Home Schooling Is Not a Crime – Michelle Malkin–Commentary

Done right, home schooling is a very low-cost, personalized educational option, conducted in a safe, non-violent environment—your home. Statistics consistently indicate that home-schooled students excel in higher education and go on to lead functional, productive lives.

There are, of course, a number of life’s little inconveniences and impediments that operate against successful home-schooling. First, the parent-child chemistry has to be there. Many parents have told me that it simply would not work for their Matthew or Emily. Home-schooling my own son would have been the ultimate test of my patience. Both parties have to be committed and emotionally in-sync with the program. 

Secondly, you all but have to have one fulltime stay-at-home parent. In today’s world, two-income households are pretty much the norm. A work-at-home parent with a flexible schedule or a parent who works in the evenings could also make home schooling a viable option.  A private tutor is also an option, but only if you’re Paul McCartney.

Bear in mind, if you home-school your child through the elementary-school years, and decide to send her to a standard high school, be prepared for “culture shock.” It may take a while, if ever, for the child to acclimate to an institutional setting. Fixed class schedules, lunches, etc., may not sit well with a child used to the more flexible home setting; not to mention the teasing, the bullying, guns, knives, and drugs, if you opt for public high school.  It’s all part of the complete government education package.  Students are shocked to learn that pleasing your mother is a lot easier than pleasing your peers. 

But if you are looking for a way to get your child out of the toxic, dumbed-down, PC, Common Core learning environment, home schooling may be something to consider. Home schooling isn’t for everybody, but public school isn’t for anybody.

Please enjoy this article by Michelle Malkin.



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