand and to respond to these events appropriately and intelligently.  If that’s not bad enough, the more damning truth is that they obviously have no ability to foresee events in advance and prevent them from happening and turning into crises in the first place!  And if that’s not bad enough, reflect on the fact that no one in his administration has suffered any consequences as a result of these abject failures.

I’m not any kind of expert, but I’m not blind.  So let’s examine what has happened just within the last few weeks.

  1.  The withdrawal from Afghanistan has been an example of chaos and incompetence in military leadership not seen in generations.  Liberal apologists loudly proclaim that it was well past time to leave Afghanistan.  That’s not the point.  The point is the breathtakingly awful execution of the withdrawal.  If nothing else, the failure to preserve and use a well-defended airbase at Bagram until the evacuation was complete is unforgivable. 
  2. The drone strike that was characterized as “righteous” by General Mark Milley turned out, in reality, to have killed ten innocent civilians, including seven children.  How a drone strike can be authorized on no more evidence than a man making a few stops in the course of his daily work and picking up some water bottles for his family and neighbors is beyond reason. 
  3. Our southern border is, in reality, no longer a border.  Many thousands of migrants are camped under a bridge in U.S. territory.  And the administration seems surprised about it and scrambling to come up with any sort of plan to deal with it!  How can well over 10,000 people from Haiti and other countries make their way to a border bridge without our government collecting intelligence about the migration and being prepared for the event — and even taking measures to avoid and prevent the crisis? 
  4. Inflation is raging, and no one in the administration seems to have an idea of how to deal with it.  In the midst of this exploding inflation, the Biden administration’s answer is to spend additional trillions of dollars. 
  5. France has withdrawn its ambassador in anger over an Australian submarine contract in which France was snubbed.  How hard would it have been to simply include France in some reasonable manner in the deal?  Can you imagine the response if this had happened under Trump?  Can you imagine the demand for heads to roll?
  6. The COVID pandemic continues unabated, and Biden’s response is to enact a forced mandate.  Forcing behavior is not a mark of effective leadership.  By very definition, it is the mark of a tyrant.
  7. As icing on the cake, we have learned that General Milley made phone calls to his Chinese counterpart in the last days of the Trump administration.  Apologists reassure us that phone calls between military leaders are commonplace.  That’s not the point.  The point is that promises were made that the Chinese would be alerted in advance if an attack was planned and that any planned attack would be thwarted by Milley himself.  All this subterfuge was somehow deemed necessary to control a president who had avoided starting or expanding any war or military action during his entire term — for the first time in decades.

So the only possible conclusion is that the Biden administration is in way over its head, and there is no accountability.  Sadly, the coaches of college football teams face more accountability than the upper echelon of the Biden presidency.

Steve Bigler

President Miserable

In a free country, the government matters — but only so much. The President, in a free republic, would matter for foreign affairs/defense, foreign trade, and the borders. Now that our federal government has overtaken nearly every aspect of daily life — finances, health care, policing, medical care, small business funding and operations, every aspect of schooling.– with no end in sight, the federal government and the President matter much more than they should.

Your life and livelihood could turn, in an instant, on the whim of this unelectable, unelected and thoroughly rotten-to-the-core parasitical figurehead. How unjust is that? What are your own thoughts about what to do about it? How are your children and grandchildren to survive under the kind of regime now set in motion? Because in the new “United States,” you really don’t have the luxury of ignoring politics. Government is everywhere you turn, and it’s only going to get worse, on the present course.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Americans Souring on Biden—and Washington

The California recall election turned out well for the Democrats.

With Gov. Gavin Newsom sinking in the summer polls, the party had been staring starkly at the prospect of losing the nation’s largest state and seeing its governor replaced by talk-show host Larry Elder, who had vaulted into the lead among the 46 candidates seeking to replace Newsom.

Elder had rallied Republicans and started to surge, which terrified the Democrats. Not only might they lose Newsom, but they could get in the governor’s mansion in Sacramento what leftists took to calling “the black face of white supremacy.”

Result: A panicked Democratic Party defeated the recall by nearly 2-1, with Californians voting to retain Newsom in roughly the same percentages as they had voted to elect Joe Biden president almost a year ago.

That leaves California securely in Democrat control.

Not in 15 years has a Republican won statewide office. Every elected governor and U.S. senator after 2006, every lieutenant governor and attorney general, has been a Democrat.

The Congressional delegation has 53 members, and the Democrats outnumber Republicans 42-11. Democrats also have 3-1 majorities in both houses of the state legislature.

Richard Nixon carried his home state on all five presidential tickets on which he ran, and Ronald Reagan never lost California. But the era that began when Barry Goldwater won the June 1964 primary against liberal Gov. Nelson Rockefeller is history.

Yet, everything is not coming up roses for Biden.

An Economist poll finds his approval rating underwater, with 49% disapproving of Biden’s performance in office to 46% in approval.

The latest Quinnipiac poll, out Tuesday, is more ominous. It has 50% of the country disapproving of the Biden presidency, with only 42% approving, the first time Biden’s rating has fallen into negative territory. More worrisome: Independents disapprove of Biden by 52-34.

When broken down by issues, the news is no better.

On his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Biden’s rating has plunged from 53-40 approval in August to 48% approving and 49% disapproving now. Fifty-five percent disapprove of his handling of his duties as commander in chief.

His mastery of foreign policy was supposed to be his strong suit. But here the numbers are even worse. Only a third of the nation, 34%, approves of his handling of foreign policy, while 59% disapprove.

On the economy, Biden also gets a negative rating, with 42% of the country approving of the job he is doing to 52% against.

With Biden’s numbers underwater overall and on the three major issues — the economy, foreign policy and his handling of the coronavirus — Democrats have to be looking nervously at November 2022.

“If there ever was a honeymoon for President Biden, it is clearly over,” says Quinnipiac polling analyst Tim Malloy. “This is, with few exceptions, a poll full of troubling negatives … from overall job approval, to foreign policy, to the economy.”

What makes this especially ominous for Democrats is that the recent negative news is likely to continue on many fronts, while the possibilities of positive achievements appear limited.

Biden conceivably could pull off twin victories this fall in Congress — with passage of both the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package and the $3.5 trillion family infrastructure bill. If so, this would put him in the history books as a transformative president alongside Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson.

But Biden faces problems on many fronts.

First among them is the return of inflation. The soaring price of food and fuel is beginning to be felt. There is new skittishness in the markets. And the jobs picture is not as rosy as was anticipated this summer.

While the country credits the president for ending America’s longest war, the future news out of Afghanistan is likely to be filled with stories of the Americans left behind and Afghan allies facing executions.

The invasion across our southern border is now producing 220,000 border crossers every month.

We are still in the fourth wave of the coronavirus, with the number of American dead, already over 670,000, rising at a rate of 2,000 a day.

If the wave does not break, this will depress the mood of a country that believed, just a few months back, that the worst was behind us and brighter days lay ahead.

And the poll numbers are not only the worst Biden has received. They are not all that good for the nation either.

Seventy percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the direction of the USA. The president’s disapproval exceeds his approval rating by eight points, just eight months in office. Republicans and Democrats in Congress both get negative ratings from the American people. And only 37% of registered voters approve of the Supreme Court’s handling of its role. Half the country disapproves.

If all three branches of the U.S. government have lost or are losing the confidence of their countrymen, what does that suggest is the future for our democratic republic?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President.”

Why is Biden so Angry with Unvaccinated People ?

The current White House occupant seems upset with the unvaccinated.  Is he upset just because there are tens of millions unvaccinated?  Or is he upset because of why we are unvaccinated?

The current White House occupant is using the bully pulpit of the presidency and the might of the federal bureaucracy to try to put fear into all Americans.  This appears to me to be in response to Americans challenging the false narratives, putting fear aside, and thinking for themselves.

Biden is upset not just because we are unvaccinated.  He seems more upset that despite a relentless eighteen months of fear porn, suppression of all items of hope, etc., people are not trusting the (incompetent) leadership.  We are not afraid for ourselves.  We want the “at risk” to get the vaccine.  We want anyone who is afraid to get the vaccine.  But for those of us who are low-risk and know there are treatment options, we are making a choice.  By making that choice, we are demonstrating that we are not afraid of the virus.

The unvaccinated have found our own path to properly manage our lives and the virus, and that scares Biden more than anything.  His team is watching what is happening in Australia, and they desperately want to be dictators, declare martial law, and lock people down.  But if the majority of people in our democracy know that the government is lying and incompetent, he can’t take those draconian steps without significant backlash.

The other issue is that without a compliant populace, “The Great Reset” in the U.S. is stalled.  The current White House occupant is upset because we will not provide the unconditional compliance that he has demanded — now or ever.

Maker S. Mark (a pseudonym) is an American worried about the state of the nation and how to solve the problems we face.  United we stand; divided we fall.

Image via Public Domain Pictures.

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We Can’t Even Count on the Supreme Court to Save Us from the Bidenistas

Dershowitz to Newsmax: Courts Will Rule Against Biden on Mandate Penalties, per Newsmax headline.

The courts will likely agree that the federal government has the power to enforce vaccine mandates, but they’ll say that the rules and punishments will have to come from Congress, not from President Joe Biden, Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax.

He also told Friday’s “American Agenda” that he expects the U.S. Supreme Court will issue a preliminary ruling within a month over whether Biden should have issued the mandates, and the decision will depend on the answers to several questions.

“No. 1, is this something the federal government can do as compared to the states?” Dershowitz said. “The states have police power. The federal government doesn’t have police power. The federal government’s powers have to derive from the text of the Constitution.”

Interesting. Dershowitz believes the Supreme Court will reject Biden’s mandate — NOT because it’s a savage violation of individual rights, but on pragmatic grounds, i.e because the Congress should do it, not the President. Seriously? Would it be ok for the federal government to force abortions or to sterilize people, or to put them in political prison camps, so long as Congress ordered it rather than the President!? If so, our Constitution is in ashes. Nevertheless, I don’t trust the Supreme Court even to issue the pragmatic decision Dershowitz predicts. After their refusal even to consider the considerable evidence suggesting election fraud in 2020, we can never trust them with anything again. Biden will get his way.

Will people refuse to comply? We shall soon know.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Joe Biden Must Be Impeached

Joe Biden should not be allowed to resign to escape punishment for he has committed high crimes and misdemeanors. He must be impeached.

Even American allies agree.

In the British Parliament, Tom Tugendhat, MP and decorated former British officer who fought in Afghanistan, said, “This week has torn open old wounds. We have demonstrated that we, the West, abandoned our allies.” Hinting at Biden, he added, “We cannot rely on a single leader.”

Colonel Richard Kemp, former Commander of UK Forces in Afghanistan alongside local Afghan forces, insists that Biden, as Commander in Chief, should be court-marshaled, the military version of an indictment.

Add treason to the charges of a necessary impeachment.

Biden threatened, in the depth of his self-induced chaos, “Any attack on our forces or disruption of our operations at the airport will be met with a swift and forceful response.”

When his warning was answered with a suicide bombing outside the gates of the airport that left 13 US servicemen and women, and an estimated 170 Afghanis, dead, plus tens of other American soldiers badly maimed, Biden abandoned his commitment to remain until every American in Afghanistan was home.

Instead, he cut and ran, keeping to a self-imposed arbitrary deadline. The American President deserted his countrymen and women, leaving them to their fate in enemy territory.

The death of those outside the Kabul Airport’s perimeter was preventable. The Taliban had offered America full control over Kabul until August 31. Biden refused. This negligent act gave Kabul to the Taliban and, with it, full control of the city including all the access roads to the perimeter fence of the commercial airport.

As Commander in Chief, Biden is solely responsible for this asinine decision and everything that resulted from it.

Biden claims his military commanders told him to abandon Bagram Airport. General Mark Milley denied this, stating from the Pentagon that his instructions were to protect the US Embassy in Kabul and control the capital airport for imminent troop withdrawal. The limited forces at his disposal did not allow him to protect the embassy, the airport, and Bagram.

Biden said nobody predicted the chaos. Not true. A State Department memo in mid-July warned of Kabul’s collapse. Additionally, the transcript of Biden’s conversation with Afghan President Ghani shows Ghani warning Biden that Afghanistan’s collapse was imminent collapse if US forces made a hurried, unconditional exit.

Biden told the American people and the world that Kabul and its airport were safe, and Americans and their allies would be protected. In the end, none of that was true.

On August 18, Biden appeared on the “Good Morning America” TV show and said, in a clear voice, “If there are American citizens left, we’re going to stay and get them all out.”

That was another lie.

Any doubts that the Biden Administration had utterly deserted Americans were removed when Ron Klain, Biden’s White House Chief of Staff, said on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ program in early September that the administration was “hopeful” that Americans may be able to get seats on departing Qatari flights out of Kabul. “We’re obviously going to look to see if Americans can be part of those flights.”

Now, trapped Americans must depend on other countries such as Qatar, to get them out of Afghanistan. That is unless the Taliban, Al Qaeda, or ISIS, don’t get to them first. After all, the Biden State Department, led by the feckless Anthony Blinken, admits giving the Taliban the biometric details of all Americans and their allies left behind in the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan.

On TV, Blinken begged the Taliban to accept his ransom money and allow Americans to leave. He knows they are in danger. On August 31, this was the travel advisory that Blinken’s State Department gave to trapped American citizens: “Make contingency plans to leave when it is safe to do so that do not rely on US government assistance.

This is the ultimate US Government betrayal of American citizens abroad. This is treason by the Commander in Chief who once admitted that the buck stops with him.

Instead of taking responsibility, Biden became a Taliban spokesman when he spoke to the nation on August 31, the last day, saying, “The Taliban made a public commitment broadcast on television and radio across Afghanistan on safe passage for anyone wanting to leave including those who worked alongside Americans.”

That was a lie. We already know some of the things the Taliban is doing.

Human Rights Watch reported that the Taliban had taken 44 people from their homes in the towns of Spin Boldak, Kandahar, and executed them. All 44 had received amnesty from the Taliban. How many others have been exposed and murdered?

The most sacred American promise is to leave no one behind. Biden broke that oath and that is the ultimate reason to impeach, indict, and sentence him.

Biden must also be impeached for threatening American national security.

Former Defense Secretary under President Obama, Leon Panetta, said “There is no question that our national security has been threatened by what has happened. Afghanistan will become a safe haven for Al Qaeda, ISIS and for other terrorists to be able to reorganize and strengthen themselves again and potentially use Afghanistan as a base for attacking not just the United States but other countries as well.”

As Steve Hilton said on his ‘Next Revolution’ program, “Biden has betrayed his allies, broken his sacred trust, brought shame and humiliation on the presidency and on America. But our contempt for this despicable man is not enough. He must be held accountable. Biden must be impeached.”

If impeached, Biden can bring evidence implicating others, Generals Milley and Austin in particular.

Perhaps in a Special Counsel investigation, we’ll learn that Susan Rice and her West Exec Advisor executives, Anthony Blinken and Avril Haines dictated Biden’s decisions. They were intimately involved in the Benghazi disaster when an ambassador was brutally murdered and his security team members killed.

Finally, if it was legitimate to impeach President Trump over a phone call to the Ukrainian President, it is equally legitimate to impeach President Biden over his phone call to President Ghani in which, according to the official transcript, Biden pressured Ghani to lie about the dangerous circumstances that Afghan was in at the time of his July call. That was a clearly impeachable offense.

There are increasing calls for a 9/11-type Commission on the Afghan withdrawal. This may precede a formal Special Counsel investigation but, whether impeachment comes first or later, the Commander in Chief should step down pending the outcome of such a tribunal.

Biden has left the world more dangerous, which is not an American-only issue. America’s allies demand legal clarity as a prelude to effective action preventing Afghanistan from exploding in our capitals and America’s major cities.

The man who didn’t want to target Osama Bin Laden in 2011 sacrificed US soldiers in 2021. Biden surrendered Americans and an air force base with $83B of the finest military equipment to the terrorists who protected Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the ones who flew planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in 2001.

The next generation of jihadi terrorists may now be in America, rushed there on planes that should have carried the American citizens who were frantically waving their passports through the closed gates of Kabul Airport, with the State Department ordering we ignore them. Unverified single, Afghan men took their places.

It is vital that we act against Biden now and get the truth before the next 9/11.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Image: Joe Biden’s empty eyes.  YouTube screen grab.

To comment, you can find the MeWe post for this article here.

If you would like to comment on this or any other American Thinker article or post, we invite you to visit the American Thinker Forum at MeWe. There, you can converse with other American Thinker readers and comment freely (subject to MeWe’s terms of use). The Forum will be fully populated and ready for comments by midday (Eastern time) each day.


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Diner Leads the Way

Florida diner was swamped with business after posting the following:

“If you voted for and continue to support and stand behind the worthless, inept, and corrupt administration currently inhabiting the White House that is complicit in the death of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, please take your business elsewhere.”

Thank you. And it’s not just Afghanistan. It’s absolutely everything. Biden’s regime is sinister, if not satanic. If you actively support what’s happening, something is deeply and irredeemably wrong with you. Or, at the very least, your ignorance and/or evasion is leading us, on our present course, toward the most evil period of human history since the destructive rampage of Communism and Nazism.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

The Glaring Truth About Biden and His Masters

Corrupt.  Incompetent.  Pathological.  Criminal.  Treasonous.

Those are just a few of the (printable) adjectives that aptly describe the illegitimate gang of idiots currently running our country.  Joe Biden, the so-called president, is nothing more than a marionette controlled by a gaggle of career bureaucrats and academics, none of whom has ever contributed anything substantial to our once vibrant society.  Indeed, they are nothing more than destroyers, power-mad ideologues who use a demented old grifter as a mouthpiece while they dismantle, piece by piece, our once great Republic.  Globalism is their ultimate goal, and the nightmare we’re experiencing brings us ever closer to that frightening reality.

Biden is a figurehead for the Marxist madness that’s corrupting our schools, destroying small business, and slowly but surely eliminating our nation’s sovereignty.  The current push to force Americans to “register” their firearms under a United Nations gun-grabbing scheme is just one example of the ongoing attack on our cherished freedoms.  Another glaring example is the fascist collaboration between the ruling elites and Big Tech to silence dissent, a clear violation of the First Amendment. 

If the Marxist drive continues, it will go on and on until the Bill of Rights is little more than a footnote in a long forgotten history.  After all, it’s hard to teach real history when tyrants control the schools and certain “undesirable” books are banned.  Don’t scoff.  On our present course, it’s not only possible, but likely.  And don’t think the internet can save any documented evidence of real history, because the algorithms Big Tech uses and the Thought Police (i.e., “fact-checkers”) they employ can control virtually everything online…including Cloud, or whatever files you use to store data.  Privacy is virtually nonexistent nowadays, and that includes your bank accounts, business sites, photo files, and email accounts, just to name a few.  (Ask Tucker Carlson.)

But as smart as they think they are, progressives are actually pretty dumb.  And arrogant.  The hubris in our ruling elite sometimes opens a door where their stupidity, ineptitude, deceit, and downright hatred of our founding principles are on full display…for anyone who cares to look, anyway.  The ongoing disaster created by their surrender to the Taliban — laughingly referred to by certain talking heads as a “successful withdrawal” — is a prime example.  Even the compliant media, which normally spin or ignore the administration’s boatload of disastrous mistakes, had to scratch their respective heads over this one.  It’s truly one of the worst military debacles in our nation’s history, costing innocent lives, abandoning American citizens, and handing over almost a hundred billion dollars in high-tech equipment and weapons to a murderous gang of cave-dwelling lunatics. 

But fear not!  The Asterisk administration has assured us that the Taliban can be trusted and may soon be recognized as a legitimate government!  Kind of makes you wonder how they can say this about a terrorist organization filled with religious zealots that our soldiers have been fighting for twenty years.  If nothing else, it confirms my earlier comment that progressives are “pretty dumb.”

But sooner or later — probably sooner — the media will forget about this massive, world-shaking blunder and primarily focus, once again, on climate change, identity politics, and the pandemic.  Fear is the best tool the Marxists and their media allies have to keep the lemmings compliant.  Expect to hear even more flagrant lies about how 1) hurricanes and weather-related deaths are on the increase, 2) the country is systemically racist, and 3) we’re all going to die from the China Virus. 

So what does someone who loves this country — or at least what this country used to be — do to fight back against this blatantly corrupt federal government?  Relentlessly calling out the truth is a good place to start.  David Horowitz and Daniel Greenfield on frontpagemag.com offer some good suggestions.  They have collaborated on a great synopsis of the constant blunders, some of them treasonous, made from day one by Biden and his handlers.  (Click on the link to read the entire piece.  It’s well worth the effort.)

“Every Republican should be shouting Impeach Biden!  Impeach Harris!  Impeach Blinken, Pelosi, and Schumer!” they wrote.  Also: Court-martial the Joint Chiefs of Staff! who were busy imposing Critical Race Theory on the troops and witch-hunting conservatives in the ranks, when they should have been planning the Afghanistan retreat.

Horowitz and Greenfield are pragmatists, and they know that impeachment will never happen.  But that’s not the point.  The point is to attack the Democrats using their own ruthless tactics.  In this case, as opposed to what the Democrats did to Trump for over four years, the Republicans have the truth on their side.

“Nancy Pelosi spent four years attempting to impeach Trump on transparently bogus charges,” they continued.  “Did this hurt Democrat polling despite its embarrassments, or did it help Democrat efforts to tar and feather Republicans and increase Democrat support?  Nancy Pelosi is not going to impeach Biden or anyone else.  But the American people need to hear what these Democrats are guilty of and calling for their impeachment is the way to do it.”

If the Republic is going to be saved, repeating the truth ad nauseam is one of the many things patriots need to do to excise this malignant Marxist tumor and get the country into remission.  As with any cancer, it can reappear at any time and ultimately destroy the host.  The Marxists have been at it for well over a century, and there’s no reason to believe that they’ll stop anytime soon.  History teaches us that opposing totalitarianism is, essentially, a never-ending battle.  So we must continue to fight this disease before it kills our country. 

Then our progeny, sometime in the future, will have to do the same thing all over again.

Liam Brooks