Dope Francis and a World Gone Insane

Pope Francis, pleading with his fellow Communist pal, Joe Biden, says: “Please, no more war.”

Sorry, idiot. This is what you get for supporting Green fascism, medical totalitarians, corrupt Chinese Communists, Bidenistas and radical, militant Islam. What did you expect? Peace?


Forcing people to wear masks, get vaccines, hand over their bank account passwords and their money, to give up their guns and to silence their opinions are all acts of violence.

People who support “Democrats” actually are voting for violence against innocent, peaceful citizens.


January 6:
Manufactured attack

Manufactured pandemic

We live in a world of B.S.

The MEDIA is the culprit.


Kamala Harris will go to Supreme Court. Pete Buttigieg will become VP.

Rumor — or nightmare?

When will we wake up from the nightmare?


“The idea of imposing universal peace on the world by force is a barbarian fantasy.”
– Garet Garrett


Republicans: Don’t let Biden appoint anyone to Supreme Court.

They are lawless, violenct and Communist.

Paralysis hurts them and can only help what’s left of freedom.

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