Ridding the Military of the Unvaccinated

Why is the Pentagon — under Biden regime control — dismissing all service members who won’t get vaccinated?

Is it really about health? Of course not. The great majority of people who got the vaccine are still getting COVID; and the current version of COVID is much less severe than the first (keeping in mind that the first version also had a 99 percent survival rate).

It’s not about health.

It’s about politics. More specifically: It’s about conformity to the political views of the regime in power.

By definition, the service members dismissed for not getting the vaccine are overwhelmingly Republican voters. They are probably Trump supporters. They surely still believe in the Bill of Rights, including individual sovereignty over one’s body — the things that previous generations of soldiers fought for, and they are also willing to fight and die for.

By ridding the military of all such “deplorable” soldiers, the military achieves its goal of a woke, leftist, “Democrat”, blindly conforming service pool.

This has real-life consequences. At some future time when the government seeks to use the military to enforce something that millions of citizens don’t wish to do — submit to medical treatment, give up their carbon-based fuel cars, surrender their guns, surrender their religious or philosophical beliefs — then you have a military willing to open fire on that noncompliant population.

Think of it this way: If YOU were a dictator, you would want a military to enforce your will, wouldn’t you? Would you prefer a military with uniform allegiance to your Party and political point-of-view, or a military with a diversity of viewpoints?

We will see how well this works out in practice. But you can be sure that’s the goal.

What else could the goal be? It’s certainly not the health and well-being of soldiers.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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