How Are We Supposed to Cope Living Under Tyranny?

Knowing I’m a therapist as well as a patriot, people write and ask me, “How are we supposed to cope?”

My answer:

You still have your First and Second Amendments rights; your two most important rights. Well, not really. They’re being dismantled, as we speak. But they’re not consistently squashed — not yet. So use your First and Second Amendment rights while you still have remnants of them. And even after they’re gone, be prepared to go underground. Be an outlaw. Do what you have to do — within reason, whatever you consider reason — to exercise them. Remember those rights are inalienable. They are natural — God-given, if you wish. The point is: They are not bestowed by man. They are part of your nature, of your entitlement as a human being, even if the twenty-first century savages we have put in charge smirk at them.

Practically, this means speaking your mind whenever you wish. Don’t be afraid of everything and everyone. Remember that tyrants are afraid. So are your neighbors, family members, cohorts and “friends” who support those tyrants. If someone declares proudly, “I voted for Biden,” I immediately think, “Good grief. What a hollowed out, neurotic, psychologically trashed human being this must be.” They’re afraid because it’s not a state of serenity and mental health that leads one to support tyrants. Only irrational fear could have done that. The people whom you dread offending are not mentally balanced. They can’t be. If they were, they wouldn’t support what’s going on. At least see them for what they are; don’t make them out stronger than they could ever be.

As for the Second Amendment, buy the weapons and ammunition that you believe you need to protect yourself. Do it while it’s still legal. At some point, it will all be illegal. That’s the open purpose of what they’re doing. Again, they’re scared. They have to do this decisively but in an incremental way. They’re afraid of what gun owners will do, if triggered. There’s fear and loathing on both sides here. Don’t worry about breaking the law. Simply worry about not being found out. There’s no moral justification for what’s going on. Morality trumps the law. If you go underground or start manipulating or deceiving in order to get past an immoral, unjust government — that’s a moral triumph, not a shame. I’m not suggesting you must become a martyr or a crusader for any particular cause — even a great cause, such as the cause of liberty. After all — let’s be honest — we have lost the war. The war is really over. There are no elections or candidates on the horizon who can save us. We’re past that point, sadly. Everything going on politically involves a complete dismantling of the remaining freedoms we had enjoyed, at least through 2019.

Beyond these two things — protect and take your First and Second Amendment rights underground — my main advice is: live your life, as best you can. Without politics. I don’t know what the future holds for people, but the America we once knew is now largely a myth. There may be secession in parts of the country, and I’d love to see secession within states, too — counties breaking off from California and New York, for example. But none of that will come without a price. And if we continue to do nothing, that exacts a heavy price too.That’s just where we are. There will be no easy choices.

In some sense, life must go on. Find love, family, romance, intrigue, purpose and self-esteem wherever you can, and as much as you can. Cherish the music you love and the books that embody your highest, most authentic self. Remember art. Remember the classics. Figure out how to secure these in times ahead. You’re no longer living in a free country. Don’t hold your entire life hostage while waiting for a free country to resume. Sadly, most human beings for 99 percent of human history have NOT lived under freedom and liberty. We were the last of a rare few generations who knew what freedom was really like. I will always remember the cities, the airports, the grocery stores, the amusement parks, the openness of towns, the country, suburbs, the public arenas, the restaurants, the shopping malls — none of those things, in my view, will be like they were, not again. COVID was merely the excuse — the first of many — to implement what we now have: a society of conformity, intolerance and obedience. When they call for a “new normal”, these tyrants, they mean it — and they perceive this as a good thing. The sickos who applaud it clearly hated themselves and their lives all along. Those sickos are now in charge. The dystopians — the “Karens” — were in our midst all along, and now they leer in the triumph of their puny, meaningless souls.

Try to preserve the idea and the reality of beautiful freedom for younger people important to you. Keep the images, the feelings of freedom, alive. Those images will remain alive in numerous books, movies and videos, things which will be hard to eliminate. Some of these young people, no doubt, will want to lead the charge for some kind of a restoration of human liberty. That’s probably the best hope.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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