Frank Meyer: from “In Defense of Freedom”

This is the principle of collectivism; and it remains the principle of collectivism even though the New Conservatives who speak of “community” would prefer a congeries of communities … to the totalizing and equalizing national or international community which is the goal of the collectivists. This is to their credit…. But what the New Conservatives will not see is that there are no solid grounds on which the kind of “community” they propose as the end towards which social existence should be ordered can be defended against the kind of “community” the collectivists propose…. Caught within the pattern of concepts inherited from classical political theory, they [the New Conservatives] cannot free themselves from the doctrine that men find their true being only as organic parts of a social entity, from which and in terms of which their lives take value. Hence the New Conservatives cannot effectively combat the essential political error of collectivist liberalism: its elevation of corporate society, and the state which stands as the enforcing agency of corporate society, to the level of final political ends.

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