Biden’s “Disinformation Governance Board” Brings the Orwellian Future into NOW

Biden/DemComs delivering the worst economy since 1929–maybe ever. Will they pay, or just triple down on their already illegitimate power?


When tyrants feel unsafe and vulnerable, they create “disinformation boards”.

Imagine if President Trump had created a “Disinformation governance board” through the Department of Homeland Security. The Biden regime has done exactly that. If you think we’re still a free republic, you are delusional.


Still think an election won by RINOs will save us? Think again. Operation Destroy America could not be any more on a track for success. Obama got his third term, and Biden is just the demented placeholder to sign the paperwork. By November, it won’t matter if there’s a “red wave.” And millions who will continue to vote DemCom no matter what actually WANT this. Seems like a good time to manufacture a nice little pandemic, to go with the emerging hyperinflation, escalating labor/supply/fuel shortages, and the end of economic growth.

If we HAD a second party, it would:

DEFUND schools;

DEFUND universities;

ARREST all COVID fascist mayors, governors, Presidents;

MASSIVELY cut taxes;

PRIVATIZE charity, SSI, Medicare;

Just for starters …

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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