What Were Good Germans Doing in Germany, say 1933 ?

Outlaw guns, and there will be no gun violence. Just as outlawing drugs ended drug abuse. Got it? Government succeeds at everything it tries.


Are the RINOs and DemComs evil and lawless enough to arrest Trump and imprison him so he cannot run and win again in 2024? Yes, they are that evil. Watch them try.


Who is John Galt?


Liz Cheney won’t rule out a presidential run in 2024.

It seems like the more unqualified and wretched you are, the more likely you are to run for President. It shows how worthless that once esteemed office has become. This twit, Liz Cheney, will end up on MSNBC.


America is an occupied country. Everything our present federal government is doing is exactly what an invading enemy would have done upon taking over. It’s not a theory. It’s an out-in-the open FACT.


John Pavlovitz, @johnpavlovitz on Twitter:

“Dear Good Americans,

Whatever you wish more good Germans were doing in Germany in 1933 — you need to be doing that now.”

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