Tyranny Won’t End Until You Eliminate the Tyrants

A tyranny does not stop being a tyranny because the tyrant chooses, on a whim, to stop enslaving you, or to enslave you a little less.
If a tyrant loosens your chains, or gives you a little extra food in your prison cell, you’re not suddenly free.

If he releases you from prison but retains the means and moral authority (in his eyes) to bring you back to prison any time he feels like it, you are not free.

We wouldn’t call a child molester no longer a molester if he abstained from violating children for a year, or two or even ten. A serial killer is still a serial killer in between sprees.

We would not call a spouse abuser a reformed man when, after beating his wife to a pulp on Tuesday, he brings her flowers on Wednesday. We would not say the abused spouse was a victim of abuse on Tuesday, but now is just fine on Wednesday.

This is the kind of emotional unintelligence that keeps people slaves. I see it happening now, and it’s both a sad and painful thing to watch. Tyrants have got you exactly where they want you.

Don’t kid yourself that the lifting of mask mandates in some states means anything at all. At best, it only means the tyrants are giving up a little of their power for now in order to retain their power — and abuse it even more — down the road. TRANSLATION: DemComs actually ARE a little worried about being slaughtered in upcoming elections.

Until or unless tyrants are hauled away, prosecuted and punished for everything they have done, and kept away from ever having any kind of power over others again, you are not free.

Until the moral (as well as legal) principle is established and upheld — that YOU are sovereign over your own life, including your own body — you are not safe, and you are not free.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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