The Sickness Represented by Leftist Mask Obedience

Leftists LOVE wearing masks. They insist they’re doing it for others–not for themselves. But that’s absurd. If masks really help, they’re available to all who wish to protect themselves. All leftists become hostile (even violent) when they see someone not wearing a mask. “I’m protecting you. So you should protect me back.” But the very idea of a mask is SELF-preservation. The leftist is not smart enough to grasp this obvious fact. And the leftist isn’t honest enough to admit that his real motive for mask-wearing is SHOWING OFF. “Look at me. I have virtue.” Leftists wish to be seen as self-sacrificers, because they think self-sacrifice is the epitome of virtue. It’s all so SICK.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

1 thought on “The Sickness Represented by Leftist Mask Obedience

  1. I just got verbally attacked leaving a grocery store by what I think was a conservative. I was wearing my mask but stopped to use the hand washing machine that the store provides since I forgot to bring my sanitizing wipes in the car and I just used their pen to sign the credit machine.. So I pumped the water and used the soap dispenser then dried my hands with the paper towels provided. Pretty cool machine. But some snarky lady walked behind me and said, “you missed a spot.”
    I asked “what do you mean?”

    She rolled her eyes like I was an idiot for washing my hands and repeated her remark. I then asked “Is that sarcasm?” And her embarrassed husband said, “Yes.”

    If we can’t keep our mouths shut around other people we don’t know, I doubt if this society is going to heal.


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