Does the Will of the Biden Regime Trump the Constitution ?

The entire justification for the U.S. government is its willingness to uphold individual rights, specifically the Bill of Rights.

It’s the whole moral justification for any proper government: to UPHOLD the inalienable rights of the individuals within a society. Government exists for the sake of the people; NOT the other way around. That was the exact premise of America’s original Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is the polar opposite of today’s governing regime in Washington, DC, and in most of our states.

When a U.S. President and Congress use executive orders to replace legislation; openly threaten peaceful citizens with the full force of the military, including nuclear weapons, should they resist forthcoming gun confiscation (as Biden has done); openly spy on the social media posts of private citizens and order the companies who sponsor those posts to censor them; shut down virtually all human activity (with the exception of large corporations) whenever the flu breaks out, or whenever they feel like declaring an “emergency”; pass laws nationalizing all procedures in state and local elections to favor only one party; and force people to subsidize government schools and universities that actively teach in favor of tyranny and overthrowing the whole concept of the Bill of Rights … this is way, way more than enough to conclude that government has lost any claim of its legitimacy.

Somebody has to say it. We can’t go on like this, and it’s really the Patriots, the conservatives, the (authentic) Republicans, the individualists, the liberty-lovers and the libertarians who must face the truth. The left is getting everything it wants, and need not face any consequences of any kind — other than the evil and irrationality of their own depraved views, something most of them will never do.

Most of the good guys, for now, put their hopes in the next two election cycles, restoring Donald Trump to the Presidency in 2025, to the promise of God, faith, country, the flag and all the rest. I sincerely wish everyone well with these goals. But at least in the back of your minds, you have to accept what will happen if none of this works, and if the bad guys keep winning every single cultural and political battle — as they have, to date.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

4 thoughts on “Does the Will of the Biden Regime Trump the Constitution ?

  1. get rid of the police department to begin with and then get rid of the their stupid people working in their departments!!!!!!!! The Uni0ted States and it parent countrys are so vulgar by instituion that they must be banned from society and banned from any social engagment what so ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Millions upon millions of people had suffer from the abuse of defective immature people that must be removed from their offices just to be able to maintain a public safety!!!!!!!!!! The only purpose of government by the way is to raise a army to protect the people, everythhing else isnt needed as everything elese is a waste of money and keeps people in poverty and prevents people from their own path much less their goals and dreams!!!!!!!!!!! Fire the police department and request every human being per city or state or country to ask for every cent back of any money that they ever recieved for anything!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bill of Rights as well as the consitution is suppose to be documents that protect the people and becasue there are so many descrpencies as well as cruel and unusal punishment as well as the threat people faced from just being their nomral self of which isnt free will to amend the rights of the people the police departments must be banned from society and must be banbned from any say in any document and must be considered as liers that had lead to all the riots the lack of trust of the public the hate that has bloomed through the veins of each and every country besides America and the the blood stream of each and everyhuman being that had lived threw the current times!!!!!!!!!!


  2. i am critically suffering from the injustices csaused by the police department so bad that its visable in each and every thing that i speak of, how i walk, what i write, no matter what i do of which is the same problem that each and every structual part of free society has suffered from the same ignorance that had led to such hate that had been seenon tv and in the public besides elsewhere through many countrys. the bill of rights must ban every police department from any and all forms of public and or any and all forms of government and fromany and all forms of interaction with any public person to such an extent to beging to save a much needed peath for men and women to be truely free and free from threat and intimidation!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. the gross conduct misconduct of people claiming they are officers have more proof of which each and every claim against the police can be research where multitudes of the amounts of people can finding so many matching accutantable people that had suffered from the abuse of law as well as everything associated with any individual that is suppose to be a offiocer to serve and protect that is a huge dam lie and a flase statement when people such as myself had suffered so much sever physical trama and abouse caused by police and suffered from their perpatrated lies to due to their own guilt the police cant be trusted any more for any purpose no matter what they say or mention and or even think. remove the police department and diasarm them from the criminal abuse they had caused the public then the bill of rights would be renewed as well as the constituion, that is where you have to begin with the power of the American people and the removal of every one of them that had liedf in court rooms under oath as what happened to myself besides their repated tourture i had suffered from as well as millions of other people that had surrered from akin abuses that are and had been coming out in valid proof from one side of the public spectrum to the other side of the spectrum where they are simply a problem, a fault of theirselves, untrustworthy, their faiulures had lead to poverty or death or harm or lack of trust amongst normal neighbors besides governments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Government officals that have broken human rights and abused the laws of just humanity must be ignored and removed from any and all offices both foreign and domestically!!!!!!!!! Their goss personal sickening sub conscious has eroded the fabric of society has caused vomit to appear in the mind of any article ever written of the current state of government!!!!!!!!!!!! Remove any government from office and have them return every cent ever used by them for their purposes not the will of the peoples purpose where the people are and had been suffering from gross negligence and abouse of public officials that lead to physical harm nd threat and decide caused to human beings much less the environment we all have to live in!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is an extreme hate that had been apparent of government officials as it became so visible their threats and intimidation had lead to the most cual and unusual forms of behaviors seen in public where people have gone to the extremitys in theft of almost everything that can be found in any store just to maintain their own well being and to be able to survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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