Colin Powell was NOT an Honorable Man

Colin Powell supported Obama, who set the American republic on its course of ruin. Powell hated Donald Trump, even though as President, Donald Trump simply enacted many of the things Republicans like Powell always claimed to want, but never enacted when they had the chance.

Powell supported Joe Biden over Donald Trump, despite the fact that Trump helped the country tremendously, and the demented, sadistic Biden is snuffing the life out of freedom.

Colin Powell was no friend of freedom, prosperity, liberty or the Constitution. He could not possibly value the military while embracing Obama’s and Biden’s quest to destroy it. If you cherish your freedom, Colin Powell enabled the people now taking your freedom away. He does not deserve your tears, and he was not an honorable man.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

1 thought on “Colin Powell was NOT an Honorable Man

  1. Colin Powell, although a soft spoken, respectable man, was not a good judge of character. Anyone that voted for Hillary over Trump cannot be a good judge of character. He also voted for Obama twice which made him vote according to race rather than ability. May he rest in peace.


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