Does the Will of the Biden Regime Trump the Constitution ?

The entire justification for the U.S. government is its willingness to uphold individual rights, specifically the Bill of Rights.

It’s the whole moral justification for any proper government: to UPHOLD the inalienable rights of the individuals within a society. Government exists for the sake of the people; NOT the other way around. That was the exact premise of America’s original Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is the polar opposite of today’s governing regime in Washington, DC, and in most of our states.

When a U.S. President and Congress use executive orders to replace legislation; openly threaten peaceful citizens with the full force of the military, including nuclear weapons, should they resist forthcoming gun confiscation (as Biden has done); openly spy on the social media posts of private citizens and order the companies who sponsor those posts to censor them; shut down virtually all human activity (with the exception of large corporations) whenever the flu breaks out, or whenever they feel like declaring an “emergency”; pass laws nationalizing all procedures in state and local elections to favor only one party; and force people to subsidize government schools and universities that actively teach in favor of tyranny and overthrowing the whole concept of the Bill of Rights … this is way, way more than enough to conclude that government has lost any claim of its legitimacy.

Somebody has to say it. We can’t go on like this, and it’s really the Patriots, the conservatives, the (authentic) Republicans, the individualists, the liberty-lovers and the libertarians who must face the truth. The left is getting everything it wants, and need not face any consequences of any kind — other than the evil and irrationality of their own depraved views, something most of them will never do.

Most of the good guys, for now, put their hopes in the next two election cycles, restoring Donald Trump to the Presidency in 2025, to the promise of God, faith, country, the flag and all the rest. I sincerely wish everyone well with these goals. But at least in the back of your minds, you have to accept what will happen if none of this works, and if the bad guys keep winning every single cultural and political battle — as they have, to date.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

The Real Threat Posed by Grotesque Man We Call “President”

In a society less far gone than ours, this dimwitted second hander (even pre-dementia) would be incapable of doing much of lasting damage. Unfortunately, the widespread combination of lazy thinking, massive ignorance and also willful evasion have put us in a position where this perverted sycophant occupies the seat of men like Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Lincoln and, yes, Reagan and Trump too. Unthinkable, but it’s happening.

It’s not that he matters. It’s the fact that we, the rational and the good people who still exist, have to live among (and increasingly at the mercy of) people who willingly put him into high office. It’s like a sick, cosmic joke. But, as we continue to live with the consequences, we all must know it’s no joke.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

The Bidenistas are Coming for You

The Joe Biden regime stresses the theme of “fighting domestic terrorism” almost daily. They keep citing “January 6” as a mantra. Mark Levin and Breitbart have been covering this a lot on their syndicated radio shows. Bidenistas are redefining the “war on terror” to be waged against so-called domestic terrorists, who are attacking the homeland by daring to question or criticize their policies. You would think that would include people who blow up police stations and start racial riots in major cities, destroying the property of people with no concern for legal or moral outcome.

Instead, citizens are encouraged to keep an eye on their neighbors and fellow citizens to ensure they’re not “at risk” of committing acts of domestic terror; or perhaps for determining if they “need help.” Good grief. Can you imagine the kind of government-sponsored “help” for a person deemed a domestic terrorist by a government run by Communists, far leftists, socialists and fascists? Do you think it would really involve some kind of positive emotional therapeutic change? BLM and Antifa terrorists have been given legal immunity by the police in their cities, and walk free. Yet “domestic terrorists” who object to it all are somehow a threat. A threat to WHOM, Bidenistas?

Is this the first time in American history that the American government has encouraged its own citizens to turn against one another, and to turn each other in? Everyone who voted for Trump — tens of millions, perhaps even a majority, some say — are potential targets for being labeled domestic terrorists.

Last year, it was masks. This year, it’s the COVID experimental vaccine. At least those things are definable. Now all that’s required is your PERCEPTION or FEELING that someone might be a domestic terrorist … and that’s enough to “turn them in”. Whatever that means. Is this America?

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Joe Biden’s G7 Disaster

Joe Biden is a train wreck in slow motion.

Biden’s G7 performance was a complete disaster from start to end. He repeatedly confused Syria and Libya.

Speaking during the conclusion of the G-7 summit of world leaders in Britain, Biden was asked about Putin’s proposal about each country turning over cybercriminals.
“I’m open to it if there’s crimes committed against Russia. That in fact the people committing those crimes are being harbored in the United States, I’m committed to holding him accountable,” Biden said, adding that he learned of Putin’s comments after the end of the summit.

Then his staff immediately walked it back:

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told press aboard Air Force One that Biden was not talking about “exchanges or swaps” when he seemed receptive to Vladimir Putin’s offer that the Kremlin would extradite cybercriminals if the US would respond in kind. “He’s not saying he’s going to be exchanging cybercriminals with Russia,” Sullivan said of Biden.

He refused to hold a press conference with Putin. His excuse?

“I always found, and I don’t mean to suggest the press should not know, but this is not a contest about who can do better in front of a press conference or try to embarrass each other,” Biden told reporters at a press conference at the Cornwall Airport Newquay in England.
“It’s about making myself very clear what the conditions are to get a better relationship are with Russia.”

Let’s be honest. He’s simply not a match for Putin. He’s afraid. His handlers know it. Biden himself told us so:

​A slip by President Biden at the G-7 summit Sunday may have revealed just how carefully his staff try to handle the commander in chief when he faces questions from the media.
Biden cracked that he’d get “in trouble” with his handlers if he failed to take questions from just the pre-planned list of reporters at his news conference at the end of the three-day world leaders meeting G-7 summit in Britain on Sunday — or if he took one too many.
“I’m sorry, I’m going to get in trouble with staff if I don’t do this the right way,” Biden said after calling on Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs.

The reporters asking the questions are selected in advance:

After making introductory remarks, the president kicked off the question-and-answer section of the presser by saying he was supposed to go to Jonathan Lemire of the Associated Press.
“Now, why don’t I take some of your questions? And I’m told, Jonathan, I’m supposed to talk — recognize you first,” he said.

Under different circumstances this might be amusing but this is much to serious to be funny. This is the President of the United States. He’s not mentally capable of doing the job. He’s under the control of handlers which means someone else is actually the President- someone not elected to the position.

The left wing media is smothering the reality.

Biden owes the country an explanation. He needs to come clean as to who really is in charge. It’s no laughing matter.

Dr. John

Biden’s G7 Presser was a Train Wreck

Joe Biden and his overly-ambitious wife have been in the United Kingdom the last week, pretending to be royalty and generally projecting how much the United States is now taking a backseat on the world stage. That’s led to several awkward moments, including President Biden seemingly getting confused and having to be ushered away by Jill Biden. Then there was just the general embarrassment of a bunch of out-of-touch, vaccinated world leaders, elbow bumping each other because they are afraid to shake hands.

Things are not fine, and the supposed leaders of the “free world” are projecting weakness at a level that is emboldening bad actors around the world.

Even still, none of that added up to the sheer train wreck that was Joe Biden’s G7 presser today. We are in trouble as a nation.

Here was the requisite “joke” about him not having enough agency to choose who he calls on for questions. He does this all the time, and it never becomes less awkward.

Things are not fine, and the supposed leaders of the “free world” are projecting weakness at a level that is emboldening bad actors around the world.

Even still, none of that added up to the sheer train wreck that was Joe Biden’s G7 presser today. We are in trouble as a nation.

Here was the requisite “joke” about him not having enough agency to choose who he calls on for questions. He does this all the time, and it never becomes less awkward.

Then there was this ridiculous exchange.

What the heck did I just watch? This is the President of the United States unable to answer a basic question, instead, leaning into the mic and growling about it how it has only been 120 days. I’m not sure if that’s the senility coming out — or if he’s really just this awkward when he’s of sound mind — but it’s not a good look.

Besides, Biden has been in Washington, D.C., for 47 years. The idea that he just needs “more time” to do something as simple as lifting steel tariffs makes no sense, on its face.

Things got weirder, though. When asked why he wasn’t going to do the traditional joint presser when he meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin soon, Biden basically admitted that his brain is too broken to handle it.

How weak does this make the United States look? Our president can’t even be counted on to push back on Putin in a joint presser, something the last, several presidents had no problem doing. (More on that in Andrew Malcolm’s upcoming, Sunday VIP piece.)

But, Biden and his handlers know he’s incapable of controlling himself in such an environment so he hides behind this faux, tough guy personality. No, being tough would be calling out Putin to his face or at the very least, championing American principles as Putin stands beside him. Joint pressers aren’t meant to really elicit new information. They are symbolic in nature. Biden simply doesn’t have the ability to even do one. It’s a sad scene, not just for him, but for all Americans.

Of course, no Biden presser would be complete without him completely forgetting key facts about something he’s commenting on.

Unfortunately, Biden (as part of the Obama administration) has already seen to it that Libya is too far gone, with the country becoming a literal modern-day slave market. But perhaps this was a bit of a Freudian slip, admitting that his actions caused such death and suffering? Past that, you’d expect the President of the United States to know the difference between Libya and Syria, especially when you are trying to project strength to Putin in negotiating over how to handle the situation.

Unfortunately, there was no strength to be projected at all this past week at the G7. Our president is not fit for the world stage. He can’t handle basic duties and clearly has no idea what he’s talking about at any given moment. This is a senile old man who needs to be sitting in a rocking chair, staring at a pasture for the last several years of his life, not leading the supposed most powerful nation on earth.

Will Biden be America’s Hugo Chavez

The Communists came to power in Venezuela when the party seeking power — under Hugo Chavez — wrote all the election rules and everyone had to play by them. Not surprisingly, Chavez became the dictator; when he eventually died, his party remained in power. That same Communist party starves and tyrannizes its citizens to this day.

Hyperinflation played a role in the ability of the Communists to seize power in Venezuela. Similarly, back in the 1930s, hyperinflation played a role in the ability of Hitler to seize power in Germany. Tyrants feed on fear, and deliberately worsen conditions so that people will remain afraid. Fear gives them more power and control. Does any of this sound familiar?

People in Venezuela (and many who fled) look back on Hugo Chavez like people look back on Hitler. Could the same be said one day of Joe Biden? “How could they be so stupid to elect this fool? He ruined America.” Of course, the government rewrote the election rules here, too. They did so unofficially in 2020, and in 2021 and 2022 they will make it official, by passing laws that permanently rig future elections in one party’s favor. And most of us decided to roll over and accept it. Trump in 2024? It’s a joke. Nobody is going to get power from these statists. Most don’t (yet) realize what we’re up against. It’s really no different than if the Nazis had won in 1945, and America is now a totalitarian dictatorship.

Inflation, by the way, is not caused by mean people raising their prices. Read an economics book. It’s caused by the government’s expansion of the money supply (since the government controls the currency, not the market, ever since we went off a gold standard.) When the Federal Reserve artificially increases the supply of the dollar (usually so it can spend), it makes the value of your dollars lower than it would otherwise be; this triggers a rise in prices. It happened in the 1970s and it’s happening again. Since 2020, the government of the U.S. has been massively expanding the money supply (because of unprecedented spending) and as a result we’re getting higher prices with everything. Millions will suffer and dislike it, but in their fear they’ll give a green light to tyrants that could make 2020 and early 2021’s “scamdemic” look like child’s play.

If you think the United States is too prosperous, too special or too infallible to fall prey to similar disasters, you could be in for a rude awakening. It’s your country. If you lose it all by tolerating or actually voting for these dictators, then it’s YOUR fault. I’m going to say so … while I still can.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Are Joe Biden’s Halcyon Days Over ?

On taking the oath of office, Jan. 20, Joe Biden may not have realized it, but history had dealt him a pair of aces.

The COVID-19 pandemic had reached its apex, infecting a quarter of a million Americans every day. Yet, due to the discovery and distribution of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the incidence of infections had crested and was about to turn sharply down.

By May, the infection rate had fallen 80%, as had the death toll.

Thanks to the Operation Warp Speed program driven by President Donald Trump, the country made amazing strides in Biden’s first 100 days toward solving the major crises he inherited: the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu of 1918-1919 and the economic crash it had engendered.

But Biden’s pace car has hit the wall.

Where economists had predicted employment gains of a million new jobs in April, the jolting figure came in at about a fourth of that number.

One explanation: The $300-a-week in bonus unemployment checks the Biden recovery plan provides may have been a sufficient inducement for workers to stay home until their benefits ran out.

Workers might reasonably ask: Why go back to work when we can take the summer off, with full unemployment, plus $300 a week?

After the crushing jobs report came the inflation figure from April.

Consumer prices had risen 4.2%, the highest rate in a dozen years.

April’s combination of inflation and near-stagnant job growth recalls the “stagflation” of the Jimmy Carter years, which led to the Democratic rout of 1980 at the hands of Ronald Reagan.

And while we may not be suffering from stagflation just yet, the present symptoms in the U.S. economy are certainly consistent with it.

The bad news from the inflation front also sent the Dow and other markets plunging and raised fears of future Fed intervention to raise interest rates to choke off the inflation.

Moreover, rising prices, driven in part by our historic federal deficits, stiffened the spines of Republicans in their resistance to Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure and jobs program, his $1.8 trillion in added domestic spending and his $4 trillion in taxes to pay for it all.

Sen. Mitch McConnell came out of Wednesday’s White House meeting with Biden to say that any tampering with the Trump tax cuts crosses a “red line” for him and Senate Republicans.

The odds on Biden getting any of his taxes has just fallen dramatically. And he may be forced to come down closer to the GOP proposal if he hopes to get any of his infrastructure package through.

At present, Biden does not have a single sure Republican vote for his spending proposals — and even some Democrats in the evenly divided Senate oppose his plans for social spending and higher taxes.

Added to this economic news was a stunning ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, which feeds fuel to states from Texas to New Jersey.

Within days, the shutdown of the pipeline had induced panic buying of gas at the pumps, resulting in a sweeping closure of gas stations from Delaware to the Gulf Coast.

As alarming as the ransomware attack was, more alarming is what it portends if cybercriminals abroad can, with the flick of a switch, inflict such instant damage on the U.S. economy.

If cybercriminals can pull this off, what cannot our adversaries, with their sophisticated and superior weapons of cyberwarfare, not do to the United States?

But that was not the end of the bad news for Biden this week.

A shooting war erupted between Hamas and Israel after a dispute over ownership of homes in East Jerusalem led to clashes between Arab protesters and Israeli police at the al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.

The clashes brought barrages of over 1,000 rockets directed at Israeli towns and cities including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The Ben Gurion International Airport was forced to shut down.

Those who believed Trump’s Abraham Accords, where Israel was recognized by the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco, had ensured a more tranquil future suddenly seemed to have been as wrong as previous generations of optimists.

Today, even inside Israel, Arabs and Jews, both Israeli citizens, are battling in the streets.

Meanwhile, in Kabul, three bombs outside a high school killed 50 people and wounded scores more, many of them teenage girls — a portent of what may be coming when the Americans and allied troops are gone from the country by the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

But the defining crisis of the Biden presidency may be the crisis on America’s southern border, where another 170,000 illegal immigrants entered the country in April after an equally high number in March.

That is an annual rate of 2 million people walking into our country uninvited, the advance guard of a Third World invasion that will change the character and composition of the United States.

The America we grew up in is disappearing — without our consent.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2021

Joe Biden is Killing Small Business by Paying Workers NOT to Work

I read on MSN yesterday that Joe Biden claims he sees “no evidence” for people staying home because of unemployment benefits that surpass the salary of most jobs.

Clearly, Joe Biden doesn’t own a small business. Nor does he know anyone who does. He doesn’t care, either. Why should he? He has made millions (perhaps even billions) off of corruption and pull, thanks to his criminal family’s association with the Communist Party of China.

Joe lives in the world of payoffs. He’s the career politician to end all career politicians. He and his kind only understand what Ayn Rand called “the aristocracy of pull”. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with merit, achievement, or an honest day’s work. NOTHING.

Joe, like all tyrants, is a liar. He knows full well what the purpose of inflated, endless unemployment is: To make people dependent on the government; and to punish small businesses for not paying what elite politicians think employees should be paid. He has no grasp whatsoever of market economics, supply and demand, or the challenges small business owners in particular face every day of their lives.

There’s nothing wrong with big business, by the way. But big business should receive NO benefits or handouts due to pull or connection with the government. The only way to keep big business from becoming corrupt (as it has) is to separate economics and state … completely. A healthy economy will give rise both to big businesses and small enterprises. May the best products and services win, and often there’s room in the free market for plenty of big and small.

But the reality remains: Small businesses comprise most of the economic activity in America. By paying their workers to STOP WORKING, we are systematically murdering those small businesses.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

The Idiot is Killing the Economy

Without a doubt there are moments when Joe Biden doesn’t know where his feet are. He frequently loses his mask and he often is confused but do not discount his mendacity for one second when he is lucid. He is and always has been a liar of epic proportions. Even more of his deceit can be seen here. He is not a nice man. He is not a good man. The smartest man he knows holds the Guinness World Record for smoking parmesan cheese.

It was widely predicted that the economy would add close to a million jobs last month but only 266,000 jobs were added. It was regarded as the biggest prediction fail since 1998 and one CNBC host thought it was a typo. Biden went out and blamed Donald Trump for the bad numbers while out of the other side of his mouth claimed that America was moving in the right direction.

Why is the employment report so dismal? Because Biden is providing a financial incentive to not work. Not working pays far better than working.×143&!2&fsb=1&xpc=NQi2q8ZT15&p=https%3A//

Under President Biden’s recently enacted $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, workers who lost their jobs to the pandemic shutdowns and scale-backs are now earning more in unemployment benefits than they did in wages. And that is stopping people from returning to work — just when employers are trying to reopen across the nation.

The unemployed are getting an extra $300 a week in federal benefits through Labor Day. That’s on top of state unemployment benefits averaging about $320 per week.

It all adds up to an average of $638 per week in combined federal and state unemployment payments. In 2019, that combined amount averaged out to $348 per week.

And that means

According to economists at Bank of America, the combined unemployment benefits mean that anyone earning less than $32,000 a year can potentially receive more income from unemployment aid than from their previous jobs.

Restaurants and small businesses are desperate to hire as the economy gains momentum but Biden is determined to smother them:

Owners and managers from New York, California, Washington, and Chicago told The Epoch Times hiring woes have become a nightmare amid a litany of other challenges like indoor occupancy rules. They say the federal unemployment bonuses handed out during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic incentivized people to stay home instead of working.

It’s as though Biden wants kill the remaining businesses that scraped through the pandemic

Mark Fox, a Dublin native who lives in New York City, owns four restaurants in the Big Apple. While business is now finally starting to pick up, hiring troubles have slowed down the momentum.

“We have difficulty hiring hourly workers, bartenders, servers, bar-backs, busboys, runners, overnight cleaning staff,” Fox told The Epoch Times inside his flagship restaurant, The Ragtrader & Bo Peep Cocktail and Highball Store.
“We are probably 60 employees short,” he said. “I have one restaurant in Greenwich Village that I haven’t reopened yet because they don’t have the manpower.”

I have a long time friend who quit a job as chef because he could not find any help.

So what does the Liar in Chief say?

“Mr. President, do you believe enhanced unemployment benefits had any effect on diminishing a return to work in some categories?” a reporter asked Biden.
“No, nothing measurable,” Biden answered.

Talk about detached from reality. We cannot sustain as a nation by printing money and incentivizing people not to work. What’s wrong with him?

Perhaps it’s because he can’t find his measuring tape or his yardstick. Maybe it’s because he’s senile. Maybe it’s because he’s a liar. Maybe it’s because he’s a Chinese agent. Maybe it’s because he wants to grind the US economy to a halt.

Or maybe it’s because he’s a f**king idiot.

Dr. John, Flopping Aces

Joe Biden’s Demonic Phase

Joe Biden’s party must be thinking — if you call it thinking — that being psychotic isn’t enough… it’s time to go demonic! How else to explain the supernatural doings of the folks in charge of things in our nation’s capital. The casual observer might suppose that these things are spinning out of control, but you also have to wonder how much Joe Biden & Company are spinning them that way. Are they looking to start a war, for instance?

Three weeks ago, Ol’ White Joe called Vladimir Putin “a killer.” This week, Ol’ Joe called Vlad on the phone and suggested a friendly in-person meet-up in some “third country.” In the meantime, Ol’ Joe essayed to send a couple of US warships into the Black Sea to assert America’s interest in Ukraine, the failed state whose American-sponsored failure was engineered in 2014 by Barack Obama’s State Department. Turkey, which controls the narrow entrance to the Black Sea, was notified that two US destroyers would be steaming through its territory. Hours after the announcement, the US called off the ships. Then, hours after Ol’ Joe proffered that summit meeting, his State Department imposed new economic sanctions on Russia and tossed out a dozen or so Russian embassy staff. How’s that for a coherent foreign policy?

What’s going on in Ukraine, anyway? The US and NATO have prompted Ukraine to move troops and tanks toward the ethnically-Russian breakaway Donbass region. Russia countered by massing 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s border. Though supplied with Western armaments, Ukraine’s ragtag and incompetent army has no ability to control the Donbass, nor do either NATO and the US have any real will to interfere there with their own troops — the logistics are insane. Mr. Putin’s elegant solution: evacuate the three-plus million Russians stuck in Donbass into Russia — which needs labor — ceding the empty territory to foundering Ukraine — soon to be an ungovernable post-industrial frontier between East and West. For a rich rundown on these matters, read Dmitry Orlov’s mordant disquisition on the subject: Putin’s Ukrainian Judo.

The lesson there is that the US has absolutely nothing to gain from continuing to antagonize Russia, and that the mentally weak Joe Biden is merely projecting the picture of a weakened and confused USA by keeping it up. Of course, a closer read might be that these hijinks are meant to distract from the more serious and consequential breakdown in relations between the US and China, currently engineered by the blundering team of Sec’y of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who went to Alaska recently to tell the Chinese delegation that they were morally unworthy of conducting trade negotiations, thereby torpedoing the trade negotiations that they went to Alaska to conduct. Smooth move fellas.

Unlike Russia, with its eleven time zones, which actually does not want or need any more territory, China is surely making hegemonic moves all over the place, not just around Hong Kong and Taiwan but in Africa and South America, while it strives to build the world’s largest navy, exports gain-of-function viruses, replaces the US in space exploration, and excels at weaponizing computer science. China’s weaknesses are a lack of sufficient domestic oil supply and food, which its current moves aim to correct. It was on its way to turning the US into a raw materials and food-crop colony when Mr. Trump came along and tried to put a stop to that. And now Ol’ Joe has cancelled that remedial action — after being on the receiving end of Chinese financial largesse in four years out-of-office. Nothing to see there, folks, says Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice, while in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop, with its trove of incriminating memoranda.

On the domestic front, Joe Biden’s government only seeks to turn American life inside-out and upside-down, with the move to make the politics-neutral District of Columbia into a state, strictly to furnish two more senators for the DNC, and to pack the Supreme Court strictly to advantage the same DNC. Those Bills are being rushed through the House committees but something tells me they will die in the Senate. One also must wonder what exactly the rush is all about. I’ll tell you: something is up in the shadows. Something is lurking out there that is going to bring down Ol’ Joe Biden as an illegitimate chief executive. Could be some new non-ignorable evidence of his China grifting activities, or new non-ignorable evidence about the dubious ballot-tally in last November’s election. Could be something else.

Contrary to just about everybody I communicate with, I remain convinced that former US Attorney for Connecticut, now Special Prosecutor John Durham is still putting real cases together, and I suspect that his cases exceed the narrow spotlight of the origin of the Steele dossier, and I expect that indictments will be announced soon in a way that will shock the nation. Just sayin’… though nobody else is….

Meanwhile, the Wokester branch of Joe Biden’s party makes hay with the ambiguous killings of two more criminal suspects-of-color: first, Daunte Wright of Minneapolis, busy ignoring the open warrant out for him in failing to answer a previous warrant for his role in the 2019 aggravated burglary (that is, with a firearm) of a woman. He was out on $100,000 bail, but it was revoked in July 2020 when he got caught in possession of another gun. In the commotion of his resisting arrest, he got shot, tragically for officer Kim Potter, who somehow mistook her handgun for a taser. She is now teed up on a manslaughter case, while the Wright family is teed up for an $XX-million personal injury lawsuit settlement courtesy of ambulance-chaser Ben Crump. The city of Minneapolis is teed up for a municipal auto-da-fé of lootin-burnin-and-riotin in the name of “justice” — and the Derek Chauvin trial has not even concluded.

Secondarily, out comes the chest-cam video of Chicago police officer Eric Stillman shooting thirteen-year-old junior gang-banger Adam Toledo, in possession of a handgun, in a 3 a.m. chase down a West Side alleyway. So, Officer Stillman is teed up for some sort of career-ending action and Chicago is teed up for another round of lootin-burnin-and-riotin — sure to spread to other cities all over the country as the Woke vengeance campaign moves into its Satanic phase.

Reprinted with permission from