Let’s Wait Patiently for Joe to Destroy the Democrat Party

Let’s Wait Patiently For Joe To Destroy The Democratic Party.

Regarding POTUS Joe: My personal political strategy is to wait patiently until liberal policy-excesses lays upon the American electorate sufficient severity motivating them collectively to move back to the conservative right to correct the liberal policy excesses.

Yes there is a human cost to this approach. However, there is no legal alternative. America is a democratic republic and the American electorate eventually get what they really and truly want.


So if they want Joe and Joe’s political policies, they must be willing to pay the price in terms of human suffering. America is a huge “army” and she can survive high numbers of “dead and wounded.”

So my position is to: Remain calm. Stay steady. And give Joe & Associates enough rope to hang themselves come next election.

Again there is no legal alternative to the above strategy:

Why not?

Because the Conservatives (GOP) at the present time, are not in power and they have no national leader, right now, that is certain to win in 2024 And because the key for Conservatives to get political power and hold political power is for them to get huge blocks of Democrat voters to switch parties and VOTE GOP and only Joe and his party can convince the Democrats to switch and vote GOP in 2024 and in future mid-terms.


So Joe is a very good ally of the GOP as long as Joe stays on his present course.


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