Elon Musk is Driving the Left Insane—And It’s a Beautiful Thing

Leftist reaction to Elon Musk’s possible buyout of Twitter reveals a lot. Snowflake Twitter employees and executives, and other leftists, actually say open speech on Twitter is a DENIAL of free speech. How can they say this? THEY are the ones who censor right now. Musk proposes allowing every point-of-view on Twitter.

Isn’t he the one advocating free speech? He’s not going to shut down leftist views; but leftists already have shut down views they don’t like on Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and most other places.

You have to understand how a leftist thinks. Actually, you have to understand how a leftist FEELS. Because leftism is based on feeling. When a leftist hears a point-of-view he does not like, it’s a violation of rights, in his mind. A rational person would only feel violated if someone stole his property or initiated physical violence against him. A leftist feels just as violated (if not more so) if someone expresses — or these days, even privately holds — a viewpoint the leftist does not like.

It sends a leftist into a rage when he becomes aware that someone doesn’t agree with him on economics, morality, politics, justice or culture/psychology. The moment the leftist feels that rage, the anxiety becomes unbearable. Leftism is based on subjectivism. Subjectivism is the false belief that feelings and objective reality are one and the same. If you FEEL it, then it must be TRUE. If you FEEL offended when someone suggests that taxes shouldn’t be 95 percent, or fossil fuels should remain legal, that inflation is a bad thing, or that five-year-olds are not able to determine their sexual orientation or gender identity — if you FEEL offended when anyone expresses any of those views, then your feelings are valid. You have a right to shut up the people saying these things and (on the same premise, extended further), you have a right to lock up, haul away or perhaps even kill people who hold views that offend you.

Leftists are unable to tolerate other opinions, because their feelings rule their minds and their lives. And they’re using social/interpersonal pressure combined — increasingly — with brute government force to get their way.

Elon Musk stands in their way. You can expect a wrath unleashed on him even worse than what you saw against Donald Trump.

And really, watching leftists experience unbearable anxiety and melt down in public — it’s a beautiful thing.

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