Hold the Line Patriots: January 6th was the Glorious Beginning, not the End

Did you feel it, Patriots? Did you feel your heart swell with an indescribable emotion at that moment when the real patriots walked reverently into our Capitol building and suddenly, for one glorious unforgettable moment, their elected “representatives” cowered and ran from We The People. For one glorious moment, it was our House again, our voices were heard in its hallowed halls. Watching on YouTube and Twitter, I thought my heart was going to explode!

Stick with me as we explore what really happened yesterday and hey! Hold your heads up high, Patriots! Hold the line! Yesterday had like many glorious moments and it was only the beginning.

Once upon a time, millions and millions of patriots were summoned to Washington. They dropped everything and went because their lawfully Re-Elected President had never let them down and by George! they wouldn’t let him down. Come Hell or high water it was Washington or bust!

So they scheduled vacation days off work, struggled with recalcitrant airlines and inhospitable hotels and left their warm comfortable homes because they’d be damned before they missed being part of history in Washington D. C. on January 6th.

Predictably, there were dark forces at work too. Busloads of paid (on record) Antifa in MAGA outfits were rushed to the Capitol. Trump warned of it on Twitter. On January 5th, one day before the Save America Rally, Missouri congresswoman Cori Bush had already drafted verbiage calling for the expulsion of Republican congressman for inciting violence…violence that had not occurred yet.

Busted! But I’m getting ahead of myself. More about those bastards later.

The dawn’s early light revealed a sea of innumerable patriots already assembled. They prayed the Lord’s Prayer together, pledged allegiance to our flag together, sang our national anthem together and cheered together. It was torture for Michael and me because we were at the hospital and couldn’t watch it in realtime. Later at home, we caught up!

The electric rhetoric of Don Trump Jr. (Trump Jr 2024, anyone?) gave me goosebumps on my goosebumps and President Trump laid it on the line (as he always does) and the crowd ate it up!

Goosebumps gave way to nausea as we watched Mike Pence host treason in Congress. Did you feel physically ill too?

I guess that’s why the sound of shouting outside the chamber was music to my ears. Of course, the livestream was cut, returned, cut out again. The next thing we knew, our brave elected Representatives were diving under their desks, cowering under their chairs from We the People like 1960s schoolchildren during the Cold War.

Antifa started it. They stormed the Capitol working with the encouragement of the Capitol police. They broke in, some of them ripping off and discarding their MAGA gear when their vandalism was complete.

The patriots held back, reluctant yet magnetically drawn to our Capitol. The police beckoned them, taunted them, played their part in this False Flag perfectly.

When I saw Patriots milling and happily sight-seeing in the Capitol Building, to quote Patton, “God help me, I do love it so.” We belong there. The corridors of power belong to us and I loved it to my bones! It was just what Patriots needed. We found out that we are wildly more powerful than cowering traitors by sheer dint of our numbers! It gave us the most tremendous boost.

Then an unidentified man (perhaps not police!) murdered Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed fourteen year Air Force veteran who served four tours in Iraq, in cold blood. InfoWars caught it all on camera.

Ashli was executed. Murdered for carrying out her oath, “to defend and protect against all enemies foreign and domestic.” She is a hero. She is a martyr who died for her country not on foreign shores but in the Capitol building her elected representatives also swore to “defend and protect.” Ashli is the first casualty in restoring our nation to how it was conceived and dedicated by our Founding Fathers.

Congress cowered while Ashli was murdered. It doesn’t get much lower than that.

With cell phone service intermittent at best, the patriots had lost their comms. They had no way of reporting the truth to us nor any way of knowing how the events were instantly and premeditatedly spun by the fake news media.

Meanwhile, President Trump was reportedly already winging to Texas per Lin Wood and the airtraffic realtime maps, to the National Defense Command Center in Abilene, TX.

While the MSM spun and spun, the Patriots lived the truth of their peacefulness. As afternoon gave way to evening, they wandered calmly towards their hotels. No buildings were torched. No Molotov cocktails thrown. No cars vandalized. The patriots warmed their chilled bones in their hotel lobbies and rooms, chatting among themselves, enjoying dinner and having a drink to unwind. Not the behavior of the violent, the guilty nor the worried.

Nor should they be. They did nothing wrong! The Capitol belongs to us not to the Cowardly Congress who so thoroughly sought to shame us when they slunk back into the Chamber to complete their treason.

Did you notice what changed? Congressmen and women who had previously claimed they would object to the vote, suddenly used the so-called “violence” as an excuse for standing down. Kelly Loeffler and even Rand Paul funked it, reading speeches that were curiously too pre-prepared, too wordsmithed to have been hastily dashed off in fear in a lockdown scenario. Personally, I thought their manner screamed of bad acting: Rand Paul a little too animated while Kelly Loeffler had the manner of a woman either in deep guilt or in deep fear.

Conspicuous by its absence as the use of the name of the so-called President-Election. Even his own part rarely mentioned his name:Joe..Joe…nope, I can’t bring myself to say it either!

I smell either a bribed and/or threatened rat or a very carefully coordinated charade to lull traitors into completing their treason. Remember, you can’t catch and convict a traitor until they actually commit the treason.

At the very witching hour of 3:33 am CST the lot was cast and that’s when something strange happened. A gentleman I have yet to identify took Mike Pence’s hand ostensibly to give him a handshake only to palm a gold coin into Pence’s palm.

Pence was visibly surprised to find himself holding what appeared to be a Robert M. Gates Secretary of Defense challenge coin. Either it was commendation for Pence playing his role in the great charade perfectly or a warning or a little reward from the Deep State. (Click here to see photos.)

After catching a few hours of sleep, the Patriots were back online this morning. Some have finked but the main Twitter accounts I follow and depend on for sterling news haven’t turned a hair. They’re not whistling to keep up their courage. They’re not even flustered. Not in the slightest.

Lin Wood, General Flynn, @tom2badcat, Dr. Charlie Ward, @doqholliday, @VincentCrypt46 and many others knew this would happen. They predicted it. It had to happen. Trump couldn’t act until it happened. You can’t catch a criminal until they commit the crime. Yesterday wasn’t a loss. The trap the White Hats set was finally sprung and the Black Hats did it to themselves despite being warned and offered mercy time after time by Donald J. Trump.

But you’ll never hear that truth from the MSM.

The coming weeks will be, um, interesting to say the least. Regardless of what the MSM tells you, Trump has not, cannot and will not concede. Listen to Trump’s exact words very carefully, very literally. Never assume. Listen to what he actually says and keep your ear on the Emergency Broadcasting System. Soon it may be the only way for our beloved President to communicate with us. He predicted that as well!

Yesterday was not as crying’, lyin’ Chucky Schumer said, “A day to live in infamy.” NO!

It was Patriots taking our country back. We found our voice. We discovered our incredible strength in numbers. And indeed there was a shot heard round the world but it was not fired by us. Ashli Babbitt became a martyr for the country she loved. Congress has blood on their hands and we will never, ever forget.

America isn’t gone. On January 6th she began to rise again! She will return and she will be glorious, just as January 6th was glorious, seventeen ways from Sunday!

Lenora Thompson, Patriotic Writer

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